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RE: Throat Chakra Blockage? - Ohr Ein Sof - 02-19-2021

(09-20-2020, 12:03 PM)Patrick Wrote:  
Yeah, learning to use the option of remaining silent more often, would be a great first step.  I'll work on that.  Baby steps !

Then I can eventually learn to more skillfully listen to and speak this inner voice, that can only be heard in slilence, that already knows the best way to say what the other needs to hear in truth.

Yes Patrick, baby steps. This is not easy but, I feel when we get these inclinations or promptings, it is time we begin a new way. No one can do it rapidly as we can see with evolution. When we begin to master the art of speaking and silence then everyone and everything benefits. Speaking is like the expelled breath and the silence is like the inhalation and between that is the balance.
We are taught to be polite at all cost. Sometimes the cost is that we become dishonest people. This is horrible! I used to do this but I found it was of no benefit to anyone. I could be catalyst, I also could remain silent and just observe and not lose my position or my polarity. It is a tricky thing.
Also, we are the worst judges of ourselves sometimes so think of that too. You may be hypercritical about yourself. Accept your shortcomings. Its harsh when we can say that we are liars but it is also loving when we can say we speak truth as well.

RE: Throat Chakra Blockage? - flofrog - 02-19-2021

This is so interesting Agua...

I remember years ago, having healed from a specific thing and thinking afterwards, as if I was watching a dawn, where did it go ? It is like it never happened, like the night was gone for good and never existed...  so funny

(02-19-2021, 05:50 AM)Agua Wrote: You believe you are a traumatized human being, instead of experiencing your true divine reality.

Thats the first layer of denial and it keeps you from facing those memories.

But because you believe that, there is no solution for it and nobody wants to live in such a state.

So you deny it. But you deny it precisely because you hold it true.

Thats the second layer of denial.

Isn’t that funny?

and this, so great,

Quote:Rumi put this in:
„The mind has no answers and the heart has no questions“

RE: Throat Chakra Blockage? - Patrick - 02-19-2021

(09-20-2020, 02:31 PM)Glow Wrote: ...
We don’t come here to be perfect. I honestly think it’s impossible we just make the best choices we can for each crazy moment. I’m sure you are doing that.

Smile Q`uo Wrote:...Now, you have asked how you can work with the awareness that entities are a reflection of yourself, and we say to you work with them by releasing yourself and them from the strictures of humanity. It is not efficient or often possible to work with situations upon the level that the situation has occurred. In your humanity you have very limited resources when it comes to expressing love. Your supply runs out, and you are not expected, in and of yourself, to have infinite love. This is not within the capacity or the blueprint for human entities. It is necessary for the learning experience for an incarnation that you repeatedly come to the end of your human resources and then are forced to look at choices between despair and hope, between doubt and confidence, between giving up and keeping the faith. Thusly, we would suggest to each of you that when you begin to experience these irritations in a relationship between friends and relatives and loved ones move immediately to a position of forgiveness of self. For your real work in consciousness is not with another entity but with the self...