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Community Stewardship Mission & Principles - bring4th_admin - 03-29-2021

Community Stewardship Circle - Mission and Principles

Our Mission: To steward Bring4th with impartiality, humility, integrity, and compassion, fostering a sanctuary for individuals from all walks of life to share inspiration, love, and wisdom through the lens of the Law of One.

The Community Stewardship Circle (CSC) is a community-sourced and community-run circle of stewards who lovingly serve Bring4th’s online community. The CSC is made up of regular Bring4th members who have shown love of Law of One study, alongside a deep and enduring sense of responsibility and care for the Bring4th membership.

The CSC is dedicated to fulfilling Bring4th’s designed purpose of providing space for the greatest range of free expression, while also ensuring that our collective agreement to adhere to the guidelines is honored.

CSC stewards act as representatives of L/L Research’s (L/L's) mission and vision in the Bring4th ecosystem. By working towards this goal, the CSC will naturally extend and amplify the reach of L/L’s service to seekers and wanderers.

The CSC wishes to facilitate open communication between stewards and the Bring4th membership to encourage feedback and active participation in the cultivation of our community. Together we can foster a culture which aims to:
  - take greater responsibility for its environment
  - be friendly and respectful to all those who wander this way
  - work through disagreement in good faith and with sincerity
  - offer service to each other
  - energize the forums with service-to-other intentions
  - help lighten planetary vibrations

The CSC works collaboratively through a process of discovery, deliberation and reaching consensus. The CSC has autonomous agency to build and conduct its own procedures in the following:
  - terms and eligibility of roles
  - division and rotation of duties
  - eligibility for stewardship, as well as policy for on/off-boarding stewards
  - how to interpret and enforce community guidelines
  - how to communicate to members
  - how to care for the needs of the community

The CSC works in partnership with L/L to ensure alignment with their mission and vision.  This relationship allows the CSC to request or advocate for changes to:
  - guidelines, principles and moderator documents
  - forum structure, including the organization of sub-forums
  - membership registration procedures
  - expanding the size of the moderator circle

L/L will take on an advisory role while maintaining the financial and technical support of Bring4th’s infrastructure. L/L will continue to offer counsel, support and action whenever needed, as well as helping the Bring4th community in every way it can.