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Planetary 4D Energy Grid - Sacred Fool - 01-30-2021

I'm wondering if this is something of significance to anyone.  It is deeply so to me, but it's hard to talk about.

27 NOV 2002

Quote:There is no portion of the creation which can be labeled safe nor is there any which can be labeled unsafe in terms of the continuation and the thriving and the progression of consciousness. There is no danger; the physical illusion is an illusion. The harvest is only physical in the sense that it is creating effects upon the surface of your planet because of the decidedly lagging vibrations of the third-density population which is creating a kind of resistance of the incoming density. The Earth is, as a planet, as Gaia, far into its labor, and it needs the pouring of light into that which this entity calls the Christ grid and which others have called the fourth-density grid or the ascension grid.

This is the true emergency. In a planetary situation such as this, our focus and perhaps any of those thinking metaphysically is upon the softening of the labor of planet Earth in her harvest and the increasing of the harvest of souls from this many-times repeated cycle of greed, rapacity and war. May we say that the sum total of this tack of defense and aggrandizement is the production of fear and pain. These emotions are as food to negative entities which from the fifth-density level are inspiring and activating the tendencies towards extremist belief systems and the “eye for an eye” point of view of justice. Those who would serve at this time may well attempt to ameliorate the third-density consensus reality, and we encourage those who would attempt to help. The attempt to save the self is one which moves from fear, and we would suggest that this is not a position from which to achieve a truth. Following truth leads to the heart of self, and, in the heart of self, the identity is [as] one with that which animates all things rather than being overly concerned for the physical vehicle. We do not suggest that entities be careless but rather that they respond appropriately as occurrences develop, meanwhile refusing to burden the pathways of the mind with fear-based concerns.

Information will come by many messengers: that which is seen, that which is read, that which is heard, that which moves before the vision of bird and beast, wind and rain. The process of true knowing come to one through one’s own systems of guidance from within that universe that dwells in that shadowy ocean of your brain cells which opens a gateway to an infinite universe that is the true place where each lives.

Consider, if you will, that the entity which is watching that which is upon your television is observing a virtual reality. In just such a way, distortions in the infinite love and light of the Creator are, when picked up on third-density’s physical channel, translated into this particular channel of existence. At the same time, each entity dwells within the corresponding metaphysical universe. The physical death is the movement from a heavy, chemical illusion to a less distorted and non-physical universe. There is no discontinuation of being. However, each did move into incarnation at this time not to save the self but to reach out a hand to others so that, as each hand reaches out, hands begin to connect, and entities begin to hope in a focused and harmonized manner, becoming part of the rhythm and flow of the very appropriate and necessary changes that are occurring within your planet at this time.

The harvest can truly be greatly increased at this time, because so many entities here are just a tiny step from awakening so that we feel that there is a real possibility that, working increasingly in harmony, light centers such as this one and all positively-oriented groups upon your sphere may begin to look less like solitary lighthouses and more like big cities. The grid of fourth density may be seen as formed by the joined hands of all positive people and all joined hearts as well. In terms of aiding your planet, the seeking entity may look at the globe, and behold many places where the life forces are weak, places that are barren and unfruitful. These are places where there needs to be a strengthening or a tweaking, as this instrument would say, of the grid.

Entities may at any time choose to become radiators of unconditional love to the grid simply by intending to do so and moving into a state of meditation. The process of sending this light forth is one of intending to. There are visualizations which aid in this sending of light for some, such as the visualization of violet light being sent or the visualization of the planet with light streaming into the grid and the grid lighting up. We would note that your scientists have discovered this grid, among others, and therefore there is a panoply of sources which entities may find which offer information of a linear kind concerning specific portals and grid points which this entity has no language for discussing. However, it is not necessary to know the grid’s makeup in order to aid by the very being of the self within the open heart.

RE: Planetary 4D Energy Grid - Patrick - 01-30-2021

Quote:...We do not suggest that entities be careless but rather that they respond appropriately as occurrences develop, meanwhile refusing to burden the pathways of the mind with fear-based concerns...

Here they are basically telling us to live in the now . Wink

RE: Planetary 4D Energy Grid - flofrog - 01-30-2021

Really beautiful, SF.

The grid reminded me of this little thingie Wink

RE: Planetary 4D Energy Grid - Sabou - 01-31-2021

Yeah, of course it is significant! It includes all the reasons for being here in service to ourselves, each other and the planetary harvest.

It is very inspiring.

RE: Planetary 4D Energy Grid - MrWho - 02-22-2021

The earth "energy centers" look very much like this. They became active on the recent convergence.