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Valley of the dawn group in Brazil - Jeremy - 04-30-2020

Just read an interesting article about them on yahoo. I've never personally heard of them but their story is very interesting. Anyone familiar with them?

RE: Valley of the dawn group in Brazil - Navaratna - 04-30-2020

Never heard of them but in Brazil there are countless offshoots of people like this.

Ashrams and temples are two different things, and their domains look to me more like temples. For that reason it makes me think they're making their practices way too externalized. Some stuff on youtube about crystals seems kind of interesting but then again New York has the biggest garnet mines on Earth and the official state gem is garnet. [business stone-think how that relates to wall street] But I've never heard anyone speak of the spirituality of the Adirondack mountains.

Ashrams are places people live in to practice divination [in this context meaning illumination] and people make their environments very comfortable to to help manifest their psyche. Temples are in my view places people make to impress audiences. Followers.

This kind of reminds me of Bahai's. Great and all, but probably not so great once you take a closer look. Build a big temple and talk about global peace and...ok.

I'd visit if I was in the area, but when it comes to thinking like temples there is only one on Earth I'd really think would be worth visiting.

It's the largest temple in the world by volume and filled the role of inaugarating mesoamerican royalty, of many of the different tribes in the region. These days it's largely forgotten and has a church built on top of it to stamp out the power the natives attributed to it.

there's more pages on this place is very unique

RE: Valley of the dawn group in Brazil - Infinite - 05-02-2020

I'm from Brazil and I had never heard of this group. There are many spiritualist, spiritist groups, etc. here in my country.