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Episode #9 - Bring4th_Austin - 10-16-2015

Episode #9

In this episode, we discuss:
- Is it appropriate to label things or people as service-to-others or service-to-self?
- How the Law of One has helped us think about controversial issues in different ways?
- Death and between incarnations.
- How does an increase of 4th density energy relate to mental diseases?

A transcript for this episode will be posted once it is available.

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RE: Episode #9 - Vestige - 01-19-2022

I have just started to listen through the podcast episodes, and I wanted to comment on the featured question 
"How does an increase of 4th density energy relate to mental diseases?"

I haven't yet placed the names to the voices--sorry!--but I think it was Austin who shared their experience having dreams of school.  This was part of a riff on a Law of One question-and-answer on, of course, mental disease and the Harvest:

Quote:40.16 Questioner: Just two. With respect to what you just said, would then people incarnating here by seniority of vibration who incarnate for the service-to-self path be ones who would have extreme difficulty mentally with this green-ray vibration?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. It is rather the numbers who have distracted themselves and failed to prepare for this transition yet who are somewhat susceptible to its influence who may be affected.

I, also, had frequent dreams of school--usually, I had somehow forgotten that I scheduled a particular class, and thus had weeks of homework to make up; sometimes, I was just barely late for a single class session.  I haven't had these dreams for several years now.  However, I resonate with the idea that these and other feelings or manifestations of "being unprepared" are indeed related to the increasing inflow of fourth-density energy.  

As well, I admit that I have suffered from mental dis-ease of various types, intensities, and frequency.  As a child, I expressed much anger.  I would, at times, become solidly stubborn - trying to convince my parents that their options were to, essentially, give me what I wanted, or punish me.  This anger faded as, we believed, my medication was adjusted, and with age.  Through age twelve to the first year of college, I was instead followed by a profound depression.  I felt unwanted or poorly understood by my peers, having dealt with some bullying in elementary school, and attempted suicide several times.  This abated for one or two years, when I was at the height of my involvement with team sports and felt, instead, quite accepted by my peers.  The depression returned, intermittently, when I started college, then eventually faded to a shell of indifference.  I found some friends in college, but would often become suspicious and distant.  Yet, I would also frequently have days of great joy, inspiration, and contentment. 

Nowadays, I would say that, definitely, I do not suffer from any pervasive sense of anger, or depression, or paranoia.  I still have my great days.  I do, however, still suffer from feelings of discomfort and unworthiness.  Only occasionally, yet still it does happen, do I suffer from bouts of anger.  I never hurt any person or animal.  I have not attempted suicide again, though I entertain the prospect in a, say, 'analytical' way.  I do not feel my red ray is blocked; every day, I do find myself to be generally content and hopeful.  I have certain projects that I feel I could pursue, though I also feel detached (in a 'good' way).  

I would say, if I had to make an appraisal of my character and progress thus far ... I have had many challenges, which I have persevered through, learned from, and mostly integrated into my being.  I remember fondly most of the persons I have been in relationship to throughout my life and, those I do not remember fondly, I believe I at least remember with a sense of acceptance.  I still have much work in balancing to do.  I have a suspicion, owing to my physical catalysts, my struggles, and also my talents, that I might have a dual-activated body.  However, I also have great doubts on this; I would not be surprised if I was 'just' a spirit with some seniority who could, with effort, graduate from Earth.  I love Earth, in that I find its natural world beautiful, and its peoples intriguing (and often, somewhat puzzling).  I also feel weary.  I would not mind leaving; I would understand if I need to stay.  

I think that's all I have to say for now.  Thank you for the episode, and for all of your work!

RE: Episode #9 - flofrog - 01-30-2022

I learnt so much from these podcasts too, Vestige.. Smile They so well mirror Ra's gentleness.