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Higher Density Body Art - Great Central Sun - 02-23-2017

Does anyone have any artist's interpretation art of what a higher density body might look like?

I imagine 6th density to be golden light.

Just trying to use that to visualize.

RE: Higher Density Body Art - isis - 02-28-2017

[Image: dsahrtsjry.jpg?zoom=1.5&resize=720%2C405]

RE: Higher Density Body Art - Coordinate_Apotheosis - 03-02-2017

My avatar is a tattoo design I plan to get across my entire back one day...  It's a sort of amalgamation of tribal, modern, and divine overlaid with kanji of the elements (fire, water, air, earth), with others for the mind/body/spirit complex (mind, body, soul), and some supplementals like eternal, yin, yang, root, power. Even has om, with masculine, feminine, infinity, and the royal crown of the royal divine.

I consider it a higher density body art design...

[Image: Aozz5rc.png]