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Archetypal Meditations - Nau7ik - 02-21-2019

Hello! I am writing this thread as apart of my personal work of meditating on the 22 archetypes/keys/Atu and Hebrew Letters. There are various ways to study the archetypes. I particularly find Qabalah and Ra to be the most resonant with myself. Each is valuable, but here we’re working with Hermetic Qabalah. The positions and relationships on the Tree of Life help to further “flesh out” the ideas involved.

[Image: Tree-of-Life.jpg]

I did a meditation yesterday on II. The High Priestess, Gimel ג. Path #13 on the Tree of Life. This path crosses the Abyss (the area between the three top sphere and the bottom 7; the concept is the great gulf that separates us from divine awareness) and runs between 1- Kether, the Primal Will, and 6- Tiphareth, the sphere of the Sun; Christ principle; Divine Beauty.

This was the most challenging meditation so far, and I’ve only just begun! (I’ve done before this: 0 א and I ב).

Quote:4 As the substance whence all forms arise,
The vehicle of my divine essence,
Mine inferior nature is to the superior
As is passive to active,
As woman to man,
As Eve to Adam.
Yet to every Light of Emanation

Proceeding from it on the Tree of Life
Doth this same Wisdom stand as Root and Source.
Hence in the Scripture is Wisdom spoken of as a woman,
As when it is said,
“Wisdom hath builded her a house”;
But elsewhere to this same Wisdom
The wise assign the title AB, the Father.
Never is the heavenly Wisdom known as Mother,
For She is the virgin substance of all things,
Whose purity naught can defile.

The Book of Tokens, Paul Foster Case

Compare this quote with the symbolism of the High Priestess.
[Image: 02-high-priestess-meaning-rider-waite-ta...1488834850]

Here, the High Priestess is likened to the Sephiah Chokmah—Wisdom because Chokmah and Gimel share the same numerical value in Gemetria. So this would be the Inferior Nature, Chokmah—Wisdom. While the Superior Nature is the Primal Will, the Crown—Kether. These two natures are the same, the superior nature is unmoved; fixed; like the violet ray chakra. Chokmah is an emenation of that Primal Will in dynamic activity. It is the Word gone forth. Wisdom is spoken of as a women because the relative polarity to Kether. It proceeds from the Primal Source, hence it is in the position to receive. This same Wisdom is known as Father elsewhere as it stands above the other sephiroth, And is a masculine sephiroth in its own right on the pillar of Mercy (right side of three 2, 4, 7).

“For She is the virgin substance of all things,
Whose purity naught can defile.”

Quote:3 Mine inferior nature is the universal substance,
The divine mirror
Wherein I, who dwell at the heart of all things,
Am reflected to myself.

To the uninstructed, therefore,
Who mistake the reflection for that which is reflected,
My secondary nature seemeth to be more interior
Than the Primal Will.
This error may be likened to the illusion which ariseth
When one seeth a room reflected in a glass,
And thinketh he seeth the room itself.
For though what presenteth itself in the mirror of
Wisdom is internal,
The medium of reflection hath its place in the without,
In the realm of secondary and created things.

And finally the half-hidden scroll that the High Priestess holds.

Quote:6 Creation is the record of mine ever-changing manifestation.
All things bear the imprint of the history of the universe.
Nothing of mine activity escapeth this record.
In it do men share, because they, too,
Are parts of the stream of mine inferior nature.
Thus are they partakers in my perfect recollection,
Which is the source of all memories,
And the root of all the wisdom of mankind.

7 All wisdom, therefore,
Is summed up in knowledge of me.
To gain this is the aim of all research,
Of all works, of all devotion.
From knowledge of me cometh the lesser knowledge
Of the things which I have brought forth.
Of no avail is this lesser knowledge
Unless it be founded upon the knowledge
Of my superior and inferior natures.
Hence it is written:
“Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth,
And thy days shall be long.”
To keep me in vivid remembrance is to unite thyself
To the subtle principle of Life Eternal.

The High Priestess sits between the two black and white pillars, the pillars of manifestation; the pillars of Mercy and Severity. She is in perfect equilibrium.
To keep the Lord in remembrance is to unite oneself with Life Eternal, that is, Tiphareth connecting to Kether. “None get to the Father but by Me.” Rising to Life Eternal is the initiation of Tiphareth, the Christ. Therefore, to unite oneself with the Source of Wisdom is to gain the knowledge of the Scroll. This is the mystical path of the High Priestess which seeks Union with God as the ultimate goal.

What’s interesting is that the false Sephirah Da’ath represents Knowledge, which path 13 runs across in the Abyss on the Tree of Life.

Anyway, that’s all I have to share for now. I hope this is helpful to someone. Thank you for listening Smile