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Episode #95 - Bring4th_Austin - 11-10-2020

Episode #95

In this episode, we discuss:
- Exploring the dynamics of desire, duty, service, acceptance, and preincarnational planning in our life paths.
* Featuring special guest Shruthi Bajaj!

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RE: Episode #95 - Louisabell - 11-11-2020

Such a beautiful passage reading at the end.  Heart

RE: Episode #95 - Terpene_Tony396 - 11-12-2020

Shruthi's question at the beginning resonates with me 100%. As a Husband and a Dad of 3 with a full-time corporate job. Begining torn between my Spiritual calling and home life is the main issue I face every day. Really appreciate and love you all and thank you for sharing.

RE: Episode #95 - flofrog - 11-15-2020

Just listened to it while painting. Wonderful podcast, thank you guys !!! Heart