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Products for writers - Diana - 03-11-2021

I have created a site that sells products/gifts for writers—t-shirts, cell phone covers, coffee mugs, and more. So if anyone here is an author, writer, blogger, etc., or knows one, here it is:

RE: Products for writers - Steppingfeet - 03-14-2021

Such a talented entity you are.

"I came. I saw. I wrote about it." haha. Love that.

Though "Diurnal people are entirely too cheerful" might be a little too niche for your audience as that lands for me as an inside Ra joke. Unless "diurnal" comes up elsewhere.

: )

RE: Products for writers - omcasey - 06-26-2021

I love the Plato on writing cell phone case. Excellent. I almost need a new one!