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Journey Home - Terraformer - 07-07-2018

Journey Home

I was setting on my bed reading one evening when out of nowhere came this huge blast of energy that rushed through me as fast as a jet!  It was a blast of pure, unconditional, undiluted love!  I've never felt anything like it in my entire life.  It felt as if it had mass to it.  Immediately, right after the shock of impact, I thought,  "Whoa!  What was that?!"   The feeling was so intense, I wanted to hold on to it forever, but try as I might to hold on to it, the feeling soon began to ebb and fade.

It didn't concern me in the least about being blasted with love.  I knew it was from a positive being because anything negative was not capable of having that much love to expel, let alone be so compassionate as to share it with another.  A few days later I got another shock......

I had been doing spiritual work with myself for awhile when one night I had what I called a very vivid dream.   At least that is what I first called it the following day, but it was really more like watching a video.   I had never experienced anything like it before.   I had some things to ferret out the day following the dream.   I persisted in approaching it mainly that the dream was just a dream, so I tried to brush it off, but one thing became clear as that next day of the dream wore on.   I continued to see this video in my mind all day.  It wouldn't go away, like a song stuck in the head.

Then, later on in the day, I received what I can only call an outside nudge in consciousness.   The loving nudge did in fact come from outside of myself.  What quickly followed was an explosive epiphany!  Tears of gratitude without understanding what I was grateful for started to fill my eyes right away, then I thanked the One Creator, even though I didn't understand.  The only thing I knew in that instant was the One Creator had granted me some grace, and I was extremely grateful.  I had more joy and excited expectation than a kid waiting for Christmas!  It did seem, however, that the dream was at the center of all this.

I have never done memory dreams that I am aware of in waking life.   I don't go flying, or off to exotic places in my dreams like some people.  I never have.  I have always had what I call issue dreams, representations of things that needed worked out in my life, closure dreams and things like that.  Neither do I have prophetic dreams, so while I remained enthralled with the images I had seen, the smells, the tactile sensations, the feelings of overwhelming love, joy, happiness, and gratitude I had felt the night before in my dream, told me it wasn't a dream.  Then the blast of overwhelming love with everything I had felt in my dream coming to me while I was awake clinched the deal!   All my instincts told me it was a memory!…………

What I had seen while sleeping the night before was not a dream, it was a memory!  

It wasn't the first time in my life I had felt a loving nudge from outside of myself to guide me in the right direction.  Without going into my by-the-book, archetypical/typical Wanderer stereo-type, 3rd  density incarnation, I have always known there was someone, unseen, there in my life watching and guiding me.  If I hadn't had that personal guardian all my life, this green-eyed Wanderer would have been dead at least five times over easily!   So when that loving nudge came again, I knew I was being pretty dense (originally pun not intended but in reading again in editing, it is kind of funny Smile,  and not getting something, then the epiphany came and the understanding of what I had seen the night before was instantaneous!  What a download in that instant!

I knew one of the people I saw in the memory was me, and the other was my mate.  I am aware now that I came from a species engineered by what has been called Farmer Races.  We are from amphibian origins.  We look like and function like humans in every way, except what I could see in my memory, our skin is the color of a tan shammy, we have a ridge in our skull at the top, no hair, and large irregular, darker spots on our heads, sort of like giant freckles.

We didn't have the interference on our home planet, in our 3rd  density incarnations, as there is here on Earth.  Our bio-engineers were always benevolent beings with the same goal of further expanding consciousness toward the One Infinite Creator.  Our species graduated into 4th density smoothly.  In fact, I remembered that is one reason why my mate and I decided to come here.  We had always lived what could be called a spiritually cushy life.  We wanted others to have that too.

We understood how rough it is for 3rd density here, as we have seen a lot of different scenarios play out in 3rd density graduations.  In fact, that is the very reason for my species existence!  Some 3rd densities have made their planets unlivable, due to the extreme polarity to negativity before graduation to 4th density.   But that's not all........some 4th densities have also made their planets unlivable, after graduating from 3rd density to 4th density, due to their negative polarity!   My species is sent in after a planet is healed from its trauma to terraform it, and make it liveable again.

My species has great compassion and sorrow for Earth's population, so when we learned negative polarity might consume the whole planet, we chose to come here to help, right after our last incarnation ended on the planet of my dream/memory.  That was about eleven or twelve thousand years ago.  We have seen whole planets graduate into 4th density negative.  It sends shivers down the spine.  These are the planets in the cosmos which are quarantined for our safety.  They are horrible places.   Ok…..I'm rambling now!  Smile   So much in the packet download!  Smile    Sorry....I will try to stay on point of what is relevant.  Smile

My mate and I were/are humanoid and came from a species which mates for life by choosing partners whose energy frequencies come together to form a perfect harmony between the two.  It is hard to explain, but by knowing how the frequencies combine between the couple, this ensures each mate contributes to creating the best, most loving, most stable, most monogamous, the strongest, most enduring relationship possible for the two.  It's a good thing couples of our species are so compatible because we have very, very long life spans.  I'm still a little fuzzy on that, but I get the impression we are middle age when we hit one thousand.

Many 4th  density species will have multiple mates, or rather mate at will, but the species I am from has only one mate all our lives, and if we choose, the same mate incarnation after incarnation.  Looking at it from this 3rd density perspective which I live in right now, that seems to me to solve a whole lot of issues!

We were/are what is called 4th density beings, so the same physical laws don't apply to what we are familiar with in these 3rd density bodies where our conscious and subconscious are divided and screened off from one another.   There is a much larger portion of the brain used in 4th density and there is no screen or veil between the areas of the mind where the conscious and subconscious are cut off from one another.   One of the things we can do with our minds in 4th density is levitation.   My species must use levitation in our 4th density work, so I am extremely glad, as an instant response to that knowledge in this 3rd/4th density body, that we have that ability to combine our consciousness with matter to use in our work.  It gives me something to look forward to for later.  I can only imagine now how much fun it must be to pick up a block or boulder weighing tons to move it from one place to another, or say to my honey..."Sweety...could you move that rock formation a little to the right? It's too close to the waterfall."  (Big grin!)

4th density and above retain all their memories of all their previous lifetimes, but no, I do not have all those past memories at present, just a sense of them on another planet, and now I have the the memories of my incarnations here on Earth.  I guess memories of all my past 4th density lives is not pertinent to what I need to know now, so no information on those.   That's ok.....I've got enough to think about for awhile!  Smile  

When I got that loving nudge that opened my eyes as to what the dream really was, which was a packet download of information, I also realized the nudge itself was an outside act of making the barrier of gravity a little less heavy between my conscious and unconscious mind so I could have that precious memory and information about my real life on a different planet.  

Evidently, in 4th  density, we know how the conscious and subconscious are separated in 3rd density, or at least I was granted partial understanding of it in this 3rd/4th density body for the purpose of receiving enough understanding now, so I could get to work here.  As a 3rd/4th  density person here on Earth, understanding a thing has always been the most important thing to me in life.  Now I have found out why I'm like that, so it was evidently decided I could handle understanding who I really am.   It makes perfect sense to me now.  

Time is short, so it must have been decided this was the only way to utilize some of my 4th  density abilities here.   It must have been decided I needed that huge packet of information so I could get to work here because until I was given that memory in the night I didn't know why I was here.  Giving me the information I need now lets me understand not only why I'm here, but what I am capable of, and what I must do.   And no…….You needn't ask what Ive been smoking…...I don't do drugs!  Smile

I don't know what my name or my mate's name was before we came here.  I don't know what we were called as a species either, but for one brief scene of the past, I now have something to hang on to the rest of my life here, until I'm ready to finish this 3rd/4th density and return to my home planet.  I finally know who I am, and what my purpose is here, and where I am going after I leave!   What a joy to know where I'm going after this life is over!  I'm going home!

I've lived many places in this life, and everywhere I've lived I fill the outside area with as much edible food as possible, and make the place as appealing and homey as possible.  I have always basked in the comments of visitors about my home environment, inside and out, from comments such as,  "Oh! How charming!" , or "It's so homey!"  Making my little piece of the world where I live as perfect as possible has always been an imperative and a driving force in my life.   I am impelled to make the environment as peaceful, practical, pretty, productive, and soothing as quickly as possible.  Got to get the food in the ground as soon as possible!  I could never really understand why I was driven so hard from within to be like this.  Now I understand…..I'm impelled that way now because I am a terraformer by nature, 4th density nature that is!

You see…..I am/was/will be again a terraformer.  A planet in need of our specialty is chosen by those who send us there, after we have reached a certain point in maturity, and have mated in a current incarnation on our home planet.   We seemed to have retained the amphibious homing instinct when it is time to start a new life cycle.  

My mate and I then go to that planet in need and terraform it from a small patch of flora and fauna previously put there by what are called traveling terraformers.   Traveling terraformers will collect specimens from many planets and transplant them on planets that need terraforming.  Then, the terrestrial terraformers like my mate and I are sent there to propagate what has already been delivered there.    We then get to work, covering the whole planet, to bring it back to life so it is suitable for habitation of larger populations later on.  

We specialize in planets where there was a devastation of some sort which made the planet uninhabitable.  We arrive on the barren planet at a time, in the far distant future of the disaster, in which the planet is once again healed enough to support life.  We love wide open, barren places to fill them up again with life in abundance!

My mate and I are homebodies who live and work on one planet all our lives.  We loved it!   Others of our kind come to help too, and we are a sociable people.  We live and work with our people in bliss, building a life for ourselves while refurnishing the planet with flora and fauna, building our home and life, raising a family and doing what we love.   Each time we have the planet ready in a couple thousand years.  Then we pass on, wait for our children to pass on in a prearranged incarnation, then my mate and I are reincarnated on our home planet so we grow up, mate with the same mate, go to another planet in need of our services, have the same children, and get to live with and love the same people always.  Our children do eventually reach a certain point in spiritual maturity, and they may choose to leave our family incarnation circle.  When that occurs, they start returning to our how planet to incarnate, start their own family incarnating circle, and move on to getting their own planets to terraformer.   We have what you would call family reunions, so we do get to see our children again.  Eventually my mate and I decide to have more children.  These new children are not just new babies to us, they are new 4th density souls!  

I do not know how it is with other species, but that is the way it is with ours.

This knowledge in the packet download made me realize how really distorted the visions of heaven on earth have become here on this planet.  My species literally lives heaven on earth, over and over again.  We know what happens after death, and look forward to it!  However, death is a 3rd density word.  A closer approximation in 4th density is go to sleep peacefully.  I like that.  It isn't as scary.  Almost everything on this planet has become distorted to be scary to dampen spiritual seeking and awakening.  That is one of the reasons we wanted to come and help.  How can Earth people awaken when they are scared to death all the time?!!!!!!!!!  So my mate and I decided to take a time out from our work to come here and do a different work for awhile to help get rid of some of the fear blocking humans.  What an adventure that has been!

It was no coincidence that in this life I wanted to go build a log cabin out in the woods and build a life full of joy while raising a family.  So I did!  At least the log cabin part……. Life didn't turn out full of joy, but those little understood, inner motivations to do it back almost forty years ago now makes a whole lot of sense!  I was following what I loved doing without knowing it.  I am/was/will be a pioneering spirit!  The same is true of my contentment to stay home all the time.  I am/was/will always be a homebody spirit!  The only thing that is different in this life is I am not a social person, but I will happily be a social person again, after I'm done here, and return to my own species.  

I realize, and am thankful now for those in this, my 3rd/4th density life, who influenced me and events which molded me to be a hermit type in this life.  These last four years have given me the solitude to step away from busy, every day life in these, my later years, to reflect on who I am.  Life was so noisy up until the last four years, I couldn't hear myself think!  I am grateful for the solitude now because I have a job to do.   My mate and I came here to help.  That is what we do.  We help others with their planet, so they can live happier lives.  

(See picture uploaded of the last planet we were assigned to for the following paragraphs.  Please be kind....let's just say that I am a better terraformer than an on paper artist  Smile    .............
(For visualization purposes, put your hand over the greenery, and the waterfall by my left hand and you will see the same thing I did when I reached the top of the mountain and was just stepping up onto the small flattened area.)

Once we arrived on the planet, in my memory which was the last planet we terraformed and lived on, my mate and I were told telepathically, by those who sent us there, to go up to the top of the mountain.  This is what we did, as we always need to do reconnaissance before starting work.  I was the first to reach the top.  As I rounded the top, to see a small flattened area, I could see over the top of the mountain and off into the distance until the land disappeared over the horizon.  

As I took the last step or two up to the small flattened area, all I could see was miles and miles of barren looking landscape that was a brownish-brickish color and a blue sky filled with clouds overhead.  The scene was breathtaking and beautiful, I have an appreciation for all beauty, but we never liked to see anything stay barren for too long, except for some special areas we set aside the way national parks are set aside here to experience the raw beauty of the land.

Also as I took that last couple of steps, I was wondering how we were going to furnish the planet.  I and my mate were already getting ideas of what we wanted to do with the landscape.   It was about that time I heard another telepathic message that told me to step closer to the edge of the mountain.  I did.

Wow!  Did I ever get a surprise!  As I stepped closer to the edge of the mountain and put my hand on the strange looking rock formations which looked like they had been dispensed out of a soft-serve ice cream machine into a cone, a whole breathtaking vista of life came into view!

I can still feel my heart leap with joy and the out flowing of gratitude for the life that was there on the planet.  You have to keep in mind that this is an alien planet, unlike what we are accustomed to now, so when I use the terms common here, that is the best I can do to describe this alien planet and alien species.  

The trees were tall and majestic and full of fruits and nuts with underbrush that looked like it was full of food bearing smaller plants.  There was a long, softly rolling plain about 500 feet below from where I was standing at the top of the mountain that was full of blue and green grass.  There were dozens and dozens of herd animals grazing on the grass.  They looked a little like a musk ox with the long hair that started at their backs and hung down all the way to the ground.  They didn't have the bulky fore shoulders like a musk ox though.  These critters looked like a straight backed rectangle box with hair all over it, and their black heads were so tiny it barely had room for the eyes, noses (yes noses, plural Smile, and mouth.  The tiny head was attached at the end of a long tubular looking neck then the neck was attatched higher up towards the top someplace between what I would call the front shoulders.  At least I think that was the front!  It didn't look like a strong neck.  It looked like a neck that was made for dangling and eating all the time.  Very strange creatures, but marvelous.  I assume these were the fertilizer 'factories' for terraforming!  :-)

There were also some very typical looking birds flying in the air, and everything was watered by a crystal clear blue waterfall, coming out of the front of the rock formation to my left.  It was strange because the waterfall didn't fall roaring down the mountain like the ones here on earth do.  This one only made a soft sound like that of a gurgling creek here on earth.  I know in my memory this surprised me because on the planets we had terraformed before the water had been noisier.  That tiny tidbit of information regarding my past lives was available.   The gravity on this new planet must have been different, or maybe it was the atmospheric gas mixtures.  At any rate, something must have been different there to dampen the sound of the water rushing down the mountain, but we could walk just fine in the gravity, and the air was fresh and clean, we could breath easily.  It was amazing to stand there in that environment.  We welcomed the calmness.

I had just arrived out on the edge of the flattened area of the mountain and was resting my hand on the boulder near me, taking all this glorious life around in when my mate came up beside me on the ledge.  This time we were both given a telepathic message,  "This is yours to do with as you wish, and live here."

Both our hearts leaped for joy, gratitude, love, and surprise!  Yes, we had done this before in previous lives, always as the same species, and the same mates for this is the purpose for which we were created, but each time it felt like it was new.  Each time the experience felt like the first time.  Each life we got to do what we loved over, without forgetting any of it like we do now.  We used these memories of our past lives and our work to help us decide how to terraform the current planet we worked on.

We are/were/will be terraformers.  We were to spend our lives turning the desolate area into a paradise like on the left in the picture.

We were to be a perfect couple, filled with connection, love, and companionship and live our lives in harmony with nature.

My mate is currently here on earth.  We incarnated at the same time, but we are not together in this life.  That isn't our purpose here.  We were put where we could do the most good for this planet and the people here.  We decided to sacrifice our time together before we came here, to help the Earth and the people on it.   We figured we could handle being apart for awhile.  We have never been separated before.  It is harder than I thought it would be, not to be with the person I have lived with since graduation to 4th density several million years ago.  (4th density is a whole lot longer than 3rd density.)

I can feel my mate, and I know he can feel me now that I have woken up in my consciousness.  I know he is here, but I do not know if we will meet in this life or not.  I miss him, now that I can remember him, but the more important thing is we are here to serve others.  I go to sleep every night telling him good night and hope he can hear me.  It brings me comfort to know he is around, even though we aren't together.  I don't feel empty and isolated any more because of it.  Someplace, somewhere, my mate has an older human body, just like me, and just like me he lays his head down every night.  

Some of our children are waiting for us before incarnating again, after we return to our home planet for our next incarnation and upbringing.   Then after we are assigned to a new planet to terraform, all our children will join us on our work planet through normal birth and incarnate then.  Four of our children came with us to Earth, as spirits to incarnate here and help, just like we did.  I gave birth to one of them in this 3rd/4th density life on Earth.   My mate gave life to three of our children here on this planet.  All our children born into this 3rd density world have bodies slightly more 4th density than our current 3rd/4th density bodies.  It turns out one of the things Wanderers do to help this planet is contribute some partially activated 4th density genes to our offspring.

I met my great granddaughter for the first time about a year ago when she was about a year and a half old.  That first meeting almost took my breathe away. My daughter, who is also one of my spiritual daughters who incarnated here on Earth, and who is now this precious child's grandmother, looked at me when my first glance almost made me gasp.  My daughter and I exchanged one our knowing looks, as she verbalized an "Uh-huh! I knew you would see it!". Now my daughter isn't aware of our past life on other planets yet.  However, she is very familiar with the gifts that have, what we call, run in our bloodline.  She knows instinctively her granddaughter is special.   I immediately recognized her as being the most perfect of our current bloodline.  When I first met my great granddaughter, I didn't have the memories I do now, but I knew then I had helped to create an amazingly harmonious spirit/body/mind person.  Now I realize she is the epitomy of a 3rd/4th density person ready for graduation to 4th density!  

I don't know why some of our children decided to wait for us to be assigned another planet before incarnating again, but I'm sure it will become clear later.  I sort of get the sense they are our new baby 4th density spirits.  Perhaps they aren't mature enough yet to endure life here on Earth.  I'm not quite sure.  Whatever the reason, I know it is in the service of the One Infinite Creator.  

All this gives me so much joy in this 3rd/4th density,  to know our family will be united again when we are done working here.  We have a solid family plan which has worked well for us for a very long time.

That is my history, at least enough of it to give me a clear picture of my path here on Earth.  I am satisfied now that I understand who and what I am, why I am here, what I must do here, how to do it, and where I am going once finished with my work here.

Part of the packet download information helped me understand that my 3rd/4th density body is like a broadcast tower.  It is capable of taking in, building up, and blasting out, waves of electro magnetic energy which becomes positively polarized with gravity somehow.   Our bodies send out waves of Light and Love from the One Infinite Creator.  We are not the source, we are only the accumulators and broadcasters of Love and Light.  We are no more special than your local cell phone tower!   Evidently this is common 4th density knowledge in its entirety, but I was only given enough information about it to understand its function in my work here.  

That is all I need to know for now, and I am so grateful to the One Infinite Creator for giving me this information.  Before I was like a boat in the water without a rudder.  This information is now my rudder to steer my boat through the very rough waters of this 3rd density existence.  I don't have to wonder any more what I should be doing, or if  what I'm doing is right.  Everything I needed to know was already inside of me, all that was needed was some help in bridging that gap between consciousness and subconsciousness.  When that blast of pure Love from the One Infinite Creator hit me, it punched a peephole through the barrier in my mind that keeps me separated from my true self.  

Now that I have had a glimpse of who I really am, what 4th density is really like, and what 4th density is capable of...........Holey Moley!!!!!!!!!  It is a good thing humans are unable to access all the 4th density abilities.  Personally, I am content to leave the rest of that knowledge tucked away safely behind the veil in the mind.  I have all I need to know to complete my work here now.  At this point, all I want to do is finish my work and go home.  I'm getting tired.  I'm old and crippled now.  This 3rd/4th density body has a few more years in it, so I will use that time as best I can to help those on Earth to expand their consciousness.  Then, tired and worn out, like being dead tired, after working outside all day, I will drag my butt home, so to speak.  Smile  

For now.........this is my Journey Home.

RE: Journey Home - ada - 07-07-2018

So very beautiful, I was reading in excitment picturing with my imagination all these magical events and places. I am very grateful for your sharing all this love freely with us.

I sense a great peace within you, a kind of peace that I would like to have some day. A fearless, love-filled, everlasting light of peace and faith.

I wish you all the well, that you will once again reunite with your close ones and continue onward serving, creating and healing all of creation.  Heart

RE: Journey Home - Terraformer - 07-07-2018

Thank you blossom. I hope you get your own packet of information soon. Knowledge and understanding is a marvelous thing!

RE: Journey Home - Diana - 07-07-2018

I agree with Blossom. Very beautiful. Thank you.  Heart

RE: Journey Home - Diana - 06-03-2020

I had to bump this Wanderer story. I have never forgotten it. It is so beautiful.

Maybe it will bring some solace, lovely distraction, or at least interesting entertainment as the extremity of the current global situation continues.

RE: Journey Home - omcasey - 07-03-2020

I am glad you did, is Terraformer still around?

RE: Journey Home - Diana - 07-03-2020

(07-03-2020, 12:21 AM)omcasey Wrote: I am glad you did, is Terraformer still around?

In her profile it says she visited here only from June to August of 2018.

RE: Journey Home - Sacred Fool - 07-03-2020

(07-03-2020, 01:22 AM)Diana Wrote:
(07-03-2020, 12:21 AM)omcasey Wrote: I am glad you did, is Terraformer still around?

In her profile it says she visited here only from June to August of 2018.

She might have been further along on her journey home than she knew at the time.

Lovely tale.