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Hello and Question. - congchualon - 06-01-2020

You come home after a long day at work. You are tired, maybe a little stressed. Relaxing would be nice option or even better yet, how about a massage? Unfortunately, my house did not come with masseuse service. However, there is another option: A shiatsu massage chair. There is no appointment necessary, all you have to do is sit down, get comfortable, lean back, put the footrest up and push the start button. Ah, that feels great!

RE: Hello and Question. - Strannik - 06-01-2020

Hi congchualon! Smile
On this forum topics with discussion are rarity, often the person who opened the topic disappears.

RE: Hello and Question. - AnthroHeart - 06-01-2020

Ra is a hard one to channel. I prefer asking Metatron as he knows everything.

RE: Hello and Question. - AnthroHeart - 06-01-2020

(06-01-2020, 06:12 AM)Navaratna Wrote: If you have a question about manifesting something we can offer you advice. One of the channelers Jim said that Ra could only be contacted with a group of 3 people doing a specific sort of ritual in a circle of some sort. There needed to be a questioner, a person for Ra to speak through, and a scribe. I am very questioning of anyone claiming to channel Ra. There is also an inherent danger in channeling entities. Both Jane Roberts who channeled the Seth entity and Carla of Law of One developed health issues as a result of having their energy overwhelmed or zapped through being in excessive states of disembodiment. It is the equivalent of overcharging an electronic device.

RE: Hello and Question. - flofrog - 06-01-2020

Hello congchualon,

welcome here Smile
If you check threads, notably in that spiritual development section you posted, there are many many personal questions and quite often very interesting as it relates to what we all at some point go through..

As Strannik says, often the person after a point disappears from the discussion, but it's always interesting still !!

safe journey !!

RE: Hello and Question. - Dtris - 06-01-2020

(06-01-2020, 02:59 AM)congchualon Wrote: Hi one, im new so i want to say hello  Shy

And could I confirm not a lot of members have posted questions of a personal nature as the Ra contact prefers information that is beneficial to all?
What if the answer to the question is important to you?

Welcome. There are some personal questions. The great thing about the Law of One is that while it is general information, it is applicable to everyone. Feel free to ask away. If you feel an answer is important you will certainly get a response. Just be ready because it might not be the answer you were looking for.