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Navigating the Forums - bring4th_admin - 10-16-2015

Category Divisions

You’ll find the primary forums divided into three different sections, each with their unique purpose. While the guidelines apply to all forums, there are more nuanced posting requirements for each section which we ask members to consider.

Bring4th Studies
The Studies portion of Bring4th is a space of intentional and focused discussion. Threads posted within the forums under the Studies category are posted with the purpose of really digging into a topic and exploring it from varying perspectives. Because of this focus, posts are moderated in a slightly stricter fashion than in the Community portion of the forums. Each post should be contemplated and crafted carefully and intentionally. Posts may contain a wide variety of differing perspectives informed by unique experiences, so long as each perspective contributes something meaningful and relevant to the discussion.

Members should avoid posts such as:
  • offhand comments
  • drastic shifts in topic
  • simple agreement or disagreement
  • funny pictures or memes
  • or anything that doesn’t contribute a new idea or perspective to the discussion.
While there is no minimum word length requirement for each posts, members are encouraged to thoroughly contemplate and consider a topic before posting.

This is not to discourage anyone from sharing their opinion or perspective! Every seeker has a unique path and something meaningful to contribute to discussion. The higher standard for posts in this section are meant to give greater focus to the study at hand, and to avoid topics being overrun by short one-off comments or side-discussions.

However, if this style of study isn’t your desire, have no worries. There is an equally important section of the forums for people to relax a bit and simply connect with other seekers without the focus on intensive spiritual study: Community!

Bring4th Community
This section of the forums will be moderated a bit more laxly. That is not to say that this is the Wild West of Bring4th. The general guidelines still apply every bit as much as they do in all other places in the forums. Posts should still be on-topic, considerate, and respectful of the discussion at hand. Comments of a more jovial nature are fine, so long as the discussion doesn’t become completely derailed by short quips, silly comments, pictures of cats (except, of course, in the cat picture thread), or any random thought that pops into your head.

This section is meant to help seekers and wanderers connect and bring our community together. It’s where we can discuss things of a light-hearted nature with our friends and get to know each other in a more personal sense, rather than focus on spiritual study.

Bring4th Meta
This collection of forums is regarding the forum and the community itself, from guidelines, to moderator documents, to discussion about interpersonal relationships within the community itself. If it’s about Bring4th or its members, it likely belongs somewhere in this section. Topics for this section may include: bug reports, technical questions, forum announcements, member suggestions, moderator information and documentation, interpersonal discussion, culture analysis, and more.

Specific Forums

Despite each forum’s description on the main forum page, there may be some confusion around which forum is appropriate for a particular thread. Here is a basic breakdown of some of the trickier forums:

Spiritual Development & Metaphysical Matters
This forum is intended for discussing topics regarding one’s personal spiritual development (a yellow-ray chakra blockage, a relationship question, your meditation practice, etc.) or to discuss specific topics about spiritual metaphysics (reincarnation, energy centers, spiritual systems, etc.).

Discussion should be slanted towards the spiritual side of all things discussed, delving beneath the surface and digging into the spiritual heart of the topic at hand. Threads and posts should be geared towards open discourse and expounding from one’s own personal perspective, knowledge, or experience of the subject. Simpler, more light-hearted threads that don’t lend themselves to this type of discourse have a safe home elsewhere on the forum, such as the Olio forum.

The word “olio” essentially means a collection of miscellaneous things. The broad scope of the definition is intended to imply that this is sort of a “catch-all” forum. Chances are if you don’t feel like a thread you would like to post belongs in any other forum, this is the place to put it. There are no topics that are necessarily improper to post in Olio (given alignment with the guidelines). A thread may have a general theme that may be fit for another forum, but perhaps the discussion is intended to be as focused as in other areas of the forum.

Treehuggers’ Treehouse
This forum is a bit more freeform than the rest of the forums. While it’s not necessarily an “anything goes” space, it is a place to just hang out, be silly, play games, and just discuss random topics with anyone who wants to join in. The guidelines are still in effect, but if you’d like a focused and full-fledged discussion about any specific topic, this is probably not the right place. Goofy pictures and funny things you see on Facebook are encouraged.

Art, Media, and Entertainment vs. Artistic Endeavors
The simple difference between these two forums is in the source of the art being shared.

Art, Media, and Entertainment
This forum is intended for sharing and discussing works of art from sources other than the self. Movies, music, TV shows, poetry, paintings or drawings: if you found a piece of art or entertainment you like and would like to share, this is the place to do so.

Artistic Endeavors
This forum has a more personal slant, where members can share their own personal creations, rather than anything they found.

Posting Etiquette

There are some posting behaviors that help make everyone’s experience on the forum more pleasant and easy, but aren’t necessarily proper to codify within the guidelines. Here are some tips and requests to help make Bring4th a more pleasant community for everyone:

Quoted Text
When quoting another member in your post, please keep the experience of the reader in mind. If you’re only responding to a single point of many from that member’s post, it is best to remove all irrelevant material so any member reading it understand precisely what you are replying to. Further, if there are multiple embedded quotes, please attempt to keep things tidy and only leave in those parent quotes which are still relevant and useful to the discussion. I tidier post is simply easier to read and keeps the thread looking sleek and streamlined, ensuring anyone wishing to catch up on the topic will not have to navigate through unnecessary text to get to the heart of the topic. For instructions and tips on how to handle the quote function, see the posting guide below.

If you are replying to somebody without quoting their content, or if the quote box does not contain their name, it can be helpful to identify who precisely you are replying to so as not to confuse other participants in the discussion.

Linking Sources
When referencing a source that has available material on the internet, try to include a link to this material so any seeker can do more investigation or find the proper context of what is being discussed. When discussing the Law of One, is a great resource for finding and referencing specific passages. A link can be made directly to a specific session or question number by simply clicking on the number next to the relevant passage and copying the URL from your address bar. When discussing any other L/L Research material, please try to include a link to the material itself, whether it is a transcript from the archives or a book from the library.

Editing Posts
While not always necessary, it can be helpful to include a reason for the edit at the same time. This helps people keep track of what was changed and why, and how the post may have been relevant before the edit.

Editing the overall sentiment and heart of a thread after others have engaged in the discussion, it can be confusing and frustrating for those who invested in the discussion based on the previous post’s content. Please be considerate of other members when making fundamental edits to your words.