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Episode #86 - Bring4th_Austin - 02-05-2020

Episode #86

In this episode, we discuss:
- Conspiracy theory.
* Featuring special guest Joseph Dartez!

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RE: Episode #86 - flofrog - 02-05-2020

Thank you so much for this episode ! So interesting... I know that in the past, years back, I tried a few times to read some conspiracy theories and practically all the time I had the same body reaction : after a few minutes, a total exhaustion, as if I had run ten miles and felt desperately drained. After a few tries and the same exact reaction, I felt yes that's not for me.. lol
Very interesting podcast, thank you again Smile

RE: Episode #86 - flofrog - 02-06-2020

Adding to this subject, I have a feeling that, as we probably all do, we know that most countries, if not all countries, shield facts from their people. Most evidently we, as the united states, do, but as well as other countries do too, and all this based on fear whether or not guided by pure desire to hurt other countries.

So it's gonna take time for all countries to abandon fear, and become transparent, so in fact vulnerable, about states secrets, unless there was a decree like," all right people, everyone, all of us, become transparent as off NOW." lol

So for sure, states protect secrecy and in some cases that secrecy is put to very negative use, but perhaps not all cases, come on, a little faith here, lol

That is why, when there's real spiritual progress, we have no fear to become vulnerable, we know there's no possibility of real hurt, there's only unconditional love in the end Wink

RE: Episode #86 - Major3rd - 02-11-2020

Great to see that the podcast is up and running. This was a very interesting episode that I could really relate to, thank you.

In my case I guess I needed something that really shook me, that turned my world upside down, to be able to progress on my spiritual path. Learning about different conspiracies really served that purpose for me, it was a great catalyst that I'm very thankful for today. I don't think that we should leave everything to the hands of journalists, we have to go our own way, to learn the hard way how to discern what rings true for us. In my opinion there are conspiracy theories that have great substance to them although we cannot prove who is behind this and that. 9/11 is a very profound one for me. There is also so much misinformation and disinformation, that calls for a conspiracy theory of its own Smile

Without learning about these things I would not have found the Law of One in the first place. I needed to see into the darkness to be able to search deeper for answers and for the light. After this period of my life I moved on from conspiracy theories because of many different reasons. You touched on most of it on the show. After a while it had served its purpose, I started to see that it didn't help me, neither the world around me. I continued to focus on spirituality and other things.
It is a bit sad that a lot of the information in the conspiracy theory community is so fear based and that these communities seem to almost trap people in that mindset. It is really a mindset of hopelessness and powerlessness.
Glad that forums like this one exist to help people sort through all these things.

RE: Episode #86 - flofrog - 02-11-2020

So agree, Major3rd.... Wink

RE: Episode #86 - Bring4th_Austin - 02-12-2020

Thanks flofrog and Major3rd!

(02-11-2020, 04:43 PM)Major3rd Wrote: I don't think that we should leave everything to the hands of journalists, we have to go our own way, to learn the hard way how to discern what rings true for us.

I agree. I was thinking after the fact about this point that Joseph brought up about investigative journalists having a self-regulating community. I agree with his point that discovering hard truth in such a confusing society as ours requires a sort of intellectual rigor and fact-checking capability that few people outside of trained researchers and journalists have. But at the same time, the journalism (and academic) community has demonstrated problematic behaviors throughout history that keep truth from being revealed. One example is a general lack of open-mindedness to weirder ideas like UFOs, paranormal phenomena, etc. Leslie Kean is a (formerly respected) investigative journalist who has dedicated a lot of time to reporting legitimate information on UFOs with a lot of journalistic rigor, but still catches a ton of flack. She's one of many examples of not just journalists, but academics who sacrifice their good standing inside the community in order to report truthfully on controversial topics. The communities have not yet "self-regulated." But I do agree with Joseph that the self-regulation does exist, just that it has cultural limits.