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Self is the Infinite Creator - Higherself777 - 07-09-2020

My understanding of this EXISTENCE is that WE ARE THE INFINITE CREATOR. Forgive my LAME English but I am sure those who have eyes to see can understand this concept unless of course those whom study Earth science would label me as one who is detached from this physical reality(time for some medication lol). We are individual personalities of the Infinite Creator with free will attached. I am not Use to the way the earth Inhabitants charge me to live on Earth I often times wonder if they would charge me to breath Earth's oxygen too. I understand that everything is equally ours as is theirs but because free will,they are allowed to service self with their system to keep a controlled society intact. I was drawn to the RA material this year 2020 because I had what I believe to be an AWAKENING I started to get a variety of thoughts trying to figure out whether it was me or some form of myself meaning the Higher Self and again remember human concepts materialize the thought that having multiple thoughts hearing voices is an unnatural thing. I seen a video where THE SCRIBE JIM said that Carla THE INSTRUMENT was able to channel at will to communicate with nonphysical beings before they did rituals to put Carla into a trance. Now I wondered why did this non physical being/beings called itself RA when self know there is no need for Names,titles,labels,etc... But then I got the answer willingly that Ra used label because Earth inhabitants are used to using labels to identify every person,place or thing lol. The reason the Law of One seems like it is hard to understand is because the Ra group used Carla's knowledge of the English language and brought the message forth through her vocal cords she wrote several books to direct us to understand Ra's meaning. It's weird that before I found out about the RA sessions I was attached to the constellation of Orion attached to Yahweh (brief note I go by the name of Osiris). I want to make clear,that even though I feel connected to Orion can mean I had a life there once but this does not mean that I don't acknowledge my physical presence on Earth. Also I realize that fact I still believe that I come from the beginning of self creation when self became AWARE. So yes I would be considered as one of these human labels Starseed or Wanderer. Hopefully people do not get upset at me for assuming that I am trying to brag or use these labels (Starseed/ Wanderer) as a badge of honor to say I am better than them. We Are One with THE INFINITE CREATOR, I am better than NO ONE. I still feel like a baby who when born on earth knows nothing of earth and its rules and regulations or even the use of verbal language which is strange.

RE: Self is the Infinite Creator - sillypumpkins - 07-09-2020

right on higherself777, welcome

RE: Self is the Infinite Creator - hounsic - 07-09-2020

Welcome Higherself777 its always nice having new people join the forums.

to know others like self - Higherself777 - 08-05-2020

(07-09-2020, 05:54 PM)hounsic Wrote:  Welcome Higherself777 its always nice having new people join the forums.
Thank You look forward to meeting all other awakened Wanderers!

RE: Self is the Infinite Creator - Týrmuzari - 08-25-2020

L/L Research Transcripts: September 1, 2019 (

Q'uo: "You do not see that there is much more to you, to your mind/body/spirit complex, than you are aware of in your journey of seeking in this incarnation. You are, in fact, as you hypothesize and believe, the One Infinite Creator. However, as an aspect of that One Creator, you have chosen to express various distortions within this illusion that allow you to further progress upon your spiritual path. These distortions are those qualities that need what those of Ra have called the “balance” in order that you may become aware of the totality of your beingness in some fashion."

RE: Self is the Infinite Creator - Great Central Sun - 08-25-2020

We are the Universe experiencing itself.

RE: Self is the Infinite Creator - MineralWater - 08-27-2020

Hello Higherself777,

Lovely to meet you,
I am also new on this forum i have been long time observer of the teaching of the Law of One,
I would not label you as having delusions of grandiours, just different than most other people just like i am,
And know you are indeed right for being a wanderer you are not above any one of your self or below anybody else,
We are all wanders just diferent density playing a game to try to get to the next density and your service is greatly accepted,

And you should congratelition yourself for being brave enough to see the truth that we are all one,
I just wish you luck on your yourney because you will encounter differences between people and you,
That is just the confusion, if all was know we would live in a other density,

Just try to cherish your brother and sister for many will remain ignorant,
until the are touched by the creator for the creator.
They have there own clock just be patient.

Go 4th and share your love of creator,
and you will see that life can become easier
once you embraced his love and just hope it would land on the other,

Much love