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RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 06-30-2021

@pat19989 Yes, I heard Gigi Young mentioning something similar, that the mainstream UFO disclosure affects the whole of humanity on a subconscious level. And there is also a huge interest on the internet in spiritual matters.

And I recently listened to a debate between Sam Harris and Rupert Spira and Harris was very much stuck in a materialistic view which probably still represents the majority of people. Leo Gura has several videos where he does an excellent job explaining the mistakes in the materialistic view.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 06-30-2021

Alchemy for example I heard had the exoteric (to the public) meaning of transmuting base metals into gold. This was to avoid being prosecuted. The esoteric meaning of alchemy is a spiritual transformation. The eight-pointed star in this picture represents planet Venus.
[Image: Clavis-Artis-600x682.jpg]

Quote:"All symbols in this alchemical illustration refer to the kundalini energy: the serpent, the woman on the moon (Sophia) and the eight-pointed star. From: Clavis Artis, late 17th / early 18th century.

The eight-pointed star is a symbol of the Sumerian goddess Inanna and her Akkadian counterpart Ishtar. These goddesses were also associated with the planet Venus, which is called the Morning Star because Venus, after the sun and moon, is the brightest of all celestial bodies and is visible in the east shortly before sunrise. Venus, as it were, heralds the sun and was therefore associated with the divine since ancient times. In line with this, the eight-pointed star represents in esoteric traditions the dormant divine energy in the pelvis of man; called the kundalini-shakti by the yogi." - The Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, by Anne-Marie Wegh

The woman is standing on the moon, which seems to be precisely what Gigi Young talked about of overcoming the moon (the moon lock). And the dragon in the picture almost forms an ouroboros (serpent/dragon eating its own tail). That seems similar to me how the dragon stream overcomes the beast stream. And the ouroboros then represents the moon lock that keeps the kundalini energy trapped and when unlocked (as in the picture) it makes the kundalini energy rise.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 06-30-2021

I looked into alchemy now, and there are several different interpretations. One common theme I found are the four stages of alchemy (magnum opus):

Quote:"The Great Work (Latin: Magnum opus) is an alchemical term for the process of working with the prima materia to create the philosopher's stone. It has been used to describe personal and spiritual transmutation in the Hermetic tradition, attached to laboratory processes and chemical color changes, used as a model for the individuation process, and as a device in art and literature. The magnum opus has been carried forward in New Age and neo-Hermetic movements which sometimes attached new symbolism and significance to the processes. The original process philosophy has four stages:[1][2]

nigredo, the blackening or melanosis
albedo, the whitening or leucosis
citrinitas, the yellowing or xanthosis
rubedo, the reddening, purpling, or iosis" - Wikipedia

Since there are several interpretations I will make my own initial interpretation: 1) the blackening stage is the death of the beast ego (burned down by the Venusian flame), 2) the whitening stage is the dragon stream activation (the metal associated with Saturn is lead), 3) the yellowing stage is when the kundalini (red) reaches the heart chakra (green) and produces yellow/gold (red + green = yellow [additive color mixing]), 4) the reddening stage is the kundalini having risen through the chakras (illustrated for example by a snake coming out of the forehead of pharaohs). The blackening stage is symbolized by turning silver to ash in my interpretation. Silver is the metal associated with the moon, so turning silver to ash symbolizes removing the moon lock which keeps the kundalini energy trapped in the base chakra.

The burning of silver is my own interpretation, but alchemy images about the blackening stage actually show a moon, such as in this picture:

[Image: 1*fSNrymr3aIv-qQixjfwEQw.jpeg]

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 06-30-2021

Also, when burning silver it turns into black silver oxide. That fits the blackening stage in alchemy. Lead oxide can be white. And another alchemy image of the blackening stage shows the moon upside down which to me indicates that the moon lock has been unlocked.

Now to some even more far-fetching interpretations:

Another term in alchemy is the philosopher's stone. My initial interpretation is that the philosopher's stone is the cerebellum. That huge leap can be made by first noticing that philosophy means love of wisdom, meaning related to brain functions. And stones I heard somewhere can mean eyes. And as Jesus said, the eye is the lamp of the body. The single eye, that's the third eye, which some equate with the cerebellum.

Saturn is represented by the metal lead which when burned can turn into white lead oxide. That's the whitening stage where the cerebellum is activated from Saturn. Tarnished lead is gray, so the whitening stage is a burning from gray to white. But then that's a bit puzzling I admit, since it means TWO flames! One flame for burning the silver and another flame for burning the lead. Hmm... twin flames. One flame from Venus and the other flame from Saturn. That's probably a very unorthodox interpretation of the term twin flames. When the cerebellum turns white it activates the dragon stream, with its higher form of wisdom.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 06-30-2021

I looked a bit more into alchemy but couldn't find any major discoveries except that it consists of very esoteric, long, cryptic and complicated explanations. One earlier form of alchemy is Hermeticism and even the word hermetic comes from Hermes and means completely sealed and airtight. So I expect very hidden information in Hermeticism.

Here is a long video where Terence McKenna presents Hermeticism and alchemy:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-01-2021

Isn't it arrogant of me to believe that I can interpret alchemy correctly when people have tried for a thousand years? Maybe, haha, but with the internet and people with actual knowledge posting a lot of information about alchemy I believe it's possible to find some truths. Even Terence McKenna said that the muses didn't smile on the alchemists and it's a really heavy reading. So I think one is almost forced to come up with all kinds of speculations. And I feel that my current understanding is a little bit frankensteinish, meaning it doesn't fit together seamlessly as a coherent whole, but anyway it's a start and attempting to make one's own interpretation prevents falling into the trap into other people's interpretations. Even experts may be wrong. Alchemy is highly esoteric, and therefore very obscure.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-01-2021

Terence McKenna mentioned another alchemical process where instead of turning metal into powder, by burning a certain power it turns into mercury. On a practical level I feel that's significant for the spiritual transformation where the flame melts our inner tensions instead of burning them.

I'm not sure about two flames yet, but at least there is one flame from Venus, such as symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. The other flame may be that of Prometheus, so that we have one female flame and one male flame. Venus is female and Saturn is male. (A side note: in early esoteric texts mercury can mean Venus.)

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-01-2021

There is a danger in relying on esoteric teachings such as alchemy. Firstly, they could be wrong, and secondly they can very easily be misinterpreted. If correct, they can show hidden advanced knowledge.

To test esoteric teachings one can use spiritual practices and compare the results with what the teachings say. And in order to avoid getting stuck in any particular belief system a simple practice I now use is to melt the tensions in my body-mind with traditional mindfulness practice such as inner body awareness.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-01-2021

Ha! I now realized that what I call the beast stream is an absolute fact. It can be explained with plain mainstream understanding. The beast stream is simply humanity's separation of the world into different things. So for example an iPhone is different from an oak tree. Money is different than ocean water. The legal system is different than the human nervous system. And so on and on.

This separation of things is of course necessary and serves a practical purpose. However I propose that there is a higher stage of development possible for humanity that integrates our view of separations into a unified wholeness perspective. And that it will a part of developing a service-to-others social memory complex.

The beast stream is a fact. The question is whether a higher integrated stage can be achieved. So what I call the dragon stream is not a fact. The dragon stream is a speculative idea and so is what I call the solar stream. I have grounded the ideas in other teachings such as the Law of One and other esoteric teachings, but from a mainstream perspective also those are as yet unverified to a large extent.

What can be done is to examine the beast stream and question how much it is based on truth and how much of our society is based on misconceptions. For example materialism is starting to really be questioned more and more it seems, even among mainstream experts. Then why the need for speculative ideas such as the dragon stream? My answer is that it can be useful as a tool for transformation. Examining the beast stream is useful too, but to only do that is I believe less efficient than to also look at possible future evolution stages, and even an STO SMC is such future scenario, not something established yet (at least not officially).

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-01-2021

Maybe I should clarify that even though the beast stream is a simple concept it's an advanced perspective. Ra said in the Law of One that everything is thought. And reality can be seen as consciousness and information. So what Ra calls thought can be seen as consciousness plus its content. And there are no true separations there! It's One interconnected wholeness. That's why I assume that our view of things as separate is a distortion and that there are higher views possible.

It requires a huge shift in perspective. Leo Gura has for example this video where he explains a more integrated and whole perspective than materialism:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-02-2021

Gigi Young said that the moon lock is related to the lower chakras, but it's also all over the body she said. That to me sounds like the beast ego tensions. And those tensions are basically karma and I believe that the moon represents the past and karma. And the sun represents the incoming future energy. And earth is between the moon and the sun. And since the sun energy is too strong to take in immediately it has to go via Venus to earth.

Gigi also talked about alchemy among other things in this latest video:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-02-2021

Gigi also talked about how the timing of esoteric information is important. Some information can even be harmful when learned too early. That's I think why Ra is so careful about what information to share and what information to keep secret, and also the use of Law of Confusion language in the sense of veiling information so that it can only be understood when the time is right and the correct level of consciousness has been reached.

I think I will keep quiet about the solar stream, because if there is truth to it, it can be harmful to talk or even speculate about before the time is right. The dragon stream is safer to talk about I believe because that's basically just high level oneness control. Except speculating about the New World Order and things like that might be risky, so it's best to look at facts when it comes to public world events and development.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-02-2021

The beast stream feeds very much on our thinking. Just like how spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle say that we almost have become possessed by the thinking mind.

And I noticed a sneaky thing which is that in order for the thinking mind to go on so forcefully, it relies on us feeling bad, or numb, in our bodies. One antidote, then, is to move consciousness into the body. And of course Tolle and others have talked about inner body awareness practice. The new insight I had is that the thinking mind needs the body to feel awful, unpleasant or numb in order for it to hijack our conscious attention.

Another insight that Tolle often talks about is that the thinking mind is a necessary stage of development for humanity. It's just that it has become too dominant and taken over our awareness too much and shoved us into its own little box of thoughts.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-02-2021

I forgot to mention, if the beast ego feeds on us feeling bad or numb in the body, then how to feel good in the body? I found it effective to start with noticing how that's how the thinking mind fuels itself, because it then is caught, its game seen through.

The next step is to notice that; yes the body feels unpleasant and/or numb. And the third step is to peacefully move conscious attention into the body and letting that peaceful feeling expand within the body.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-03-2021

A peaceful and constructive way of looking at the beast ego is to recognize it as an undeveloped stage for humanity. The beast ego experiences itself as separate because it lacks the connection with the whole of reality.

In truth the beast ego is already connected with the wholeness, since everything is. The seeming separation is an illusion caused by what I think Ra means by the veil:

Quote:"Questioner: Specifically, by what process in the first case, when two polarized entities would attempt to penetrate the veil, whether they be positively or negatively polarized— specifically by what technique would they penetrate the veil?

Ra: I am Ra. The penetration of the veil may be seen to begin to have its roots in the gestation of green-ray activity, that all-compassionate love which demands no return. If this path is followed the higher energy centers shall be activated and crystallized until the adept is born. Within the adept is the potential for dismantling the veil to a greater or lesser extent that all may be seen again as one. The other-self is primary catalyst in this particular path to the piercing of the veil, if you would call it that." - Law of One 83.18

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-03-2021

Aha! Alchemy is indeed about melting instead of burning. At least according to my latest speculations as follows: The beast ego has a heart like of ice. This actually means low spiritual entropy, which is good. The problem is that it's the beast stream that sucks the goodness of the frozen heart from the beast ego.

The energy of the beast ego heart is deadly orgone.

Quote:"Dr. Reich was able to apply his earlier research of psychological disorders to the behavior of Orgone. When energy is blocked by traumatic memories, and then stored in the tissues of the body, this can cause muscular tension. He termed this accumulation and blockage: “Armouring.” This stagnate energy becomes “Deadly Orgone Energy.” It is also referred to as “DOR.” Dr. Reich believed that Deadly Orgone Energy was largely responsible for environmental decay, psychological and mental disturbances in life forms, as well as the body’s physical degeneration." - Herbs Etc

There are three forms of orgone: 1) positive orgone (POR), 2) neutral orgone (OR) and 3) deadly orgone (DOR). The deadly orgone in my estimation is actually useful and necessary because it can form structures. So the intellect is very much deadly orgone. The problem Reich discovered is when there is too much deadly orgone and in wrong places. The heart needs neutral orgone to be open, to have the green-ray activated.

Structure is related to the nervous system and the higher chakras, so DOR can be associated with the color blue, neutral orgone (OR) is associated with green related to the heart, and POR red related to the lower chakras. Kundalini activation is simply POR rising up through the heart and up into the higher chakras. When the kundalini reaches the heart it melts the DOR and transmutes it into OR. DOR is blue and the metal lead is bluish, and when POR (red) blends with OR (green) the result is the color yellow=gold. Spiritual alchemy!

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-03-2021

Gigi Young may be correct that the moon lock is related to lower chakras and throughout the whole body. And that fits very well with Wilhelm Reich's description of the body armor in the form of muscle tensions made by deadly orgone. And that in turn is the same I think as the beast ego tensions.

However the KEY to unlocking the moon lock is the third eye I think, and instead of the pineal gland others have said that it's the cerebellum. So my current idea is that it's a silver key (silver is the metal associated with the moon) that unlocks the moon lock via the cerebellum. That's the silver key in the Vatican coats of arms.

And silver is also white, so that's the whitening stage (second stage) in the Magnum Opus, the Great Work in alchemy. The first stage is the blackening stage which is the burning away of the moon-lock tensions (the body armor). The third stage is the yellowing stage where the blue "lead" heart is turned into a "gold" heart as I described in my previous post. And the fourth stage in the Great Work is the reddening stage where the kundalini energy (red) passes through the heart chakra and up into the higher chakras.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

I realized that spiritual alchemy can be dangerous. There are many stories about people going insane after a kundalini awakening and with all kinds of problems with the nervous system. And the following is my speculation, which could be wrong and dangerous too, so that's my disclaimer.

I think there are problems with kundalini awakening because of absence of correct spiritual alchemy. The first step in alchemy, the blackening stage, is about deterioration. The beast ego has to dissolve so that the new transformed stage can emerge with less trouble. Otherwise if the beast ego tensions still remain, and the kundalini is awakened, that's like a caterpillar trying to fly.

And dissolving the tensions requires that there really is a transformation of the person possible, or else the individual is destroyed without a new state replacing it. The tensions provide structure and are necessary on the beast stream level. And dissolving the tensions therefore leads to increased spiritual entropy, meaning more disorder and confusion.

Jesus even said that we must lose our life in order to find our new life in Christ. Sounds like spiritual alchemy to me. So the first stage in alchemy, the blackening stage, is very difficult, for who dares to lose his or her sense of self? But I also suspect that it's less radical than a total destruction of the personality and instead it's "just" about dissolving the beast ego tensions, and so the personal and individual self will remain in a relaxed state.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

Now I got a radical idea about how to dissolve the beast ego. When I look at my past memories, personal relationships, finances, things I own and my plans for the future, then what is all that? The answer is: it's the beast ego!

Why? Because all those things are based on the illusion of separation. That's where the beast ego tensions come from. It's the sense of separate self trying to control other seeming separate things.

It's the same with the whole beast stream for all of humanity. It's a construct of necessary yet illusory separation. Then why can't we see through that and simply drop our beast egos? Because we ARE our beast egos. That's all we know until we transcend it which will probably happen like how a clock strikes the hour that Ra talked about. It may be a personal choice to drop the beast ego, a choice made by our higher self, yet then it's not our beast ego that makes the choice because it can't drop itself.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

Oh! Leo Gura has this new video, and he said that the relative domain has extremely powerful hooks and anchors that it has sunk deep, deep, deep into our psyche that is keeping us anchored in the relative domain. That's the consensus reality, and the relative domain is illusion, Leo said. Similar to how Ra has described our reality as an illusion. I think that's the beast stream! Our social conditioning is so extremely heavy that it takes two hours long videos like this one to even point to this.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

If my beast ego can't transform itself, can I then contact my higher self to help me do it? Yes, I believe that's possible even from my nondual perspective since cause and effect can also come from the future. And Ra confirmed that the higher self is our future self.

Quote:"Questioner: Would an analogy for this situation be that the individual’s higher self is manipulating to some extent, shall I say, the mind/body/spirit complex that is its analog, you might say, to move it through the lower densities for purposes of gaining experience and then finally transferring that experience or amalgamating it, you might say, in mid-sixth density with the higher self?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The Higher Self does not manipulate its past selves. It protects when possible and guides when asked, but the force of free will is paramount. The seeming contradictions of determinism and free will melt when it is accepted that there is such a thing as true simultaneity. The Higher Self is the end result of all the development experienced by the mind/body/spirit complex to that point." - Law of One 70.11

So actually, it could be that we need to make the choice of transformation, because our higher self will not manipulate us according to Ra. From the beast ego perspective I think we do need to act from free will, even if that's ultimately "simulated" free will.

Then how to ask our higher self for guidance? I will experiment with making the choice of allowing guidance from my higher self for how to perform the whitening stage in alchemy, which I see as activation of the kundalini. Or receive new insights about it if my current understanding is incorrect.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

Now I received an idea about the higher self, which is that the higher self and our self now are one. So it's just a matter of using one's personal will as usual with the awareness that the higher self is already connected. The law is one.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

It's true that even Wanderers who come from 6th density are stuck in third density on earth. However there are sub-densities, so some people can be at a lower sub-density and others in a higher sub-density. And planet Earth herself is already in fourth density.

My guess is that a third density STO SMC becomes available at the highest sub-density in third density. That means higher vibration and therefore more potential for creating higher forms of order. It's similar to what is called emergence in science. The difference is that in science emergence comes from simple laws of nature, which I suspect is a too limited perspective, like how Darwinian evolution to me seems a way too limited model. An STO social memory complex will develop I believe because of higher vibration and information density making that evolutionary leap possible.

Here is a short video about how emergence is described in science today:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-04-2021

The beast stream is a clunky form of hive mind with society held together by laws, money and other social constructs, cultural norms and regulations. The dragon stream is even clunkier! Haha. Because it's an even more rigid and centralized form of control.

Isn't that horrible? No, because the dragon stream provides protection and support for the development of the STO social memory complex. The dragon stream is like the protective cocoon allowing a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Hey! I now realized that I can make a prediction based on my stream model. And I think it's safe to make such prediction without interfering with politics etc too much.

There will only be seeming conflict between the beast stream and the dragon stream. And in practice the dragon stream will on a material level consist of political power moving from the beast stream with national control to the dragon stream with global control. It will within a few years turn into, maybe not a world federation, but at least a massive increase of global coordination among the world leaders.

Then what about the U.S. - China conflict/rivalry? Both the U.S. and China today represent the beast stream. So the prediction is that a new form of world control will emerge that will be a part of the dragon stream. And both the U.S. and China will have to obey the new global control, for example a global digital currency.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Then what do the experts say about increased global control? I found this article where an expert says that instead of a global digital currency, a network of national digital currencies is enough.

Quote:"Carney suggested that rather than a single CBDC, central banks could create a network of digital currencies. ... Once all central banks were producing CBDCs and settling domestic payments in them on a real-time 24/7/365 basis, they could link together so that cross-border payments could also settle instantaneously 24/7/365, with FX rates determined in real-time." - Frances Coppola, American Express

That's interesting since it's a different scenario than my prediction. The quote describes a scenario that's still the beast stream. The dragon stream requires more centralized control than that.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Ouch, either my prediction is wrong or it's something that will happen much later in history than I predict. Because there is very little talk in media and on the internet about a global digital currency, except about cryptocurrencies and stable coins, such as Diem (Libra):

Quote:"Diem (formerly known as Libra) is a permissioned blockchain-based payment system proposed by the American social media company Facebook, Inc. The plan also includes a private currency implemented as a cryptocurrency. ... Confirmation that Facebook intended a cryptocurrency first emerged in May 2019.[11] At this time it was known as "GlobalCoin" or "Facebook Coin".[12]" - Wikipedia

OR, it's something that Gigi Young warned about NOT to do which is to release information too early because that's harmful. That may explain the absence of information about it. So we will see what happens, it's probably safest to keep quiet about it until there are some official announcements.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

This is an older video by Gigi Young I found useful. She talks about the negative/distorted ego and confirmed that the ego also has a useful purpose, so the negative/distorted ego must be the same as the beast ego. The heart is very fast and concise, she said. I think I mentioned somewhere that the heart is free from confusion since it's not split so much into a left and right side as the brain. That's consistent with what Gigi said.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Even the beast ego is Intelligent Infinity since everything is One. That seems almost ridiculous and my beast ego certainly doesn't feel infinitely intelligent.

One explanation is that there is a continuous evolution going on and the manifested reality is always finite, and so the beast ego in manifested form is in practice a very limited form of intelligence. And a radical alchemy idea I came up with it to expect everything to be Intelligent Infinity with a great potential for relaxing one's own beast ego. Basically relaxing the illusion of separation.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Positive orgone (POR) and probably even kundalini energy are related to sexuality. How does that relate to alchemy? It's a bit tricky since I also include the development of a social memory complex in the alchemy process. What is sex like in a social memory complex? It must be something different than the usual sexuality in third density.

One speculation I have is that the lower chakras of the service-to-others social memory complex will involve a new and higher kind of sexuality. In third density sexuality is used for keeping humanity growing. And similarly in an STO SMC sexuality likely plays an evolutionary role. One guess is that sexuality will be used for improving our physical bodies! And as a tool for creating cohesion within the social memory complex.