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Episode #3 - Bring4th_Austin - 10-16-2015

Episode #3

In this episode, we discuss:
- How we at L/L Research are processing after Carla's passing.
- What is a "crystalized entity"?
- Is everything made of light?

A transcript for this episode will be posted once it is available.

Feel free to discuss this episode in this thread!

RE: Episode #3 - Mary McGonigal - 11-23-2021

Listening to the podcast on the subject of light I was reminded of NDExperiencers talking about a wonderful loving light which they became aware of beyond this illusion. It was brighter than any light but didn’t hurt the eyes; some said it was welcoming; or they felt loved as it enveloped or embraced them. Last, they said they would never forget it, it was such a tremendously joyous experience, beyond words.

It may be that it’s not just our words that are inadequate to express these concepts, but that our earthly experience hides from us, or at least most of us most of the time, any memory or knowledge of what love and light could truly possibly be.

RE: Episode #3 - flofrog - 11-25-2021

Welcome here Mary Smile

RE: Episode #3 - omcasey - 11-26-2021

This has been a wonderful way to start my day, thank you for bringing it out for me to connect with.

RE: Episode #3 - tadeus - 12-02-2021

It would be wonderful to have the possibility to hear a recording of one of your group channelings in the last time.

I already heard one of the original recordings from the Ra channelings and this was very interesting.
Now i would be glad to catch the feeling of one of the newer channelings.

Is this possible?