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RE: What Does Love Really Mean in 4D and Higher - SP1 - 11-26-2020

(11-23-2020, 07:14 PM)Dtris Wrote: I am about to go see my mom. My dog is sitting in the room next to me. When I get up I will give the dog a hug and a kiss and tell her I love her and bye. She will give me the sad eyes or the I don't care eyes, depending on her mood. After I see my mom I will also give her a hug and a kill as tell her I love her and bye. My mom won't give me sad eyes when I leave though. Unlike my dog she can understand that I will love her even when I am not there and that despite loving her, I can't spend 24/7 with her. My dog would be happier if I never had to leaver her at home, and could take her everywhere, and no matter how many hundreds of times I come home, she will always be just as happy to see me.

The second density dog cannot understand love in 3rd density. That same inability to understand exists between 3rd and 4th density. My dog may not think I love her when I leave if I don't take her. She cannot understand why I must leave her side.

To try to understand 4th density love, or even 6th density love I think is a fruitless endeavor. It is fun to think about sometimes, and can be a good way to broaden our horizons, but we still need to learn how to love here in 3rd density. I will say that the more you can accept and love people regardless of their decisions or circumstances, the more you will see love in every person and action.

So I have evolved my viewpoint since this post. I am now thinking that its not that 4D love is different, but love is different for alien species. So humans in 4D would have the love you refer to, however the other alien species seems to lack the capacity for the type of love we are familiar with. I am referring to Ra (Venus) and Andromedans for example. Humans are unique this way and maybe that's why other species are so interested in us?

RE: What Does Love Really Mean in 4D and Higher - SP1 - 11-26-2020

(11-21-2020, 12:41 AM)dreamoftheiris Wrote: I like what Qu'o said here - "The vibration of love is the vibration upon which the planets turn in their courses, the suns rotate in the galaxies ever so slowly to your eyes [as they] climb the heavens. You are a spark of that one original Thought. Advancement in any density can be measured by how near the vibration of your consciousness matches the vibration of the one infinite Creator."

I remember some time ago I began to see an energy in all things.  It was strange - like everything had more "space" within it.  Everything seemed "lighter".  I didn't understand what this was at the time but after some contemplation, I came to understand this energy and space I was seeing as Love.

It is confusing because we all grew up with the Disney version of "love" which is not the same as Love.  If I could summarize what Love is I would say it's a creative energy that holds and balances all things - it is the direct energy of the Creator itself.  You cannot really understand it until you experience it.

Yes that is why for a newbie like me its confusing when the term love is used so much in the new age community. They don't mean the feeling you have when you see your kids, they mean something like what you said instead.

RE: What Does Love Really Mean in 4D and Higher - Louisabell - 11-26-2020

And yet, isn't everyone a precious child of the Creator?

Trying to be as concrete as possible, my current working definition of Love is - the sensation or recognition of worth.

So one can ask, how much worth does another individual hold? We can see that the answer is mostly subjective, and likely changeable with the moods and circumstances of the day.  

An extreme nihilist might say that human beings have no real worth, that they are simply a collection of atoms. This nihilist might say that our behavior is completely predetermined by the biochemical processes of the body, and therefore humans are complex expendable machines. Similar to what a STS entity might believe about other-selves (referring to us as a 'herd' of livestock).

However, if one is centered, then maybe a recognition can occur of one's true nature - pure consciousness. And what is the price-tag that one would put on this consciousness? How many planets would have to be mined in order to come up with enough gold? Because without consciousness, what would any of it mean? And without consciousness, how would we exercise our freewill? How much is one's freedom even worth?

Then we may come to see that the total being is greater than the sum of its parts. That the concrete and hard matter of the universe has somehow created something outside of itself - consciousness that is worth more than any material goods. Doesn't this then mean that our centre-of-being is the most precious jewel in the whole universe, as the Buddhists speak about? Perhaps then we can begin to tap into that reservoir that is the recognition of infinite worth.

But what is infinity in a finite universe? It's supernatural. Infinity has no end in supply, no end to its ability to multiple and multiple again, exponentially. And what is this expression of infinite worth, but Love itself? Love that is unconditional, love like this exists outside of time itself, for there is nothing that can be done to dim or restrict it. It is given without pretense, without reservation, and without expectation of return.

So yes, while it seems incredibly preposterous that someone can move around in life, loving without inhibition, without condition, in the face of seeming difficulty and dirtiness, with seemingly mean players on the stage. But by the accounts of a few, it may indeed be possible.