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Andrija Puharich Documentary! We Need Your Help! - puharichfilm - 01-09-2018

Hello everyone!

I would like to bring to your attention an important documentary project about a man named Dr. Andrija Puharich.

Dr. Puharich was one of our most important parapsychological researchers to date who unfortunately passed away in 1995. His work touched on everything from consciousness, channeling, UFOs, ESP, and everything in-between.

Dr. Puharich worked closely with both Carla and Don back in the 1970s and 80s. They even took a trip together in the late 70s to Mexico to study the amazing psychic healer Pachita. Dr. Puharich was a big part of Don and Carla's life.

Now, for the first time, the never been told story of Dr. Puharich is being made into a documentary film, but we need your help!

Puharich left behind his entire life's work, which the filmmaker is now in possession of. This includes hundreds of photographs, videos, written material, private journals, and much much more! This important material needs to be preserved for generations to come!

Please see the link to our Indiegogo Page to help raise funding to finish this amazing project. You can see the page here:

Any help is greatly appreciated! Please help us bring this fascinating project to life...

Thank you everyone!

- Greg

RE: Andrija Puharich Documentary! We Need Your Help! - MangusKhan - 01-09-2018

That sounds immensely interesting. I've always wanted to know about Andrija's work. How did you get his entire life's work?

I really hope this gets funded.

RE: Andrija Puharich Documentary! We Need Your Help! - Sprout - 01-09-2018

I thought the healer wanted to remain anonymous. Seems fishy..

RE: Andrija Puharich Documentary! We Need Your Help! - roses - 01-11-2018

Hi Greg,

I listened to your appearance on the latest episode of Skeptiko ( I thought it was great! The entire time I was wondering about any material you may have come across that is related to L/L Research. Have you come across anything that would be worth sharing?

What is your own view of the Law of One Material and L/L Research? How exactly did you learn about it? I'll admit I was a bit surprised to see your post here! A pleasant surprise :-)

I am very excited and supportive of your project! Thanks for your work ;-)