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My Journey on Earth - wisdom seeker - 06-20-2020

Hello Everyone, Wisdom Seeker here ~ Joyti Valérian Goel

I am glad and excited to share ideas and connect with people on my wavelength, I would love to work on projects with some of you and be of service to others before we continue our journeys in 4th density; yes, that is the goal, to Learn, to Seek, to Progress, increase our STO polarity and balance our chakras.

I shall now walk you through my journey so far...

My mother is French and my father is Indian, I was born in Annemace, France in 2001 and grew up in London.

When I was 16 years old I started chasing money; this resulted in me taking shortcuts... I was smoking weed on a daily basis for 2 years. After my A-levels (Maths, Further Maths and Physics) I decided to take a gap year to make money so that I could travel and start my own business. Unfortunately, the money blinded me, it made me become greedy and dishonest, I was becoming increasingly Service To Self but I did not perceive that way back then. In November 2019 I had issues with the police and became depressed; I wanted to escape the nightmare that I found myself in.

Only recently have I realised that there were numerous events that led to me being arrested, it was a chain reaction; although I couldn't see it 6 months ago, I now know that it was meant to be, I believe that it was my pre-incarnative choice in order to learn from my mistakes and truly find my path. In life, there is always the Ying and the Yang, no matter the experience, it can be used as a catalyst to develop the self and advance in one's journey of confusion.
For is it not during times of struggle and hardship that us humans bounce back stronger and become more prepared to encounter challenges of the future? As Ra says: The further an entity has polarized, the more easily this entity may change polarity, for the more power and awareness the entity will have. Similar to electricity, you have a positive (STO) and negative (STS) pole, the more you build charge on either, the greater the potential difference and hence the greater ability to do work.

I am therefore grateful for everything that has happened - it all lead to the trajectory of my path/ journey in seeking wisdom and being of Service To Others.

Since December 2019 I have been living with my dad in Mumbai, India. This has given me a lot of time to contemplate on my actions and reflect on my ambitions. My dad gave me a book to read: The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One; words cannot describe how it made me feel, I resonated with it instantly and my whole perspective on our universe, the world we live in and our existence changed. I then read 'High Strangeness- Hyperdimensions and the process of Alien Abduction' by Laura Knight-Jadczyk which did nothing but drive my curiosity in seeking the truth.

In March 2020, The lockdown was enforced and I started to write an 'Ultimate Quarantine Pack' to guide others and help them make use of their time; this included documentaries to watch, books to read, breathing exercises (meditation), physical exercises etc.

I firmly decided to write a 'Comprehensive Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis' because I could see though the lies that the governments were feeding us. I want to help others understand what's at stake, become psychically prepared, make wiser decisions and progress as human beings.

This led to me dedicating about 8 - 10 hours every day for 2 months straight - you can find my article at: which I intend to update today or tomorrow based on the feedback I have received and the new evidence i have corroborated. (Please do Visit ~ you will learn a lot)

I am currently reading Ra Volume 1 a second time before I read Volume 2. I am then planning to read the whole Wave Series by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and all the sessions with the Cassiopeans! I am also keen to read the books with the plaeideans and many other health related books...

Reading is one thing but acting on it is another, I believe that the knowledge I assimilate will allow me to wisely utilize the experiences that I am yet to encounter in terms of Learning, Seeking and Progressing.

I am now at that stage where life is a bit static especially with the absurdity 2020 has seen so far but I continue to think of ways I can be of service to others whiles simultaneously making a healthy living in order to travel the world and attain enlightenment. I have no such interest in materialistic rewards, I simply want to connect with nature and the cosmos, aid others along their journey before I am reincarnated in the higher planes of our infinite universe.

Hope we can work together in unifying humanity and spreading love.

Ps: For those who want to become healthy, I strongly recommend the following book: https://becomehealthyorextinct.file...ome-healthy-or-extinct-by-darryl-dsouza-2.pdf - available online for free as a P.D.F. - it is simply a wonderful read and will completely change your lifestyle in terms of living healthily (I have done a short review on it on my Ultimate Quarantine Pack). Please visit the author's webiste:

RE: My Journey on Earth - RitaJC - 06-20-2020

Welcome, Joyti!

May your journey be blessed

RE: My Journey on Earth - omcasey - 07-03-2020

Hiya, Wisdom Seeker - a warm welcome to the boards!