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The cost of medicines / life (philippines) - TheSeekersLighthouse - 10-21-2020

I have a friend of mine from the Philippines who I have known for a couple of years. Me and my partner both.

We have stayed in close touch with our Filipino friends after me and my partner won our battle to get him to the UK. One of our friends recently was hospitalised.

He was released, and I asked him what was up, and he didn't initially answer. Eventually, he admitted his blood pressure was 200/130 (for those who don't know, anything over 180/120 is a medical emergency), and he was prescribed a CCB and ACE inhibitor combo. Cue the cost of those medicines being a lot for someone who has lost their job due to COVID. He had a small business cooking for locals and would reinvest the small profits into more food and living. Until the hospital bill took away what he had left.

One thing that's struck was despite him being in a medical emergency/hypertensive crisis, no funds = no treatment and high blood pressure is supposed to be an easily treatable disease (I know that, because I have high BP (155/110) and will soon be back on medicines myself as I tried diet and whatever else first. He was so overjoyed that we got him meds, but sadly BP meds you need long term for the rest of your life.

Me and my partner knowing him well enough validated the story quickly and bought his initial meds, but my old boss suggested that we do a small gofundme which will fund a good supply of medicine for him and enough to resume his food business. Me and my partner put £50 into that fundraiser (and bought him some medicines), but that is all we can do personally as we have to save monthly for my partner's visa extension for next year (which is over £3k!) so can't put more into it.

It only has a small £300 goal which would be enough for the above purposes. If anyone wants me to DM proof of the scenario, I can do.

Even if you cannot donate, any sharing of this would be most appreciated!

I give most of the kudos to this idea to my old boss who suggested the gofundme.

RE: The cost of medicines / life (philippines) - sillypumpkins - 10-25-2020

Hey I shared this on FB after reading the update - hoping it helps

RE: The cost of medicines / life (philippines) - Diana - 10-26-2020

I shared on FB and tried to donate. For some reason the donation just wouldn't go through showing an error. I'll try again later. Smile

RE: The cost of medicines / life (philippines) - TheSeekersLighthouse - 10-28-2020

I would like to thank those who gave donations, they have now been forwarded to Bryan via Western Union. I had quite a few sent by people I know privately, so we reached the amount required (£300) before the gofundme reached it, with a combo of the gofundme and private donations that were sent to me directly. The fundraiser is now over, as while the gofundme only shows £105, we got the rest as the private donations.

All the donations have helped him with his medical bills, to get back on his feet. After a scare the other night, his BP is now 150/120, and is still going down, so the treatment is working, and not a moment too soon.

All the love and light to everyone and thanks again <3