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- - earth_spirit - 11-29-2015


RE: Quote Pyramids - The_Tired_Philosopher - 11-29-2015

This is literally why I stop responding with quotes most of the time, for my own viewing satisfaction on my small 3"x6" screen phone.

RE: Quote Pyramids - isis - 11-29-2015

Guideline #15: Forum Clutter
When replying to a thread and quoting previous posts, please quote only the pertinent text. Many are the single-line replies that include a wall of text from previous posts.

RE: Quote Pyramids - Steppingfeet - 12-01-2015

(11-29-2015, 01:46 PM)earth_spirit Wrote:  It would be nice if there wasn't so many of them.

Kind of difficult to browse this site on a smartphone when the same walls of text are quoted over and over again.

I feel similarly.

I can only speculate, but I think some don't pay attention. Others perhaps haven't quite gotten the hang of toggling the "view source" icon:

[Image: View_Source.png]

The forum organizer has the ability and mandate to trim unnecessarily quoted text, and then alert the member who quoted five pages, asking them to please generally quote only what's needed.

If only such a one would awaken and exercise those great powers . . . : )

RE: Quote Pyramids - Jade - 12-01-2015

I don't have a smart phone, so the problem hasn't been as evident to me. But I can try to keep an eye out and work on it. If anyone has any posts/threads that are particularly bothering them, feel free to PM me and let me know!!

RE: Quote Pyramids - isis - 12-01-2015

(12-01-2015, 10:56 AM)Bring4th_GLB Wrote:  [Image: View_Source.png]

[Image: PJVginv.png]

RE: Quote Pyramids - Aion - 12-04-2015

In my case sometimes I don't trim, ironically, because I'm on my phone and it's really tedious to go through and dissect a text on the touch pad. I usually just try to respond without quoting but that has lead to misunderstanding in the past so I tried to make it clearer who I'm talking to through quoting. Would love if the Reply button somehow only quoted the post you choose to click Reply to.