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Difficulty Registering - One of Love - 09-23-2018

Hi there, I'm a new user, I was going to make a hello thread  but I ran into some trouble with registering.  I think the technical issue was on my part, I missed or didn't get the registration email.  20 minutes later I'm trying to PM the mod, Austin (couldn't find an admin) but kept getting a restricted access page.

So, funny thing, the request another activation code is right on that page!  And I kept missing it looking at the dashboard lol.

Just a suggestion, but is it possible to add a request activation code on the dashboard so any new users who mess up like me have an easier time?

RE: Difficulty Registering - Bring4th_Austin - 09-24-2018

Hi and welcome One of Love. Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the trouble. I'll add the request to our list of things to be looked at by webmaster Steve in the (hopefully) near future. We're hoping a few various quality of life changes and minor bug fixes will be implemented soon.

RE: Difficulty Registering - One of Love - 09-24-2018

Thank you for your response, it was just an interesting struggle to even be able to post at first here.  Made me worry if others might have been dissuaded by it!