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Bring4th Principles - bring4th_admin - 10-16-2015

Bring4th Principles

The website,, was made with three parts spirit, one part technology, and eight parts heart, with a colored donut sprinkle, or two, of wisdom. It was constructed, designed, and put into motion on the basis of principles intended to guide its evolution and shape its journey.

The principles stem from, and are articulated by, the channeled material and general work of L/L Research, the vision of the organization’s founders, the vision community’s founders, and the daily interactions of each who contributes their energy—whether silently or vocally.

In short, those principles divide into two broad categories:
  • How we relate to one another.
  • The content of our contributions.
Respect, kindness, and compassion, aka: the path of service to others, define the former.

The focus on the spiritual principles of the L/L-Research philosophy defines the latter.

For a shortened version of these principles, stick to the bolded text. For the longer version, read the cream filling in between.

How We Relate to One Another

Service to others
L/L Research and its community are, to be clear, biased. We are consciously and unapologetically biased toward what in the Confederation philosophy is called service to others. We seek to enhance, increase, and deepen that bias; to pursue the path of service-to-others as far as it may lead.

We are not here to get beyond polarity, or to transcend polarity. We are here to polarize. To know our polarity. To understand our polarity. To become even stronger upon the positive path. Indeed, the more we polarize, the greater our capacity to do work in consciousness.

What does that mean and how does that manifest? The following principles do not authoritatively capture or define service to others through an online community, but they point in the general direction.

The first and cornerstone guideline of the forums asks that we treat each other with respect. Ideally each would take that even further and love all others as part of the self, but that all-encompassing love is the fruit of great spiritual discipline, whereas “respect” is a frequency and attitude to which we can more rapidly and consciously calibrate our vision.

What is the greatest way to respect another member? Simple. To respect and honor their exercise of free will, wherever it may lead them. That doesn’t mean to be without personal or collective boundaries (more on that below), just that the member consciously recognizes that the other member has a sacred right and duty to form their own point of view, and no matter how seemingly skewed, the other self’s point of view is right for them.

One specific way to exercise respect on this particular forum is to assume a context of positive polarization for all who participate here.

Tolerance and Acceptance
In continuation of the previous principle but with different emphasis, the backbone of the Bring4th culture is one of tolerance for a diversity of views—aka: views that are not your own—within the larger context of spiritual evolution.

This is not to say that we make other views our own with which we disagree, or that we rush to embrace an opinion that is at odds with our own. It means rather that we offer each person the space to form and express their point of view (within liberal and reasonable limits, of course); we refrain from making a personal attack of the author, or belittling their viewpoint, or treating their idea with any form of judgment, derision, or scorn.

While the information we all share with one another is certainly very important, and a great source of catalyst and continuing education, the greater lesson of Bring4th is simply learning to get along with, accept, and even genuinely love one another.

We are here first and foremost to learn to serve one another, and to see the other and the self as the Creator; secondarily to learn information.

Working in harmony
By tolerating and accepting a diversity of viewpoints, and respecting each other, we naturally magnetize ourselves to work together in harmony, in concert, in that magical way of proportion, rhythm, and balance that brings separate individuals notes into relationship in order to make music.

We understand that the greater the compassion with which we treat each other, even and especially when disagreeing, the greater and more beautiful the collective song of Bring4th; the greater the harmony that sends its energetic waves into a considerably disharmonious planetary environment.

Our goal is harmony, our means of achieving the goal is harmony, and when disharmony inevitably strikes, our efforts are bent upon restoring harmony—with patience and the light touch.

Supporting one another
Being service to others in nature and purpose, we naturally seek to support one another. While nurturing and expressing the self is critical, we recognize that we are here for others as well, which sometimes means that we must set aside our need for self-oriented expression, and put the other-self at the center of our intention and communication.

It may seem that posting to forums, or sharing communication through digital mediums, is a limited and ineffectual tool to help others. That is emphatically not the case. A simple expression of love, a little word of encouragement—anything that in any small way expresses an intention to help—is registered by the other self, and has the potential to radically uplift and heal. We are consciousness affecting consciousness, people affecting people; energy moves between us, impacts us, changes us, pushes us away from each other or brings us close together.

The forums, the keyboard, and the internet connection are simply the vehicle or medium for the movement of something greater and deeper: each other. We recognize that we are ultimately here to be here for each other.

We recognize that life on this planet is difficult for most who live upon the surface, including those with seemingly pleasant outer circumstances. We seek to be actively sensitive to each other’s needs, to be a safe refuge to each other, to listen to one another, to give humble counsel where needed, to offer to each other possibly even therapy—not through clinical therapeutic techniques, necessarily—but simply by doing our utmost to create an environment of unconditional love.

Conflict Resolution
Despite the best of our intentions, and the sincerity of our hearts, as Forrest Gump undeniably first said, s*** will happen. We will hurt one another. We will step on one another’s toes. We may even lose self-control and lash out at another.

But what distinguishes this community is that we attempt not to dwell, linger, and energize that disharmony overly long. Instead, after the scuffle has taken place, we dust ourselves off and reorient our vision to resolving conflict through multi-party, open, honest but compassionate dialogue that makes no victims and works to unblock the stuck energy.

We seek to turn the battle into a discussion, a discussion aimed upon restoring the harmony that was temporarily lost.

Honest but compassionate discussion
Our ideals of love needn’t translate into an overly sensitive, shall we say, fluffy environment where we are not honest with ourselves and each other. Ra’s is an advanced philosophy, according to our measure. It speaks of the possibilities of adepthood that necessarily require the most stringent honesty.

We thusly seek to tell our truths as clearly, as precisely, as poetically, as beautifully, as truthfully, as honestly as possible.

But we do not use honesty to justify being consciously negative to someone because such is our “honest” feeling. True honesty exercises deep consideration for the needs of others and the context of the situation. True honesty uses the listening, discerning ear to determine whether the other self is in a position to even hear one’s truth.

This level of honesty is a function of activating the blue-ray, or throat chakra. Its full working necessarily depends on the activated and open heart that immediately precedes the blue ray in the sequence of chakras. Indeed, the more activated and open the heart, the greater the energy for the shining honest truth of blue ray.

We therefore seek always to communicate our truths through the energy and framework of loving-kindness. It is amazing how the “truth” is transmuted and beautified, even a difficult truth, when it passes through unconditional love.

We also seek to emphasize the overlooked aspect of blue ray, which is the listening ear. Maybe it’s not always so much in what we say, but in how well we listen to one another.

Welcoming new members
As is probably true with the majority of online communities, the majority of the website’s readers don’t actively participate. Whether from their ranks or from people discovering the website for the first time, Bring4th gains new members each and every week.
This community seeks never to shun new members, but always to actively welcome them into the community.

Anyone who has been new to a group at some point in their lives—which should be 100% of everyone—knows the value of being welcomed into the group with a smile and warm embrace. This is especially critical for the spiritual seekers attracted to this information who tend to feel alienated or isolated from others, often painfully so.

The Focus of the Forums

What we’re here to discuss, share, and study
As Ra says, the self is the material for study. We are ultimately here, therefore, to share, express, and learn about the self.

That is a very broad statement, though. It could reasonably be invoked to describe every possible form of interaction on this planet, from enslavement to enlightened exchanges. The qualification which narrows that statement into a meaningful and coherent focus is this: We are here to learn about and share the self through the lens of the Confederation philosophy.

Ours is not a general spirituality forum. We want to offer the largest possible tent that we can offer, but for the structure to have any meaning, it must have a focus and parameters, exclusions and boundaries.

What are the exclusions and boundaries?

Not completely egalitarian
Every entity on this planet has a right to their own point of view. It is indeed the sacred, inalienable duty of each to create and form their own point of view, and can only be done by the self for the self. Bring4th can neither allow nor disallow one to have and form their own inherent perspective.

Everyone does not, however, have the right to express whatever point of view they may want in the community. The system has boundaries, boundaries that—as hopefully this document, the guidelines, and the moderator material makes clear—are as liberal, open, and reasonable as possible, but boundaries nevertheless.

To zoom out for a moment: Everyone is the Creator. Yes? Everyone is the self. Bring4th seeks the consciousness where this is obvious. But we keep in mind that, while fundamentally we are one with all beings, there are infinite expressions of that one in infinitely various relationship to one another:

Quote:67.11 Ra: You do not have merely two opposite requests for service. You will find an infinite array of contradictory requests for information or lack of information from this source if you listen carefully to those whose voices you may hear. This is all one voice to which you resonate upon a certain frequency. This frequency determines your choice of service to the One Creator. As it happens this group’s vibratory patterns and those of Ra are compatible and enable us to speak through this instrument with your support. This is a function of free will.

A portion, seemingly, of the Creator rejoices at your choice to question us regarding the evolution of spirit. A seemingly separate portion would wish for multitudinous answers to a great range of queries of a specific nature. Another seemingly separate group of your peoples would wish this correspondence through this instrument to cease, feeling it to be of a negative nature. Upon the many other planes of existence there are those whose every fiber rejoices at your service and those such as the entity of whom you have been speaking which wish only to terminate the life upon the third-density plane of this instrument.

All are the Creator. There is one vast panoply of biases and distortions, colors and hues, in an unending pattern. In the case of those with whom you, as entities and as a group, are not in resonance, you wish them love, light, peace, joy, and bid them well. No more than this can you do for your portion of the Creator is as it is and your experience and offering of experience, to be valuable, needs be more and more a perfect representation of who you truly are.

We recognize the “vast panoply of biases and distortions, colors and hues,” appreciate it, and love it. We try to open our own frequencies to accommodate as wide a range of biases and distortions, colors and hues as possible, but at the end of the day, we are not completely egalitarian—we are not a community that feels every viewpoint has an equal place here.

Each viewpoint is “equal” in terms of it being right for he or she who generated the viewpoint—as no entity is more Creator than another—but each viewpoint is not “equal” in terms of, say, a harvestable degree of service-to-self perspective being equal on the Bring4th Forums with an opened green-ray perspective. One of the two is outside of, and dissonant with, our frequency.

As expressed above, we have a bias, and seek to pursue and enhance that bias. Not just for service to others, but for harmony, for growth, and for focus.

Not promoting, pursuing, or promulgating service-to-self philosophy or practices
No one on the forums, include the website founders, are pure angels made with 100% service-to-others organic milk. We are all a mix of light and shadow. We all have vibrations within us that might be classified as service-to-self.

While we seek to reduce the negative vibrations though self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and increase that within us which is vibrating service to others, we each may be susceptible to occasionally doing or saying something that has a flavor of service to self to it. That is inevitable.

However, the Bring4th Forums are not a place for energizing that polarity by promoting, pursuing, or promulgating service-to-self philosophy or practices. Where the boundary between the two is, is not easy to codify into a one-size-fits-all rule.

Generally speaking, philosophies and posting which exhibits elements of deception, manipulative thinking, or generate fear, or reject or discourage universal love, or encourage or promote control of self or others, are those containing characteristic hallmarks of service-to-self philosophy, and are considered to be not in alignment with the principles of spiritual evolution espoused by Confederation sources.

Of course, so much depends upon context. Some threads or posts may meet that criteria in some way without crossing the line. Some threads or posts may not fully meet that criteria but may still be crossing that line. Likely whoever is crossing that line is conscious of the act, and, though they will be met with love, their posting, and perhaps even their account, will not find a home at Bring4th.

This is not to make service to self a boogeyman in response to whose utterance we must create a cross of our index fingers to dispel the evil energy. We of the positive polarity are of the positive polarity precisely because of the existence and operation of those of the negative polarity. Thus to have a greater understanding or grasp of the negative path is to better understand our own path.

Consequently there is space to discuss the negative path and its interaction with the positive path. In fact, the topic of polarity is one of the most central for any student of the Law of One, and ought to be continually revisited for any seeking to polarize.

No sacred cow
Many respect and revere the information. Why? Because it resonates profoundly with them. It has moved them to tears, illuminated various if not all quarters of their life, informed their worldview, and, in many cases, had an absolutely transformative effect upon their incarnations, often enduringly so.

It is okay to love the material. To study it. To uphold it as a standard. To apply it. To scrutinize it. To question it. To test it. To give it a place of special significance and meaning in one’s heart. It is okay to wear that love upon ones sleeve. If there is any place on the internet to do so, this is the place!

But we don’t turn the material into a sacred cow, infallible and objectively true in every case. We look to it as a credible and awesome source of information, perhaps stemming from a broader point of view than our own, but we always recognize that it is we who have the final authority to determine what is true for us, to apply the material in unique ways to the synthesis of our own experience, and to determine how we will interpret the information.

No single interpretation trumps all others in all cases
The community recognizes that there are often a multiplicity of interpretations of the material.

Certain statements can be made about the Law of One which are objectively true (within its own context, of course). For instance, “There are eight densities, with the eighth being the gateway density.” “There are 106 sessions in total of the Ra Material.” “Ra is a sixth-density social memory complex.” But outside of statements about the material for which there is no possible dispute, much is open to subjective interpretation. The path of seeking is a path of subjective exploration and creation, and Ra could often only offer generalities, unable as they were to speak to the utter uniqueness of each and every creation.

It is very helpful to have intensive discussions that seek to hash out the meaning of words, phrases, and concepts—some interpretations are better than others in grasping the intention and nature of the information—but we refrain from becoming dogmatic in insisting that there is ever only one way to interpret this body of information.

Who Are These People?

People who are ethical
With exceedingly rare exception, each who is attracted to this material has a strong ethical framework of perception and action, the cornerstone of which is the desire and capacity to respect the free will of others through honest, loving-kindness, and the desire to be to others of service.

People who love this material
This is what you might call a no-brainer, but it’s sometimes helpful to articulate the obvious. Members of the larger Law of One community, whether or not participating at Bring4th, come from a great variety of demographics and temperaments. The desire to seek and serve the One Creator is that which, ultimately, unites us, but in the relative world of shape and form, it is this unique body of philosophy that has brought us together from a diverse range of starting points across the globe.

People who are service-oriented
Nearly everyone attracted to this philosophy—regardless of whether they consciously recognize the theory and practice of “polarity” as valuable—is what we could call a service-to-others oriented person.

Essays could be made to describe what that means. In short, positively oriented seekers simply want the highest and best fulfillment for others, preferably full of joy and free of suffering. They actively work to help the other self achieve their own stated ends, serving the other self as the request is made and only in proportion to the request. For the positively oriented entity, this means non-proselytizing, withdrawing if there is no request, and offering even the comforts of sleep if that is what the other-self desires. It means simple radiance from the open heart.

People who often feel they are wanderers
A discussion ripe with interesting speculation, we feel that those who are naturally attracted to this information are, in the main, wanderers. Though Bring4th does not issue any wanderer badge, nor are distinctions or classifications ever made to categorize or separate, nor is being a wanderer meaningful to any but the seeker itself, we note it here simply because there is a sub-culture on this planet who genuinely feel that their souls are from elsewhere, and that they are on this planet to serve others. This demographic also shares certain broad traits across their spectrum.

Knowledge of being a wanderer can be profoundly healing and transformative to he or she who has suffered in their attempts to adjust to and understand a world that may, in various ways, seem alien and even threatening.

Among those who consider themselves wanderers, along with those who have embarked upon the path of spiritual seeking in general, there often exists a great loneliness and profound sense of alienation. Significant, sometimes crushing pain can be a major debilitating theme of the wanderer and spiritual seeker.Bring4th seeks to meet the need by promoting community among this and associated demographics to help alleviate the isolation.

Again, however, at the end of the day, no tally is kept as to who believes or knows they are a wanderer or not, and no distinctions are ever recorded. Each who participates is obviously and undeniably human, with human lessons, human fears, and human hopes.
People who are spiritual seekers
Whatever the soul’s proximate origin in the universe, here or elsewhere, what most defines those who participate on Bring4th is their hunger for the truth. That hunger manifests in many, many ways, in varying intensities, but it is often visible in the way that each lights up in response to a gem of metaphysical thought, an insight into the deeper nature of experience, or another puzzle piece that reflects the truer/greater nature of the self and the universe within which the self dances.

Whether or not consciously realized or expressed, the Creator has begun to awaken within each who participates at Bring4th. The spiritual seeking is a manifestation of the Creator desiring to know itself, though us. It is that inner light which guides our journey to this particular nexus of energy known as Bring4th, and many others beyond.


We want to be together. We want to know each other. We want to merge with each other.

We need each other.

Above all, this particular website wishes to facilitate that connection—both for the benefit of the reading and participating individuals, and for the planet itself which receives the byproducts of our interactions on Bring4th, including: