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Really Cool Mathematical Dream - AnthroHeart - 03-25-2019

I had the coolest dream. It's hard to put into words because these mathematical concepts were characters that were animated.

There were mathematical concepts that did things like gather your trash.
One messed up and it chain reacted until another mathematical concept was left alone and silent.
Then time caught up with him, and the inertia started spinning against him.
If you lose your place, you have a lot of finite mathematical concepts that will come beating down your door metaphorically.

Then when you start seeing smaller and ever smaller mathematical concepts coming into view, it become scary because it's like being
dropped ever closer to an ocean you know has a bottom (the smallest measurement possible). As you approach that ocean, it gets terrifying.
You don't want to look at it. That's what I felt when I kept being shown finite mathematical concepts that built upon one another, but got
ever smaller and smaller until a smallest "ruled line" showed up. My heart was pounding because the geometry of such mathematical concepts
was terrifying. Though small, they were not infinitely small.

When the whole system had broken down, and you thought it was over, new mathematical concepts came into view saying "if you break
down like this, you will most likely get sued." and then on and on to larger and larger, still finite mathematical characters/people that were animated.
I saw how everything was connected but some stuff was so large or so small that nothing else in math could touch it. The interia of the surprisingly large
and surprisingly small has no effect on that which is outside of its frame of reference.

So I saw the infinite connectedness of things, because when somethings broke down it caused a chain reaction, until nothing could be touched and it was
left alone in isolation. But still it was connected. And the penalty for breaking down as a mathematical concept was possibility of being sued. They acted
much like being wound up in a clock.

This is the closest I've seen to Infinity, but it is still finity. And it was really wicked cool. I wish I could share the dream with others so they could see what I saw
and feel what I felt. The smallest concepts were scary. The largest concepts were awe-inspiring, like wow. And a very large finite concept could still be represented
by an average cartoon person. I saw like a hotel full of windows where each had a person in it who represented the finite set.

RE: Really Cool Mathematical Dream - Foha - 03-25-2019