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Liver cleansing/cooling/healing with ancient Hindu/Sahaja yoga guidelines - Navaratna - 05-07-2020

The liver is considered an especially important organ in Sahaja Yoga, the most effective pathway toward achieving a vibratory complex mentioned in Ra material. Sahaj samadhi means this exact thing but in Hindu terms. Particularly the Sikh context of web pages about this topic will help someone understand this idea. which is identical to what Ra describes as a balanced vibratory complex and felt experience of universal all pervading love [Param Chaitanya]

The liver DIET and putting cold packs on the liver are all said to enhance it's functioning..of purifying the body and metabolizing nutrients, greatly enhancing the energy that can flow through an individual during meditation.

Foods you should eat for liver benefits:
Fruits, vegetables, **ginger**, kokum fruit [Indian mangosteen], occasionally white chicken is acceptable. Radishes. Ghee.
Olives and salt are spoken of for their effects for maintaining oral hygiene. If you eat sugar occasionally, cane is considered better than beet. Kokum fruit is prepared in to a tea to benefit the liver. Small amounts of yogurt can help cool it and is recommended for this reason, but I imagine they weren't describing Greek yogurt considering the diet frowns upon cream/ice cream.

Foods/drinks to avoid:
Alcohol everyone knows is miserable for the liver and even small amounts are horrible for the risk of diabetes. Processed foods. White breads, particularly fried foods, creamy foods, red meat is a big no [steak, animals larger than humans are more difficult to break down is part of the reasoning[, fish, coffee, tobacco, cheeses. /It's not on the list but I imagine soda should belong here. It's junk/

These foods are difficult to break down, which is why eating a combination such as ice cream/milkshake with too many fries is a way to render yourself lazy, unhealthy and practically knocked out. Your liver is being too stressed and heated, interrupting your vitality.

Ice pack therapy,

and saltwater [ocean or culinary salt] used for foot-soaking to cleanse negative energies. Some even detail using salt water on the crown of the head to mend the 6/7th chakra.

Out of these methods I think the candle flames in this video are the most effective way to remove blockages and have the quickest results just be careful to not burn your hair lulz

I flap my feathered wings as a Dragon of Samadhi, yodelo yodelee hoo