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My Spiritual Journey - Ovindu - 07-22-2020

Dear All,
The journey of my spiritual life has been thrilling from the first day I realised my inner potential. I will share my spiritual journey and wanderer story with you all. I am grateful to be able to share my experiences as there are not many people that will accept what I have to say.

Let's go back to my spiritual journey. I had an interesting life as a child. During the first 7 years of my childhood, I lived in Sri Lanka. I did not fit in well with the other children in the school, the school work seemed too 'third density' to me, although I did not have an understanding of spirituality at that time the school life felt a bit off. I did not like the idea of authoritative schools, as the idea of 'children must do as directed by the teacher' did not fit well with me. I was born in 2004 to a Buddhist family, but I didn't like traditional religions - I couldn't explain why at that time. I was often looked down upon, when I rejected traditional Buddhist ideas. it felt as if I was in the wrong world. I did not feel at home on this planet.

Fast-forward about 7 years, and in 2011 My family and I went to England. I started going to a British school in September of 2011, I did not know a single word of English at that time. I struggled a lot in my primary school because of the difficulty of learning English. At that point, I thought that I did not belong to this world, The 7 year old me, got the impression that I was doomed to struggle in life. I was very different to my fellow pupils, while they were cheerful little children, I somehow felt old. I was an introvert, and I still am, but I somehow had the ability to think about philosophy and contemplate the human life. Quite an achievement for the 7 year old me.

In 2017, was when I started my spiritual awakening journey. I can remember what it felt like when I watched a spiritual video on YouTube for the first time. My heart raced. My head spun. My eyes throbbed. The first spiritual teacher I followed was Aaron Doughty, he is a hero and he helped me to connect to the infinite wisdom of the universe. I was in year 9 of school at this time. In the first three years of secondary school, I was bullied - I felt out of place in this planet. I could not understand why my peers were so materialistic. Everything felt wrong.

from 2017 onwards, my spiritual journey started. I tried meditation, listen to enlightened masters, and contemplated the human existence. Some of the teachers I followed includes: Eckhart Tolle, Aaron Doughty, Aaron Abke, Victor Oddo, Bashar (channelled entity), Nicky sutton.

This is where I am now. While most people are either bored or angry at the current lockdown restrictions, I am grateful for this time period. Although it was a difficult period of time, it was much needed. I utilised this time to learn more about myself and dive deeper into spirituality. I wrote 3 books in 2020. The first book is titled 'Philosophy', Sadly I cannot share this with you as it is a handwritten book and I only have one copy. The other two books I wrote are 'Out of the Matrix', and 'practical Nirvana'. I will share these two with you Smile . I started a YouTube channel recently, it is called Ascend. I will put a link to it.

If you are reading this and feel alone, and feel out of place in the third density, don't feel bad Heart . You are not alone, may there be love and light in your hearts.

My YouTube Channel: Ascend

RE: My Spiritual Journey - flofrog - 07-22-2020

Thank you Ovindu,

I just read Practical Nirvana

Just lovely Heart