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Checkout my YouTube Channel - Ovindu - 08-16-2020

Hello all,
I understand that we are all in this 3D matrix together, the purpose of being in this physical life is to discover the truth of the universe by accessing your hidden wisdom. We are all going through a tough time on this planet. COVID 19 (Certificate of Vaccination Identification 19) is caused by our collective karma. We are all going through this together and nobody is left out. The time is up for us to rise.

The elite people, the government leaders, and politicians have controlled the planet for eons. They want to make this planet into a prison planet. I am here to shine light on the dark side of the world. Now it is our time to take the power back and speak for our truth. Together, we are stronger than any politican.

I have started a YouTube channel called 'Ascend' recently - I upload videos on a regular basis. At the time of writing I only have 14 subscribers, but my happiness is not based on a number - a number of subscribers. it is based on my inner wisdom. The reason for the making of this channel is so that I can speak my truth and shine light on what is going on in the world.

May infinite love find whoever is reading this Smile Heart Heart
click on this link to visit my channel. Join me on my quest to spread the truth.
Thanks Heart