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Can YOU get messages in meditation? - AnthroHeart - 04-01-2019

Can anyone here go into meditation and almost immediately get wisdom from their guide or higher self or wherever it comes from?

It takes me a bit to get into the state, but I usually get a message like:

Don't strive so hard.
Answers will come.
Be patient.
You are evolving.
You are a spiritual master, but just have to remember who you are.

And especially:

You are giving your power away to anthros. They can be negative too. As you rise up you will find your true self, that you already are one (with them).

What kinds of messages do others here get in meditation?

RE: Can YOU get messages in meditation? - Nau7ik - 04-02-2019

I don’t get words or messages, but feelings and insights. For this to happen, I believe we need to “open ourselves” to receive. I personally pose the question in mind or even aloud and then I clear my mind and focus on silence. New perspectives and insights filter up to my concious mind. This is rather new as I’ve started doing contemplative meditations this year.

I’m trying to use this method with my study of the archetypal mind. I’m discovering that the archetypes of Body are the most puzzling to me. Slowly, a clarity of perspective becomes apparent where there was confusion before.

Inspiration, insight, and intuition seems to be how my mind works in this area and how I communicate with the non-physical realms.