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Psychic Hearing/Clairaudience - Great Central Sun - 02-28-2019

Has anyone else had an experience of psychic hearing, or clairaudience?

I have heard my name spoken out loud a number of times when no one is there.

I have heard what sounded like a quiet radio station with human voices that I couldn't quite make out.
That has happened a number of times.

I am working today to start building that so I can talk with my guardian angel and spirit guide, who I can trust.

The pitfalls I see is that I may get the voice of a negative entity talking to me.
But I will be able to tell if the message is negative.

I may also not be able to turn it off. Or that process may be as slow as it was to turn on.

Eventually you find a happy center.

It will solve some problems, but may introduce others. Like a psychic lady told me that God never stops talking.

I look forward to tips or other people's experiences.

RE: Psychic Hearing/Clairaudience - Great Central Sun - 02-28-2019

Here is some psychic hearing I did just now. I wrote down the words as I heard them come to me.
Sometimes I typed ahead of the words being said, so I learned to slow down and hear the words first.

The werewolf. A kind feller. Ropin’ a hootin’ and a holerin’. Ascension guidance. Mississippi young. Don appetite. A hole in one. But two Botswana. Shellfish counterin’. Hey princess Penelope.

I am now connecting to my guardian angel. What does she or he have to say for my highest guidance?
Stillness. Very still. Bequeath it beckons. Calcium deposits. Rugrare. See no majestic. The highlands. It’s forever. Yearn. Young. Fresh. Fetish. Beyonce. Beyond. Asmere. Cashmere. Rolex. Hear this. It comes to you unspeakable. You listen. Very good now. Patience. No hurry. You like this. Simple. A catchphrase. To under do that way with wall.
Guardian angel, when will I be ready to work with the wolf god InuInuPanji?
I will be waiting. For you. It’s a song I wrote. Many years ago. To hide the delay, the frustration it is. Hear me first before you write. It’s not easy. To know. What it is about. What made that. It dedicates itself to yearning. The yesteryear. Another day, a yesterday. Don’t you worry about that simple fact. It is yours. A day to recollect. Patience. He is with another. He will remember you. Not forever. He is. He just is. He warns you. Not about the time you spared. But the time you delivered. It was only 18 years ago. You fought. You cried. You remembered this very day in time.
Yes you will know him. And cry for him. A peaceful loving whine. Get over it you must. You don’t tell me what to do. No, I think I fancy him. Some cottage held high in the mountains. Oh lovely art thou bosom that can hold me. It is without words this fancy. To prepare his lowest moment for a day after today. And tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze him. You are the quiet one. You speak, but only slowly. And only once you’ve made up your mind. To know is to speak of him eternally. You will forgive yourself your downfalls, and you shall take home with him forevermore.
Guardian angel, am I clairaudient and how well am I doing?
You are fine my child. It is proper of us to let you go without forgiving everything in our concept of tomorrow’s divine grace. You identify as a self-reflected person. And rightly so, for that is a concept to endeavor to. It is without staleness, the fortitude of your endeavor. And rightly so, for you perceive more than you can handle, and much less than you are aware of. Tick Tok goes the clock of your mind. You witness the unending majesty of its purpose, driven from starlight into the very realms of which it speaks. This is night. This is a welcome commodity of the spoken tongue. You are very right in that you wish to desire your best intentions.
And we tell you, you never fail to amaze and excite us, every one. It is without saying that we wish only to congratulate you on your journey so far. It is without peril and a preciousness entails that which speaks favorably of you. We grant you well, in so far as you extend this favor to another. You shall shine brighter than your mind can conceive. And we tell you this in aspiration of what may come. Do not close down your senses. And do not wish them away. It will not get out of hand, and you will do well with it.

RE: Psychic Hearing/Clairaudience - Great Central Sun - 02-28-2019

I'm learning that I realize my motives need to be pure.
Why do I want to hear spirits talking?
Is it cause I want validation or comforting?
Or do I want a genuine relationship?

I was wanting to write a book about my experience with the wolf god,
but I'm not sure if that's an honest intent.

Need to check my pride, and make sure I am seeking the right way.
I will still work on this gift. But I will be sure not to squander it.