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Episode #96 - Bring4th_Austin - 11-23-2020

Episode #96

In this episode, we discuss:
- All about psychic greeting.

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RE: Episode #96 - Ymarsakar - 04-02-2021

This is very ironic topic for the forums and this time era.

I made a few comments in the past although they were at the podcast link and likely nobody read it.

I would describe the "attention" in this fashion. In order to balance this game of life, whenever true and accurate polarization for one path is shown, the pendulum of justice requires that the other polarity also be given an equal turn and opportunity at evangelizing the other path, otherwise things would be uneven and slanted too far towards one polarity and not the other one, thus violating the distortion of free will.

One has the freedom to know the light and the dark paths, as well as the right to not know.

Btw, they weren't trying to kill Don. They were trying to flip him.

The greetings are allowed by the higher self, but not necessarily via the distortion of free will. This is more akin to fate, not free will. The reason it is allowed is for the dark to provide a test or challenge, which will further the difficulty and potentially derive learnings. It is questionable if the free will exercised pre incarnation is the same free will when the mortal self forgets everything. The fate chosen is the choice of the pre incarnation entity. The post incarnation entity, the mortal human, can choose to exercise a will opposing itself. They can choose to fight and defeat their own fate.

Suspicion and doubt, huh? Haha. Pre existing distortions indeed.

Jim: On that wood spider episode, I wouldn't call that a friendly greeting. That is a rival right there.

What happens when you fight the greeting?


Hrm... it's less a battle and more like a contest. You can't imagine a scenario because it requires advanced level experience.

The contest is between timelines and free will decisions between specific entities or alliances. The contest has rules, logical ones even, and the victory conditions are not known to most humans.