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Greetings! - ClarksBooks - 11-18-2019

Hello everyone out there and anyone stopping in to hear my story. I must warn you, its rather dull compared to some of the stories on here. Some are amazing but this one will probably be much more methodical and...typical of an "awakening". Thats a point all in itself as it seems many have attached "awakening" to some crazy idea of like head explosion, literally seeing lights and fractals and sacred geometry and changing colors, etc, etc. Maybe for some this type of "awakening" does occur, not knocking at all, in fact I'm jealous. Here's my story:

Let's see, its November 2019 as I type this post out. I stumbled upon the "Ra Materials" only within the past...5 months. Before stumbling upon this I had not even the slightest clue that Ra existed, that Don and Jim and Carla existed, that channeling existed or any of that. Vibrations and density and all that Ra jargon was allll new to me.

My experience with it of course began like many, with a very passionate and constantly growing interest in UFO's/UAP's and the idea of super advanced civilizations out there in the stars. Always been a scifi nerd. In fact I sell scifi books on Instagram if anyones interested @clarksbookemporium, but it's always been just that, scifi. Its fantasy. Its not real. So there's the underlying foundation of my "awakening". Constantly studying the UFO phenomena and seeing where it leads.

The next step in the "awakening" process was learning about concepts like CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) which is human initiated contact through meditation and unity consciousness and love etc, etc. My first taste of this was through Dr. Steven Greer. Ate his videos, documentaries and material up like candy. This idea that you could interact with ET's through consciousness and meditation was just SO intriguing to me...I just couldn't believe it. Then I started watching some of the videos Greer does when he takes groups out on trips (Yes, I am aware of many peoples disinterest in Greer and the monetary gain and such from doing this). I was seeing these ET's they were recording while conducting CE-5 protocols flying around the night or sometimes sky above them, sometimes just materializing, and pulsing light and colors. I was astonished. For some reason there was just an absolute truth in its validity to me. I didn't doubt it for a second. I just kept eating it all up.

August 2019 rolls around and at this point I'm pretty infatuated with the CE-5 protocols and experience. I joined plenty of groups now on Facebook including a phenomenal page run by Kostas Makreas and Debz Buller and many other kindred souls. At this point I'm also beginning to learn about meditation and I'm actually trying now for the first serious time really in my life. Before I didn't really give it much credence, just thought thats really something that Holy Ones and the religious do. Im beginning to really enjoy meditation and the clear feelings of calm and love through it. I consciously began keeping my eyes to the sky around this time as well. And then I finally had my first sighting. I was out late one night with my wife on my back deck. She was aware of my recent obsession with all this stuff and...permitted it. But I was consciously trying to cast my love out basically into the sky, into the cosmos. A few times prior to this I had been meditating outside at night just like that and felt some very intense physical feelings, like rushes of...emotion or something. Then that night standing there with my wife skywatching I spot a bright light, very white and bright behind the treeline at a distance. Im talking a very good distance, like in the sky with the planes way up there distance. To the point this could have been overlooked as a very bright star. This light ball then comes out from the tree line into the open sky. Kind of moves along and then pauses...and then moves along...and pauses. At this point myself and my wife are in shock. The light ball continues this for a minute or two and then just literally fades out in the open sky. Blew me away. As soon as I realized what it was I began thanking it for its presence and sent it my love and appreciation whether it picked up on it or not.

So I see my first UFO, my wife as well, and life goes on, but never in the same way for me haha! I believe around this time I also stumbled upon the Ra Materials and let me just say, I've never had something resonate with me so deeply as this. I keep trying to tell myself its absolute bafoonery and a hoax but I just keep coming back to feelings of being grounded in it. Ra...blows me away, ha! The fact that he exists and what is talked about in the Ra Materials also...absolutely blows me away and I still can't quite wrap my 3D mind around much of Ra and his teachings. At one point, I dunno probably halfway through having read all the lessons I said to myself, "I should probably stop this and find something real and productive to do". I had so much self doubt in any of this, but the thing is I couldn't stop! And then one day I opened up a new journal, I was planning on taking some notes while reading the Ra Materials. I couldn't find a notebook so I went to look for one, saying to myself the whole time, "Why am I still doing this?". Then I opened the journal to a completely random blank page and there, written on the edge were the words, "Keep Going". It resembled my handwriting in a way but I KNOW I didn't write that on there. Why would I randomly write that phrase in a random notebook. So I was kind of floored by that and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Soon after this I began seeing all sorts of synchronicities everywhere. Always subtle in a way, and sometimes could be connected like a connect-the-dot game. Really strange stuff. I found some Instagram accounts that were very much polarized towards the service to others path in line with the Law of One and began loading up on all this good stuff everyday, slowly allowing myself to open up more and more to experience. Another weird one is I began seeing a hawk flying over the sky, sometimes directly over me, but always near me like waaaay too much haha. I was seeing a hawk all the time and no I was not looking for one. This one hawk or a bunch just kept choosing to fly over my head BigSmile . But then today I finally finished reading the Ra Materials for the first time and hearing about the hawk story with Don was kinda...weird to me. Could be nothing but felt like a strange synchronicity, like I'm meant to be doing whatever I'm doing, or Im on the right path. Same things with these numbers like 11:11. Just stuff I would have thought was absolute malarkey not too long ago and not it all seems like it's coming together and forming this truly beautiful picture of our true reality.

Anyway, I just realized how much I typed here so thanks for reading this far and sharing in this experience with me. Im gonna stop now and continue to see where positive polarity takes me daily. Happy to have a community of people who are "awakening" themselves. Its a wonderful thing. Excited to see where this all takes me. I've recently come upon other channelings like Bashar and Kryon along with a big group associated with Ra, via Carla. I'm SO excited to see what more there is to learn. If anyone has anything to share, feel free. Anyone familiar with other channelings and if so would you recommend any certain ones? I guess thats really it. Seeking. The key is just a desire to seek out the truth.

Love and Light,


RE: Greetings! - ada - 11-18-2019

Hey there Clark, and a warmly welcome. Heart

Thank you for sharing, much of your story resonated with me.

I've also seen the CE-5 video, the particular one on the hill with the bright orange lights. Such a wonderful experience.

Oh and I believe Bashar was the first channeling I discovered before finding the Ra material. They were explaining how one should follow their dreams or desires by simply looking at what is available to them that is doable and walking the road like that. Funny that that's how I eventually discovered The Law of One. And this community.  Smile

RE: Greetings! - hounsic - 11-18-2019

Thanks for sharing and welcome.

RE: Greetings! - ClarksBooks - 11-18-2019

(11-18-2019, 10:35 AM)hounsic Wrote: Thanks for sharing and welcome.

Thank you friend!

RE: Greetings! - ClarksBooks - 11-18-2019

(11-18-2019, 03:04 AM)ada Wrote: Hey there Clark, and a warmly welcome. Heart

Thank you for sharing, much of your story resonated with me.

I've also seen the CE-5 video, the particular one on the hill with the bright orange lights. Such a wonderful experience.

Oh and I believe Bashar was the first channeling I discovered before finding the Ra material. They were explaining how one should follow their dreams or desires by simply looking at what is available to them that is doable and walking the road like that. Funny that that's how I eventually discovered The Law of One. And this community.  Smile

Thanks for the response! Thats the CE5 video that comes to mind at well. The two "Golden Ones", I believe is what Greer called them. Funny thing is now that I've read the Ra Materials, I am much less concerned with seeing UFO phenomena and more concerned with working on myself now so that I can portray Love and Light.

Bashar is...very interesting to me. Seems to me that Ra is a bit higher up In the densities but Bashar is a more humorous. I love it, we Humans have been receiving all sorts of outside assistance and finally I'm seeing it.


RE: Greetings! - David_1 - 11-18-2019

Thanks for sharing, Clark.
Try to care about others.
Keep seeking.  You will find.
Best wishes to you and your wife.
Never expect life to be easy.  Always expect life to be worth it.

RE: Greetings! - Diana - 11-18-2019

I loved your story.

I get the skepticism, as I am more intellectual myself (which is probably one reason why I resonated with the Ra material). But my take on it is that it doesn't matter what's real or not real. Because the bottom line is how something affects you, informs you.

I don't know anything about what Greer is doing these days (but it sounds interesting), but when he first started putting himself out there in the 90s I think, he was very credible. He didn't strike me as someone just out for money, as some do. But I also don't see anything wrong with making money. We are here in 3D and that's the way things are at this point.

Anyway, welcome. Smile

RE: Greetings! - gramboginn - 12-09-2019

Thanks Clark. Your story didn't seem plain at all. I dig it fully.

RE: Greetings! - BridgesToLight - 12-10-2019

Hi Clark, thank you for sharing!

There are so many great teachers, channelers, etc popping up all over. Take what resonates the Creator to you, leave the rest. I have become fond of listening to Abraham Hicks (actually Esther Hicks channeling the societal memory complex of "Abraham").

At the very beginning of my acceptance of awakening, I would tell myself, some days all damn day, "once is a happening/event, twice is a coincidence, 12 is the truth!"

Apparently, I was quite resistant in the beginning, my guides would have to show me over and over and over and over and I would still doubt and question.

Last year, trying to shrug out of the remaining fibers of my lifelong depression, I started a journal and split it in half (front to back, back to front), on the last page I started a list and titled it: Wild and Wacky Things To Consider. I went back and listed every spirit interaction, coincidence, averted tragedy, ghost, answered prayer, life-saving moment over my life, then I started adding all the new "coincidences," synchronicities and intentional manifestations in their ever-increasing numbers. Wowza, it still kinda amazes me my mind's ability to doubt the things I experience first hand. We are such strange creatures, so full of fear of anything we cannot touch and analyze.

On the front page I started a list and titled it: Things I've Done Right. This list took the longest as I had become so used to beating on myself I buried most of my accomplishments, guess that makes it that much easier to hate on yourself!

Anyway, just a thought, doubt was one of my biggest blocks to beginning to open my heart more fully, I doubted myself, others, God, my experiences, it mattered not, I doubted. Going from Scientific Atheist to a seeker and self-identified Wanderer is mind-blowing. Painful, scary, joyful, what a ride!

Took a year to overcome the pathological doubt after recognizing it, but it is nearly gone now. My channeling has become clear, I have been introduced to new Guides and as soon as this divorce is over and I have a home of my own life is going to be pretty darned awesome no matter what else is going on in the world.

Welcome Clark, and good luck and so much love to you on your path!