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A Book of Days - Ankh - 03-13-2016

A Book of Days has been channeled by Carla L. Rueckert with help by Jim McCarty when Carla trained to become a better channel, during their Morning Offerings. I've been reading it each day for a while as a mean to help me to set my mind into a better place before meditations. Some of the things that I read in this book stand out to me more than others, so I thought to quote them in this thread from now on.

The full book can be downloaded here.

From March 12:

"You who have walked the pilgrim's path have surely noted that all that is needed is given in its time and all that is not given is that which is not needed for the learning and flowering of that individual soul."

This is helpful to remember each time I want to complain about something and that my journey would be better off if I had something that I don't right now. No, it wouldn't, because if it would then I would have it, but since I don't have it, then my journey would not benefit from it. Of course such thinking requires faith, but I do have it when I read the above quote. As it says, all that is given is needed, and all that is not given is then not needed for the learning. Beautiful, simple and intelligent!

RE: A Book of Days - isis - 03-14-2016

jim posted this quote in his blog today. i happened to read it not long before reading this post of yours.

RE: A Book of Days - Nicholas - 03-14-2016

Precisely the same for me Ankh. I have had the book for a couple of years now and read each day after waking up. I wont be changing this routine any time soon!

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 03-18-2016

(03-13-2016, 11:13 PM)Ankh Wrote: "You who have walked the pilgrim's path have surely noted that all that is needed is given in its time and all that is not given is that which is not needed for the learning and flowering of that individual soul."

I've been thinking a lot about the above quote, and also applying it on negative personality traits. I don't think that it's helpful to see those negative traits, or shadow side, of oneself as some sort of bad karma or punishment, but instead as *necessary* tools for one's growth! Some traits that one disapporoves inside the self are easier to accept than others. Those traits which are difficult to accept within the self may take years and years to accept and love; and in some instances maybe even lifetimes upon lifetimes to accept. So a thought of these traits within the self as being necessary tools for growth instead of them being punishment or bad karma is helpful; seeing these traits as faithful companions instead of enemies. Robert Schwartz talks about it too in one of his books, where he writes that certain tragedies, things within the self, are carefully planned in love pre-incarnatively. These things can be great losses of close ones, or issues with isolation and anger, or handicaps, or addictions to drugs or alcohol.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 03-22-2016

From March 20:

"Must you run the straight race very quickly today? Must you hasten and hurry? Crowd your day, then, but open your heart that love may run with you; that love may hasten and hurry and worry and fret in comfortable companionship with that state of mind you choose for yourself.

Are you in grief, in sorrow, and in despair? Call, then and open within to the divine Comforter, to the nurturer and lover of all souls.

There is no condition in which the spirit of love cannot enter and heal. There is no activity in which the spirit of divine love and compassion cannot enable, enliven and strengthen.

The spirit of love is an active, plastic, malleable, universal expression of the absolute presence of divine love in each soul, everywhere, always, in every moment.

May you find peace that you are not alone, be you hastening, resting or weeping."

I loved that thought of love running with you, like it would be an actual entity, running next to you, beautiful, smiling and looking at you...

I also loved the thought of calling upon the spirit of love wither one is running, resting or crying.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 03-23-2016

From March 19:

"The tongue of the pilgrim is often swift to judge the thoughts and actions of the self and others. This is understandable because the pilgrim is greatly concerned with distinguishing true paths from false leads which seem promising at first, yet meander off in unhelpful directions.

However, judgment creates a relationship which is not of the spirit of love between the one who judges and the one who is judged. Love does not cause such a separation and such a relationship.

And thus it is that the pilgrim may find himself much confused in attempting to place the moral impulse into logical settings. The spirit of Christ would offer, instead of judgment, a warm compassion and gentle mercy which acknowledges the infinite mystery of the pilgrim’s heart and the infinite mystery of Christ’s love.

Seek first compassion and mercy, and by the time these attitudes have furnished the pilgrim with information concerning a situation, the pilgrim may well find that even the impulse to judge has been healed and the pilgrim is at peace, resting in mystery and love."

Dalai Lama said too that *love* is the absence of judgement, which I highly resonate with.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 10-03-2016

2 October:

Each of you is most intent upon being of service to others. We applaud this desire. But the spirit of love must be nourished. And we encourage each of you to be most careful to offer the self that heavenly food which makes being of service to others possible.

For to give from oneself is to deplete oneself. To give through oneself is simply an act of service to others. And to open that shuttle through oneself, one must find that which is most helpful in establishing the feeling of unity with the Creator in Christ.

Give to yourself the permission to seek and to enjoy deeply and digest heavenly food, whatever it is that the spirit may give to you. Realize that the spirit of which we are representatives--for many different kinds of people need many different kinds of Comforters--is omnipresent. You cannot be without the spirit of unconditional love, for this lies within you.

Find it and open it, that your service to others may be no burden to you but instead a delight and a joy.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 05-15-2017

May 13

I am of the principle of the divine consciousness of love and I greet you in that love.

We find, as we often find in using this instrument, that the instrument so despairs of its own worth in the spiritual sense as a fit conduit for the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ that it is almost impossible for an open channel to be held in a stable manner.

It is unfortunate that the perception of so many pilgrims is that in some way they must earn by worth or works the right to spiritual experiences. Indeed, it is just in the opposite way that the spirit may work. For if an entity is concerned at all with self the concern aids in blocking the free flow of the spirit.

Once the desire for surrender to the spirit is clear within a pilgrim there is far less resistance to the flow of energy which is the hallmark of the spirit. And so we suggest to this and all pilgrims who are concerned that they are not worthy of spiritual gifts that no one is worthy or unworthy. All are loved.

We leave you in the peace of love, which demands and expects nothing but the beautiful essence of each and every spirit, now and ever. Amen.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 05-17-2017

May 16

We hope we leave you in a state of readiness; readiness to turn outward to others and inward to God. In that balance lies peace, now and forever. Amen.

RE: A Book of Days - Ankh - 06-03-2017

June 2:

Experience in this moment the fullness of joy. Let go of every limitation, every negative thought, and everything that may keep you from perfect joy. Experience this natural and wondrous feeling in its purity and allow it to remove your consciousness from the mundane concerns of a limited world.