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How to stay positive in dark times - Ovindu - 07-04-2020

I am aware of the current situation with the world. I am also aware of the various strategies used by the 'elites' to control the mass. There are many like minded people who have the same issues with the world, me being a starseed, cannot cope with the power structure of the government. I feel that some of you may feel the same as me. Therefore, I will give you 8 practical tips for keeping you vibration high in the darkest times. I love this community and I am here to support our transition to the fourth density. I will raise the vibration of the collective consciousness every step of the way.

1. Be conscious of your thoughts
It is sometimes overlooked, but your thoughts can have massive effects on your body. I suggest that the reader, during his or her day, becomes aware of the thoughts that run through the head. Sometimes, we get trapped in darkness and it is with the light of awareness that darker thoughts will disappear.

2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it
We live our lives in autopilot, looking for something that we think will happen in the future. But really all you have to do is just learn to see the beauty in the little things. Perhaps go outside and see the one infinite creator when you look at the environment - see the beauty in it all.

3. Be conscious of the foods you eat
It is easy to give into the temptation to eat fast food, or stuff that you shouldn't be eating. Be aware of the vibration in the foods you eat, eat more high vibrational foods such as fruits. Some foods, like BigMacs don't vibrate at all, some vibrate very high.

4. drink plenty Water
Human bodies are easily filled with toxins whether it is spiritual toxins or physical toxins, drinking plenty water is a good way to flush out the toxins. Also note that water is alive - it has a vibration.

5. Meditate
It is essential to meditate because this will allow you to tap into the deeper parts of who you are. Make your mind still and fill yourself in high vibrational affirmations and ideas. I will link two amazing guided meditations that you can try out
Heal Gaia.
Gratitude Meditation

6. Be grateful
Spend about 2 minutes everyday contemplating all the things that you are grateful for in your life. if you want, you can do Ho'oponopono.
To do Ho'oponopono, keep a mental image of someone that you recently argued with or struggled with. Then close your eyes and repeat the phrases:
"I am sorry
please forgive me
Thank you
I love you."
As you repeat these phrases about 25 times, really feel love for yourself, and also for others. Don't forget to love the person you have a mental image of

7. Do yoga/similar light exercises
getting your body moving is a good way to keep the energy inside of you balanced. it will also heal your body and mind.

8. Practice acts of kindness
When you go through your day, practices acts of kindness. This doesn't have to be much. You can mentally forgive a person you don't really like. Every small act of kindness will raise your vibration like a helium balloon.

Thank you very much for reading this. I am sending you, the reader, love as we make the journey into the fourth density. I am here to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. Please feel free to PM me and also give me some of your favourite tips for maintaining a high vibration. Heart Heart

Much love,
Ovindu BigSmile

RE: How to stay positive in dark times - AnthroHeart - 07-04-2020

Great advice.
Good to see you're sticking around here.

RE: How to stay positive in dark times - meadow-foreigner - 07-04-2020

I'd add: get to know your emotional side, cooperate with it, for the saying "you are your worst enemy" applies only when you are divided within. Make peace with yourself and you shall be your greatest ally.

Outpour your emotions. Unsuppress your inner, deep-most feelings, and refrain from judgment.
Cries are laments imbued with vibrations. Get a steady flow of water on your forehead, between your eyes and just up your nostrils, and let it go. You might get a "knee-jerk-like" reaction as if you're afraid to drown. Gently overcome that fear and open your emotional valve and simply outpour your inner laments of anger, confusion, fear, hatred, jealousy, fury, sorrow, etc.

Treat your emotional self kindly, and the rewards you get are infinite.

[Image: a6be7a17d813088d81eba35203bed8d2.jpg]

RE: How to stay positive in dark times - sillypumpkins - 07-05-2020

Thank you Ovindu for sharing and welcome Smile

I like meadow-foreigner's advice too

especially nowadays many of us are experiencing upheavals of emotions including anger and sadness.

I see a number of my friends/family struggling with these "negative" emotions. One example, a friend of mine struggles with her anger because of herself identifying as a "spiritual person", and "spiritual people" aren't supposed to get angry, according to her paradigm

so yeah, tacking on to meadow's advice: let yourself feel angry, sad, depressed, anxious, etc!! Feel it out, give yourself a quiet space to really get to know the emotion. Give it a big ol' metaphysical hug as I like to say, lol

take care

RE: How to stay positive in dark times - unity100 - 07-05-2020

First of all, realize that things are changing. Hence the birthing pains.

Even more so, since as Ra noted, this society is a negatively oriented society. People in the majority are not. But the system is. This will mean there will be birthing pains.

If things were going the way of the polarity of the system, they would look more congruent. Less deranged or less unstable. They arent. Because things are not going the way of the system, and this is creating blockage.

Blockage. Exactly like chakras.