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Episode #89 - Bring4th_Austin - 05-22-2020

Episode #89

In this episode, we discuss:
- Know yourself; accept yourself; become the Creator.
* Featuring special guest Tiffani!

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RE: Episode #89 - Sacred Fool - 06-17-2020

This was the first of these L/L podcast thingies I've listened to in quite some time.  It had a good, strong narrative which I find far more enjoyable than a mere talking head format, and it covered an essential topic.  I have to say that I was in one way disappointed with the first two thirds of the recording, but that this was made up for in the concluding portion.

Specifically, participants all regarded "first, know yourself" largely as the process of becoming aware of self as more than being just a body, and secondarily as being about peeling back the layers of unconscious self.  Personally, I would have preferred more discussion of the inner self-discovery process, but, of course, one can only offer a reflection of reality as one has experienced it.

The strongest part of the narrative, I thought, was the clear presentation of spiritual transformation whereby the guest was driven to appreciate a clear distinction between the biographical self and greater elements of Spirit.  I thought that was well presented.

The final portion having to do with becoming the Creator was firm and, shall we say, plangent; although I would have preferred some discussion of the experience within the heart of melting into that consciousness of Love.  Perhaps something along those lines will be included in a follow up exposition some years hence?

RE: Episode #89 - Diana - 06-17-2020

Austin, I am asking again……Smile

Could you please include an idea of who the guest is beyond just a name? Who is Tiffini? Who was Red? What particular perspectives do they have?

RE: Episode #89 - flofrog - 06-20-2020

Thank you so much. I loved the way faith was presented at the end. I have a feeling that being the Creator really has to do with that gentle transparency of humility indeed. Thank you all.

RE: Episode #89 - 11celia11 - 07-04-2020

As someone engaging in addiction recovery at this time, this episode moved me immensely. Smile