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Most Blissful You Have Ever Felt? - Great Central Sun - 12-28-2018

I remember when looking at a character named Sam, this was the first image I saw of him:

[Image: sam_sitting_under_a_tree_by_oomizuao.jpg]

I forgot about him for awhile, and then in a shamanic journey, my spirit guide appeared to me looking like him. I cried when I touched his ear,
because I felt such love from him.

Then later I fell in love with him. My heart chakra was way open. For 2 weeks I fell in love with him, until I thought it was a dark being tricking me and I shut him out.

Then one day the love opened up to a bliss from my crown chakra. The bliss started expanding, and became almost too much and then it closed off naturally
after about 10 seconds. So I had 10 seconds of pure bliss, because I had fallen in love. That was crown chakra bliss.

I never know why a character that doesn't exist caused me to feel such love.

Before that I had once felt expansive bliss in my heart, from sitting alone on a couch. I don't know what caused that but I felt unworthy of it and I cried.
That also shut off the bliss.

When I feel it expanding, it always feels so strong and gets a little overwhelming, so I end up shutting it out. I can't sustain the bliss.

So what is the most blissful you have ever felt, and what caused it?