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So Glad I Found You All - LeafieGreens - 03-08-2021

Hello All,

My goodness, I am still somewhat shocked and amazed by what has occurred that led me to I have been feeling so aimless and lost in my life lately and after this past week I have been voraciously researching the Law of One, the joyous transition from 3rd to 4th densities, connecting to pure consciousness and my higher self, the galactic community / confederation, reincarnation, karma, and all the other wonderous and wonderful things to absorb regarding exciting and dramatic changes occurring in our dear earth and inside of ourselves, each and everyone of us.

Where to start...

I am a 42 year old dude from outside Chicago who now lives on the west coast in Washington.

My story is so similar to many here. When I was born I had breathing issues and was kept in the hospital for an extended period of time. I later learned that during that time I would constantly leave my body and fly around joyously. When I was young I used to have nightmares of hands coming to grab me and then in the dream I would escape by shaking free of my body and flying away.  

I again had 2 more extremely vivid OBE's in college, my freshman year. I missed my home and parents so much that while I was dreaming one morning and I was suddenly back home and in the kitchen. I wasn't sure if it was real at the time but now, knowing what I know about astral projection and OBE's, I have little doubt that it was real.

What else... I have been fascinated since I was a child with life after death, UFO's and flying saucers, aliens and alien abductions, psychic mediums, ghosts, paranormal activity, the unseen world... etc etc etc. I am highly sensitive and am deeply troubled by things like animal cruelty, racism, injustice, greed, inequality, uncaring ruination of the natural world and all the other tragedies of 3rd density living.

In junior high school my fascination with UFOs led me to the book Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery. She was able to channel her spirit guides and would have daily automatic-writing sessions. Her books also spoke about the shift of polarity of this world to STO.  I was a 12-year-old boy reading about heavy things like a coming catastrophic pole shift that was supposed to wreak havoc and force humanity to shift to STO across the world. I was very happy that the destructive and catastrophic pole shift never happened. I know there are still the doomsayers out there preaching that it will happen, but I feel like maybe we dodged it with the work we have already completed. I hope at least...

When the year 2000 came and went I was in my early 20's. While I have always been fascinated by the shift to STO, all that stuff kind of got put out of my mind as the wheel of life kept turning. I realized I was an alcoholic in my mid 20's and got sober at 25. I married and my wife and I lived in Arizona for a few years to be closer to her family.  

Then trump was elected and my world turned upside-down.  I couldn't understand how a soul that is obviously leaning to STS could become the president. I now realize that trump was a necessary catalyst to help bring about the cleansing of the deep infection of inequality and injustice in the USA. The fight for justice and equality is a long one and I know that part of my mission here is to use my voice to shake things up and force others to see the hard truths.

So I was recently delving into life after death research and NDE's back in January after one of my dear uncles recently passed on. I was watching youtube videos by Dr. Brian Weiss. His videos led me to Aaron Abke and his LOO videos. That has led me here and I feel like I have finally found a community of like-minded people. I am so grateful.  I have so much reading to do here in these forums.

I strongly believe my wife is also a Wanderer and we were destined to find each other.

I don't know what else to say here...

I just want to express my utmost gratitude to you all. I can feel my heart chakra spinning wildly with joy at being here and finding this wonderful community. Love and light to you all. Let's bring about the new earth. Heart

RE: So Glad I Found You All - Glow - 03-08-2021

Thanks for sharing your story.
This place has been a needed refuge for many of us.


RE: So Glad I Found You All - flofrog - 03-08-2021

Welcome LeafieGreen here,

Such a cool story with its meanders, and how a way is always found if seeked.. best wishes here ! Heart

RE: So Glad I Found You All - LeafieGreens - 03-08-2021

I forgot to say a crazy synchronicity that occurred.

Throughout my life I have always felt like I was some sort of righteous warrior or paladin. Sort of like an angelic warrior, (however, I assure you all I am quite human).

I am a singer, a baritone, and have performed the songs of from "Man of La Mancha" countless times. So much so, that at important times in my life, I will sing "The Impossible Dream" in my car, all-out, to raise up my vibration and kind of give me a boost if I need it. For example I sang it to myself while I drove to my first date to meet my would-be wife for lunch. Another time I sang it to myself on the way to the first day of work at a new job.

I also had bought a poster print of Picasso's Don Quixote and had it on my wall in college and then in my bedroom after college.

You can imagine my amazement to see the very familiar simple image of Picasso's Don Quixote. It has so much meaning to me and was a definite synchronicity from the powers that be that I am home here. I have been experiencing some other wild synchronicities this past week. Just yesterday I was contemplating some Law of One stuff, and was contemplating my own awareness, so I took a look outside and there was a rainbow right across the sky right where I looked. It shone brightly and then in 30 seconds the light changed and it was gone. Poof

It was as if it had materialized and vanished just for me.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - Diana - 03-08-2021

Welcome LeafieGreens. I consider myself a warrior too. 

It sounds like you'll fit right in here. Smile

RE: So Glad I Found You All - hounsic - 03-09-2021

Welcome LeafieGreens thanks for sharing.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - Ymarsakar - 03-09-2021

Welcome to Earth. Was it what you expected it to be?

RE: So Glad I Found You All - LeafieGreens - 03-09-2021

(03-09-2021, 03:27 PM)Ymarsakar Wrote: Welcome to Earth. Was it what you expected it to be?

Yes and no!

I will share a story from when I met with an intuitive medium back in 2016.

She told me that I was a "lightworker" and that my mere presence around people influences them and raises their vibration. The downside of this, as she told me, is that lightworkers attract the lower-vibrational souls to us in order to raise their vibration. She compared my existence to a lamp on the street in summer at night. You can see all the moths and flies buzzing around it in its light.

She told me that before birth I had eagerly volunteered to come to earth to help. I was so eager, in fact, that I was born three weeks early. Then when I was born I had a thick mucous buildup in my sinuses and throat. So I was born silent, no crying, as I was born a blue baby and almost died upon delivery. Thank God for my mother's OB who shouted "WE AREN'T LOSING THIS ONE!" She tells of the drama in the room as he simply took matters into his own hands in the urgency and grabbed a rubber tube and shoved it in my nostrils and throat and sucked out the mucous like a straw and spit it on the floor. Once he opened up my passageway I took my first desperate breath of air and finally began to cry. The intuitive told me that right away my soul was hit with a trial upon my entering this world. She said I recoiled immediately upon the realization that 3rd density living is a life of hard knocks, but here I am anyway, so I better get busy.

It is rough. I am sensitive and I used to hate it. I used alcohol to numb the pain I feel from those around me. I have to be mindful about who I am around and what media I choose to take in. I am prone to addiction / escapism due to this sensitivity. I have to constantly be mindful of my addictive escapism tendency.

I now realize that this sensitivity and empathy are two of my greatest gifts.  

So, to answer again -- Yes and No!   Tongue

RE: So Glad I Found You All - Ymarsakar - 03-09-2021

A few sources I found useful like Aaron Abke.

And Fluffy are the comedians.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - LeafieGreens - 03-09-2021

Oh wonderful!

I love Aaron Abke and am slowly making my way through his content.

To be honest, there is so much available material out there about all of this LOO and Ra and meditation etc...

I feel like right now my calling is to absorb as much of this LOO material as I can, but I realize full integration of all of this heavily philosophical material will take time. But my hunger for more information is strong. I'll be honest, the past 3 - 4 nights I've been up past 5 AM watching youtube videos and reading the forums here. As I said before, I have addictive tendencies. But I also have an awareness of those tendencies and can recognize the feel of that energy when it arises in me.

One other thing that I wanted to mention:

When I saw the intuitive in 2016, she also told me she was surprised by how many guiding forces I have behind me. She said "Wow Ben, you have many many guides behind you who are all rooting for you."

I didn't know much about guides at the time or how many each of our souls have, but now I think most souls have at least one at all times. I think I read recently that guides can change and increase / decrease for us as we go about our lives. But they are always available to us. But they will only intervene in our lives if we ask for help. Lately, I have constantly been asking for help and putting out that energy in my meditations.

I will be honest and say I had a crazy experience in my meditation last week -- I felt like I received a response. An energy around me pulsating the message "YOU ARE WE ARE YOU ARE WE ARE YOU ARE WE." It was like a booming voice all around me, not just in my head. But of course as soon as I let my attention focus on that change in energy it all vanished.

I am desperate to make some kind of contact. I also am aware that my darn thinking mind is my own worst enemy. But I am motivated. I will keep trying every day.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - sillypumpkins - 03-09-2021

welcome leafiegreens, I like to eat your kind in the morning!!! (salad, that is *wink*)

i think you will like it here.....

or not, who knows!

not me!

have fun!!!


RE: So Glad I Found You All - Ymarsakar - 03-09-2021

Spiritual guides are often future versions of you, that have collected more soul fragments.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - flofrog - 03-10-2021

(03-09-2021, 04:48 PM)LeafieGreens Wrote: I am desperate to make some kind of contact. I also am aware that my darn thinking mind is my own worst enemy. But I am motivated. I will keep trying every day.

Do not worry, Leafiegreen, we all have a 'darn thinking mind, ' join the crowd, it's ok, it quiets down after a little while and we can listen more to our intuitive side lol, Wink

And really studying the LOO may take time but it's a wonderful one. Heart and to discover we are all in the same boat is pretty nice..

RE: So Glad I Found You All - Ming the Merciful - 03-13-2021

(03-08-2021, 10:56 PM)flofrog Wrote: Welcome LeafieGreen here,

Such a cool story with its meanders, and how  a way is always found if seeked..  best wishes here !   Heart

You and me both? I found the "Law of One" by accident and a series of uncontrolled events, meaning I lost everything. At the moment of loss was the beginning of Liberation and Understanding. I had an interest in Zen and Tao, (and the stumbling block), was opposites. After the loss, I found the answer to opposites, (there are no opposites because that is an illusion of the Mind). From that point it took me into Qawwali music, (which I love), and deeper into Islam and Sikhism. At which point I realized there was no differences in the various traits of Religion. There is only one Religion, (and no Religion), except the Law of One. My goal now is to be At-One with everybody, no matter what their belief, (or no belief). Encompass Humanity for what it is. A single Race. The people who are creating all the problems on Earth, are the corrupt politicians. They are only in it for self-gain and nothing else. On mass we have to change the World Politic. Then Humanity can begin to evolve to the Higher Consciousness.

RE: So Glad I Found You All - LeafieGreens - 03-13-2021

Wonderfully said. Many thanks for sharing your story Ming.

I have realized that the darkness I have experienced in life has an equal amount of value to the great experiences I have had. And then I let go of it all and see that quite simply I AM.