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The mirror - katherine hamilton - 02-09-2020

Heart I spend a lot of time writing poems, and createfull words so this part is great for me to share on the forum, hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

Tell me child what do you see when
you look into the mirror.
A puzzled look and a second to answer
The reflection is me?
No No my child there's so much
more don't you see?
You are a beautiful being who holds
so much potential in the world
You're face brings pure wisdom and peace
To show the way for the next
Coming generation, why don't you see
The smallest of things, when someone
is down, your smile will pick them back up
You will give them hope for tomorrow
The greatest measurements in life
area made by the heart not the head
Not all will listen, but to understand
is to learn each lesson in life one by one
Only then will one have a open heart and
Spread joy and abundance
to those around them how ever big or small
Have faith as I do in you
and most important of all, is to
look into the mirror more often

Looking into the mirror you may find hard, but you have the courage and I believe in you always

Sacred heart flame - katherine hamilton - 02-13-2020

I am the sacred heart flame
Transcendent and pure
close your eyes
How do you feel
Rhythmless, formless
Cultivating with oneness
Leading you back towards home
In motionless wonder
Swirling lights purest intension
into spectacular awe
I will take the suffering
physical, emotional based fears
Far away from you
For I am the sacred heart flame
Both human divine and pure
Consumed love, wisdom power
for all humanity embrace
Devotion to divine
Service to life
For I am the presence
the link to divinity
the essence of me
Lies in each of your hearts

Beating heart - katherine hamilton - 02-14-2020

Heart thank you to those who have started to read some of my writings. I have written so much in the past couple of years, but this is great being able to express and share. Before I start with todays post just to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL Heart I' am a bit of a romantic at heart, a good day to express our love.

Beating heart, I feel you
I understand now
the presence of your love
Beating forever eternally
in the kingdom of heaven
I feel you
All emptiness is filled with
To see the world for what it is
In the eye of divine grace
In my beating heart
I feel no separation
Like a compass you send me
A clear direction to walk upon
I feel no fear
The warmth I feel tells me
I'am alive
All language is lost
Only fulfilment, echoing deeply
A open love window
That reaches as far as the eye
can see and beyond
to captivate all other hearts
All in rhythm
All as one

Crossing paths - katherine hamilton - 02-19-2020

As I sit to watch
the rolling waves
on a clear starry night
a vision came over me
We danced our song
As we stole away
to the cliffs upon the shore
we felt the wind move
through our gazing whispers eye
you told me
Its not your time
I will have to go
for this world is not mine
And in sadness I wondered why
Till you spread your wings
so lovingly around me
And without words I knew
Like a cross road in time
our paths were to meet
you saved me
As you sang, you spread your wings
and flew
As the sea, called you back home
unto you Angel

RE: Individual thoughts - katherine hamilton - 02-25-2020

I am a bit of an early riser, so usually my inspiration comes early after maybe a short meditation, I feel so alive when it comes in that I love this way of expressing the creator in me.

All the colours of inspiration
collide together in harmony
Oh how excitement
fills the void of emptiness
To create in multitudes of space
versions of self
In expressions of individuality
Floating timeless fun
A being of all natures
All as one
Oh how the many colourful aspirations
Inside the childless mind
Make all the colours of the rainbow
for one to see
Perpetual explosions of individuality
Riding on a ocean wave of life
to be displayed in a library
Of remembrance
Waiting on the plane of ones existence
For all's eternity

RE: Cast away - katherine hamilton - 03-01-2020

Just as the seasons change
we must allow the
free flowing of life
to grow, to change, in
all the right places that
we thought, it never could
So when you stand with
tears in your eyes and don't
know which path to choose
I will stand side, by side with you
because I walked there to
Along the darkest of hrs
iv also cried Heart lonesome tears
But in the silence
a voice of contentment
spoke to me
Let it speak to you
There is a chance for a new beginning
to cast away the shadows that
no longer work for you, a new language
of love to be given
Breath in, breath out
One step at a time
Till one day you see the butterfly
emerge in all its beauty
forgetting all its struggles
to be free

RE: Fragmented Images - katherine hamilton - 03-01-2020

When writing sometimes when I have a lot going on it can put a barrier up and nothing comes through, but iv learnt to trust in that part of the illusion and not to think to much in my head. That's probably why first thing In the morning works for me. A cleaner slate shall we say for the higher self to come through


In a broken Mirror
Of jagged emotions
Trying to force the puzzle
to fit, adds only
to more confusion
But in every shadow there
Lies an visible light
The omnipresence in all
Its essence, to give strength
To drag me from sadness
Your presence sends healing
all around, the less I begin
to hurt, allowing new
seeds to grow
I stand stronger now
then ever before

RE: Salamander - katherine hamilton - 03-06-2020

There was something quite captivating when I wrote this, I could feel the magic and took my self into that reality. But the words express a meaningful meaning. Enjoy

He sat by a open flame of
seven fold heat
To watch with a wondering eye
As the bold flames of amber and red
Mesmerise the curiosity within
He calls out to the eternal fire
the solar truth, of power
to fuel his passions of desire
Light and fire orbs emerge
the salamander appears
dancing with joy
to remined the seeker that
eternal strength, the
universal light within, transforms
the true alchemist
For you are free, to honour yourself
be the change in the world
express with confidence
and lack of fear
A dynamic change to fully
evolve, this is your purpose
And your fire will surly never die out
Only purify strongly within

RE: My Prayer - katherine hamilton - 04-01-2020

Sending love to you all Heart

When the darkest of shadows
Fall upon me
And my path seems so chaotic
And over grown
And they are those
who do not get me
who fail to see

For a period I did not believe
for I could not see
Though you came to me in the night
with my endless prayer to change
that sank deep into my heart
you showed me your love
As I watched the light shine
brightly from the stars

Cast your troubles aside my child
cast your soul upon me
when the dark night seems endless
beloved shine upon me

with your presence we share
this humble path together
by the deep well of desire
you gave me wings
so that I can travel
into your universe

So let the breath of life
lift this veil
of relentless fears
to reach out with
peace, hope and desire
for all on your earthly realm