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A journey to Time-Space - Wanderer Seven - 06-11-2020

This is from my personal journal. It happened before I discovered the Ra material.

...Meanwhile, something was going very wrong at our Los Altos apartment. My wife and I were having escalating trouble sleeping and I was having strange instability with my blood pressure; it would be too low, then too high. I had never experienced blood pressure swings like this before. At this same time our fresh water aquarium, which had been running very smoothly for months with normal maintenance, very abruptly went completely out of balance. I knew intuitively this abrupt change was a signal of a new problem in our environment: Like a canary in a coal mine. Normally docile community fish became aggressive to the point of cannibalism. Snails were flushing out of control and the loaches, which usually considered them a treat, were refusing to eat the snails. All the fish were behaving strangely. Mortality was escalating in the tank. The water chemistry was checked and it was okay, it had not changed. When the small snails that are considered ‘pests’ by some aquarists initially came in on some live plants for the platy’s to munch on, the loaches were easily keeping the snails in balance. Many fish stopped eating, even if given fresh live food, which they normally relished. I became convinced there was a new environmental problem of some kind causing all of these problems; I did not however know what it was.

By the Thursday, twelve of September our ability to sleep at home was practically nonexistent. I left our bed and went to the couch early in the morning on Friday September13th, 2013, about five o’clock in the morning. I had an alternate reality experience. I was in our living room that morning of the thirteenth. I did not feel myself as asleep. I found myself sitting on a different couch, a soft sofa made of intricately woven cloth, like a tapestry. It was quite different from my leather couch. I looked around the room and saw a picture, an old oil lamp, and a fireplace, unlit. There behind the sofa upon which I sat was a man wearing a plain brown robe with a hood. The hood covered his head without obscuring his face. His face was archetypal with an almost cartoon like appearance, it had clean and smooth features and was light bronze in color. He radiated peace and love. Upon gazing into his face he seemed to recognize having my attention and turned slightly to face me and opened his eyes. Our eyes met and his very human looking green eyes stared intently into mine while he stated emphatically, “Move! Move! Move!” It was unlike any experience I had ever had, since his presence was immediate, real and quite powerful. Since I felt like I was actually present in that other reality, I thought there must be something coming at me as I sat, and that I had to move off the couch within that alternate reality. But as I started to move in that reality, I zoomed back to ‘normal’ reality and was still fully awake. I felt myself abruptly zooming back into my body and I darted up on the leather couch in my apartment. I uttered some expletive phrase of amazement and surprise and I realized that the message was to move from that apartment! I was dumbfounded and awestruck by the phenomena of the experience for some time. I could not go to work that day it was so profound an experience. We gave a 30-day notice to move that very morning without having any place lined up to move to and without doing any kind of housing search.


Edit: I am a lucid dreamer, and have experienced many very life-like lucid dreams. Yet they are perceivable as dreams. What was unique about this experience (and 2 similar) was the clear sense of it not being a dream, but as real as it gets.

Please let me know if you would like to know more about my personal experiences, and my contact with Ra before discovering the Law of One.

RE: A journey to Time-Space - flofrog - 06-11-2020

This is quite wonderful Wanderer Seven. If you feel all right to post more, please do.

A long time ago I had an alternate reality too, without any words towards me, but as powerful.

Thank you for sharing this


RE: A journey to Time-Space - Wanderer Seven - 06-11-2020

(06-11-2020, 12:06 PM)flofrog Wrote: This is quite wonderful Wanderer Seven.  If you feel all right to post more, please do.

A long time ago I had an alternate reality too, without any words towards me, but as powerful.

Thank you for sharing this


Thanks I'm glad you liked my post. I will post some of my other experiences. Although I have been studying the Ra material for a bit now, I have not read much of the ancillary material. Such as Carla's "A Wanderer's Handbook" which I am just reading a bit of now. It's like I can't stop studying the Law of One, there's just so much there. I have to drag myself to other content. But the handbook just peeking at it, this type of experience is not unusual for wanderers.

RE: A journey to Time-Space - AnthroHeart - 06-11-2020

Yeah, I got into everything except the archetypes.

RE: A journey to Time-Space - omcasey - 07-03-2020

Welcome, Wanderer Seven . .

I am not around here much anymore, but I am trying to come through more when I can.

I'm with flofrog - post more when you feel to. I am also an avid out of body explorer. I love hearing everyone's stories.