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Awakening - Lak T'eh - 10-11-2018

I am recently awakened.

I was an "accident" child. My mother was already in menopause when I was born. Since childhood, I felt different, and as an adult, I have always felt like I was still a child. Although I felt this way, I apparently was mature beyond my years, responsible, curious... I always seemed to be aware of others' feelings, a peacemaker, quiet, a listener, and the "compliant child". My parents were able to leave me alone in the house when I was 8 years old. When I would play outside, occasionally... no, often, I would catch a glimpse of a personage, dressed in white, out of the corner of my eye. I had difficulty relating to other children, and was forever being teased and made fun of. When I "got religion" (Mormon, much to the dismay of my parents), I would pray for nothing else but wisdom. I guess I was a pretty strange kid.

I attended college in my home town first, then transferred to BYU, then served a "Mormon" mission to Japan for two years, and when I returned home, I married in the Salt Lake Temple. I had three step children and two biological children. I always felt different. No place ever felt like "home". I couldn't relate to people very well, and life felt like it wasn't my life, that it was someone else's and that I was watching from outside.

When I was 47, in 2002, as I was waking up, I heard a male voice, first while I was still asleep, then as I drifted into consciousness, then after I was fully awake. It seemed audible. It said the same thing three times: " I am going to give you a gift." That's all it said... three times. Shortly thereafter, under synchronistic circumstances, it was discovered that I had an aortic aneurysm which had stretched out my aortic valve in my heart, and was almost emergency surgery. I had to have open heart surgery to replace the valve and ascending aorta. After recovery, I quit my job and went back for a second stint in college (UNL). While I was there, I realized that I was homosexual, something from my adolescence which I had suppressed for so many years. After much soul searching and prayer, I decided that I had to set my wife free to find another husband, one who could give her the kind of life she deserved. She was a good woman, for the most part, and someone who I loved and admired. Later, I met a wonderful, supportive and nurturing man who became my husband. At first, I thought the "gift" was that the aneurysm was found and corrected, then, I thought it was a new career path, then, coming out as "gay" (of course that means I'm not a Mormon anymore, though I feel being Mormon helped prepare me for all of this). All of these things have been steps to the real gift, and synchronicities.

I saw a UFO, which flew over the farm when I was a child, then two glowing orange spheres with a dull, muffled roar on two consecutive nights when I was a teen (told my Dad, and he saw the second one when I did), and then once when I was maybe 16 or 17, I was on the roof of my house at night, lying there admiring the stars, and I saw lights coming over the western horizon, and eventually passing overhead as it traveled east. It was massive, black, and triangular shaped, with a light in the center of the bottom, and one at each rounded corner. There was absolutely NO sound. I could tell that it was massive, because it blacked out the stars as it passed overhead. I felt no fear, just calm, and peace. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, as if it was only a plane passing over. It was far too slow to be a plane. So graceful and elegant and lovely. This was LONG before the public internet, the ability to report UFOs, and LONG before I had ever heard of triangular UFOs. I never told anyone about this until recently.

I saw another in New Hampshire as I was commuting home one evening, just about sunset. It hovered just above the treetops, and looked like a bar of rectangular lights that might have been on some sort of antenna. The lights pulsed in succession, in different colors, and I somehow had the sense that it was one side of a triangle, though it wasn't black, it was a lighter color. I honestly thought it was an antenna, and the next night I stopped the car in the place where I had seen it to see if it was an antenna, because I had never seen an antenna in that spot before, and I thought it was interesting... unique. It was gone.

I saw a UFO just last week, fly over the house, through the constellation of Orion. My husband saw it, too. Again, no fear, just the feeling that this was entirely normal. No blinking lights, just a steady soft white glow, and too large to be a satellite, and no sound.

So anyway, I awoke just about three weeks ago, thanks to David Wilcock's show on Gaia, "Wisdom Teachings". I have to say that over the past 6 months or so, I have had one synchronicity after another lead me to more and more information, preparing me for this, coming so fast I could hardly take it all in. Since I awoke, I have become aware that I am a Wanderer, 6th density being, not of the Ra, and not from this star system, though more information than that, I do not have. As I was thinking about what user name to use on this site, the name, "Lak T'eh" came to me (pronounced lock t'eh with a glottal stop between the t and the e). I'm wondering if that was my 6th density name or perhaps it's the name of my 6th density race... I don't know... yet. I have no idea what my form was, or what my world was like. I seem to remember a brother in 6th density, with whom I was VERY close. I want to know my past, my planet, my family... I want it SO much.

I feel much more at peace, knowing who and what I am. I welcome the wheel of Karma, as I want to burn off all that is holding me back from ascension, and I feel that my purpose is to take in energy from the source field around me (also generating it inside me), transmute it, and send it back out as vibrations of love, kindness, compassion, cooperation, peace and so on. I can feel the vibratory energy flow into me, I feel it flow out of me like a great bubble of light. I can will it, and can only do it for so long before it drains me. It's not much, but perhaps it will help with the transition into 4th density for some of the folks in the area.

I'm 63 as of this writing, 11 October 2018. I'm sad that it took so long to awaken, but so grateful that I finally did. I'm grateful for the privilege of being in the service of the Great Creator and the peoples of this world.

RE: Awakening - Great Central Sun - 10-11-2018

Welcome to the forum. I think I saw a UFO light through my window last night. It just zipped by, but it was out of the corner of my eye.
I couldn't explain it. It was so fast, and silent.

I am homosexual too, but I'm more of a furry.

RE: Awakening - Lak T'eh - 10-11-2018

(10-11-2018, 01:18 PM)IndigoGeminiWolf Wrote:  Welcome to the forum. I think I saw a UFO light through my window last night. It just zipped by, but it was out of the corner of my eye.
I couldn't explain it. It was so fast, and silent.

I am homosexual too, but I'm more of a furry.

Thank you.

RE: Awakening - flofrog - 10-11-2018

Welcome Lak T'eh, I saw twice a UFO, and each time it had what you said, this thing of normalcy and elegance too and kindness. This is such a kind place to discuss things you will see.. much love !!

RE: Awakening - Terpene_Tony396 - 10-11-2018

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing. You wrote, "I have no idea what my form was, or what my world was like. I seem to remember a brother in 6th density, with whom I was VERY close. I want to know my past, my planet, my family... I want it SO much."

I completely understand and relate to how you're feeling. What has been a huge help on my path of seeking (if you're not doing so already) was committing to a regular meditation schedule. I've found that daily meditation has given me more understanding and insight to "who I am" than any book, channeling or dialogue with other-selves could ever bring me. Through meditation, one can begin to "understand" the SELF (as much as one can within third density) beyond knowing, beyond concepts, and Beyond words. :-)

RE: Awakening - Lak T'eh - 10-11-2018

So many kind words. I appreciate all. The terminology is still new, as are concepts, so please be patient with me.