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The nature of Infinite Intelligence - Plenum - 04-26-2019

just sharing another personal perspective here (taken from a whatsapp conversation, where I offered some thoughts).

First of all: what is Infinite Intelligence?

Well, it's the same thing as INTELLIGENT INFINITY, which Ra uses much more often.  But if you switch the order of those two words Intelligent Infinity --> Infinite Intelligence, then Ra also uses this second expression.

But much less often.  It has about 11 mentions (if you do an exact phrase match), compared to 109.

This is just one example --

Quote:82.4 Questioner: Thank you. I would like to consider the condition at a time or position you might say, if time is a bad word, just prior to the beginning of this octave of experience. I am assuming that, just prior to the beginning of this octave, intelligent infinity had created and already experienced one or more previous octaves. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. You assume correctly. However, the phrase would more informatively read, infinite intelligence had experienced previous octaves.

/ /

Anyway - I just wanted to share an Answer that I gave via whatsapp.


[Image: 8ZUqUdcl.jpg]

the word 'incompressible' SHOULD BE 'incomprehensible'.



RE: The nature of Infinite Intelligence - Nau7ik - 04-26-2019

You really are amazing Plenum! I agree. You explain things so clearly Smile

On the reverse of opening the gateway to intelligent Infinity, if one has not done the necessary and critical inner work, he may invite to himself grave imbalance. I had just read about the higher spiritual faculties and this has bearing:

Quote:If however the Nephesh [lower self; orange ray] of an individual is not correctly oriented, it’s influence upon the Ruach [rational intellect; ego] and its reflection of the Neshamah [higher self] will alike be impaired, thus interfering with the development of the psyche at every stage.

And I know that Ra stresses the importance of clearing the lower triad.