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Hatonn material on spiritual development - reason - 08-10-2020

Hi guys, i would like to share some nuggets from one of the Hatonn sessions. It deals with a couple of subjects that fascinate me, and i'm curious to hear what you guys think.

Quote:It would have been possible for the cycle to have
terminated, of course, with no more advance in
technology than was appreciated over one hundred
of your years ago. However, this was not deemed to
be as efficient a way of producing the necessary
information so that all those who would attempt to
seek would find the information that they sought. As
strange as it may seem to you, my friends, [the]
entire technological advance your civilization has
experienced in the past one hundred or so years has
been for the purpose of increasing the ability of
those who seek new intellectual (inaudible) to find
intellectual answers which will lead them to non-
intellectual truths.

The idea of industrial revolution, and its subsequent information age just to be able to have the choice to seek the Creator seems like quite a benevolent concept to me. It sort of puts us in the same position as the Egyptians that received the Pyramids and crystals, and the knowledge of how to use them. We can also see similar distortions toward Service To Self (STS) in the information age, such as the disclosures of the surveillance economy by Edward Snowden, and Q's Information Warfare.

Quote:It is those who have been
provided with more leisure time [to] extend their
seeking that we are primarily concerned with.

I get the idea that by withdrawing yourself from the illusion, it gradually becomes easier to let it go. The way i interpret this, is that Hatonn suggests that working part-time instead of full-time would possibly be something that enhances spiritual growth.

It would also be in line with Ra's suggestion that only "short" lifespans are possible for humans due to the somewhat bellicose idea of possession, and the use of money as a means of exchange. If i interpret Ra's words correctly, longer lifespans would enhance spiritual growth, since you would be stuck in the post-birth re-learning phase for a relatively shorter period of time.

Quote:This comes about in a more natural
way as many entities find an attraction to the
experiences [that] will be generated near the end of a
cycle such as this one. They are drawn into physical
experience and those who are drawn into the
experience are those of a more advanced nature. This
includes, of course, technological as well as many
other forms of previous experiences which then are
reflected in their works during their present
experiences within the physical.

I am also fascinated by this subject, in which it is suggested that souls which have seen apocalyptic endings of the Earth such as the Atlanteans have an innate desire to return to another end-of-days, perhaps this time to amend their previous mistakes? It would explain why certain inventors and scientists are able to know/channel highly advanced scientific knowledge.

Quote:We are, however, able and willing if necessary to
terminate certain totally insane actions which could
conceivably be originated with respect to your
nuclear weapons.

This subject has been bugging me for years. Why did the nuclear tests stop all of a sudden? When i was a lot younger, i would watch the news and see exploding A-bombs, the news anchor explaining that this was a "nuclear test", thereby implying that these things were somehow "normal". Years later i read an article that implied that the A-bomb caused massive visitations by ETs, as the effects seemed to be more far-reaching than we thought. Another article even went as far as to suggest that the current timeline we are on was altered to change the attitudes of humans towards Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), leading to the worldwide ban on nuclear weapons.

Also there's a Star Trek episode in which a group of characters uses a wormhole created by an A-bomb test in Nevada, United States. They fly through it with their craft in order to travel back tot the future.

Quote:Unfortunately, these weapons are
of such a nature so as to endanger not only the
peoples of your planet in a spiritual way, but also in
a way so as to terminate their existence.

The termination of existence being spoken of, i guess this is the same as what Ra says about what happened to the Atlanteans? If i recall correctly, not only were their physical bodies wiped out, but also (part) of their higher-level/astral bodies as well, needing many, many years of recuperation, and inducing a period in which not even the Confederation could make any contact with them?

Correct me if i'm wrong, because i don't remember this one as well.

Quotes from: Sunday Meditation, April 14, 1974

RE: Hatonn material on spiritual development - Ymarsakar - 09-22-2020

I think you are quite close to accuracy.

As for why nuke are a problem, that info is in Only Planet of Choice. Essentially weapons that fuse hydrogen, a living giving element, is much more dangerous to spirit than fission, or fusing uranium.

Marduk and Mars were hit with thermo nukes, which annihilated the soul identity and memory itself. Dying physically is not something most eternal entities fear. Losing all your junk, is.