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Episode #51 - Bring4th_Austin - 02-08-2017

Episode #51

In this episode, we discuss:
- Are the seven bodies the same as the seven densities?
- How does the path of the Buddha relate to the Law of One?
- Why does Ra seem to favor one polarity over the other?

A transcript for this episode will be posted once it is available.

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RE: Episode #51 - 1109 - 02-13-2017

Funny show guys. I especially enjoyed Gary's comeback at the end there.

RE: Episode #51 - alastair - 08-12-2020

What was the book that Jim mentioned about 19 minutes in, was it "Lee Horseman"? Was about a comparison between Hinduism, Buddhism and the Law of One.

RE: Episode #51 - flofrog - 12-01-2020

I was re-listening to that podcast, so great, and I had the same question as Alastair above. I checked this Lee Horseman to see if he had published anything, but it doesn’t look like it... so I was wondering if that was in one of the future projects of LL library...

Such great podcast, thank you guys...