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A scary giant doing the boogie? - Foha - 05-24-2019

I am so incredibly exhausted and under so much pressure from work this last two weeks, that I've decided to simply make music for myself.

This was another attempt of mine at using creativity as catharsis and self-exploration.

I had a very mixed inspiration for this track. I guess I enjoyed thinking about a scary giant that we should be afraid of... only to watch it start boogieing.

RE: A scary giant doing the boogie? - Dekalb_Blues - 06-01-2019

[Image: 8fc108ccf0b1c9c4bab9e86cfce1ef31--robert...ichard.jpg] Nice tunez, Foha!

Speaking of [*shudder*] hard work, excuse me whilst I rant a bit and wander down Memory Lane:

[Image: tumblr_mkr6eleomu1qiyurho1_r2_500.jpeg]***-work/

[Image: 33030603.gif] Note giant hand --- ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!  ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

19 May 2019: Exeunt a tall building (the HQ of a now-vanished transnational) in which I once worked, thirty-five and more years ago:

Another very tall building -- now-vanished -- in which I once worked (until May, 2001):

[Image: wtc-44_1_small.jpg]

Vayadhammā saṅkhārā. Appamādena sampādetha.
--- Gautama Buddha's last words, circa 400 B.C.

[Rough translation: All compounded things, all experiences (mental and physical), all phenomena by their very 
nature decay and die, and are disappointing: it is through being not-blind-drunk-on/obsessed-by/infatuated-with 
the objects of the senses that you succeed in awakening, obtaining liberation.]

[Image: horus-ph2.jpg]

RE: A scary giant doing the boogie? - ada - 06-02-2019

(06-01-2019, 10:42 PM)Dekalb_Blues Wrote: ... in which I once worked (until May, 2001):

Oh my god..

RE: A scary giant doing the boogie? - Dekalb_Blues - 09-12-2019

(06-02-2019, 01:41 AM)ada Wrote:
(06-01-2019, 10:42 PM)Dekalb_Blues Wrote: ... in which I once worked (until May, 2001):

Oh my god..

Indeed. God-tier epic, as far as false-flagwaving black psyops go.
The most notable thing about my permanently exiting the building in question at that time, ca. May 2001, 
was that it was then that I had a very clear forewarning of what was to go down, near-future.

Others, of course, evinced earlier foreknowledge; see, e.g.,

[Image: EyeOfHorusMeaning.jpg?w=450&ssl=1]

"To learn to see ― to accustom the eye to calmness, to patience, and to allow things to come up to it; to defer judgment, and to acquire the habit of approaching and grasping an individual case from all sides. This is the first preparatory schooling of intellectuality. One must not respond immediately to a stimulus; one must acquire a command of the obstructing and isolating instincts."
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols (1889)

"Knowing it and seeing it are two different things."
― Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay (2010)

"One of the marvels of the world
is the sight of a soul sitting in prison
with the key in its hand....
If a prisoner had not lived outside,
he would not detest the dungeon.
Desiring knows there is a satisfaction
beyond this. Straying maps the path.
A secret freedom opens
through a crevice you can barely see."
― Jalaluddin Rumi, from a poem (13th century)