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STS, STO, and the blending of the service patterns - Asolsutsesvyl - 12-09-2019

I don't know how much sense this will make, but I'll present a simple synthesis on STS, STO, strength of polarity, and the "blending of the patterns" in less pure expressions.

The image used in the visual metaphor actually comes from a Cassiopaean session, but the meaning attached was derived from Ra's presentation - except the early Cassiopaean concept of the "blending of the service patterns".

Picture a circle. The lowest point is the "sinkhole of indifference", while the highest point is where the two paths meet in mid-6D. The further up from the bottom, the greater the commitment to a path. A dotted line down the middle separates the left, negative half of the circle from the right, positive half.

Moving up the circle - for either half or path - an area of choice first widens, becoming the largest in middle of the circle, then narrowing down until the paths merge at the top.

The choice concerns how the polarity is expressed. The purest expressions follow the outer left or right edge of the circle, at whatever height. Expressions become more mixed as they move from the edge, toward the dotted line down the middle.

Mixed expressions, or the "blending of the service patterns", are rooted in a polarity, but through wisdom, extend in style and focus towards the center.

Positively-rooted mixed expressions can be e.g. defensive maneuvers in combat below 5D, or the use of power over others for a purpose in which larger-scope positive ends are served.

Negatively-rooted mixed expressions can be e.g. the furthering of a side in a conflict in order to crush another side, or the giving of help or resources with the larger aim of establishing control over the "helped".

Due to the insular nature of a more purely negative focus, negative influence most often arrives in the form of mixed expressions. The most sophisticated metaphysical deceptions also have the appearance of giving, and may even involve providing much, with the aim of ultimately trapping enough beings to make it "pay off".

Regardless of the fundamental polarity, mixed expressions at high levels require firmness of purpose; the ultimate or innermost intention is not mixed, but needs to be very clear.

A main example in the Ra material of 4D STO mixed expressions is the story of Abraham Lincoln and the 4D STO walk-in who took over the task of seeing through the war effort. The purpose was symbolic and metaphysical, and had to do with the significance of freedom vs. slavery. The mentality of the 4D being was detached, regarding the ultimate outcome of its efforts, and very different from the mindset of a righteous crusader.

Concerning the tricky ethics of power over others in relation to STO, such questions always enter when positive higher-density beings influence lower-density beings. All intervention in worlds such as this, when going beyond a more pure and simple radiance of something positive, enter the domain of the mixed expressions. This is also true when metaphysical information is provided, and in that area, it seems as if 6D STO is by far the best-equipped to navigate the ethical terrain without corrupt results; 5D STO and 4D STO tend to be more cautious.