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RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Ra gives some hints about sexuality in higher densities, such as:

Quote:"Questioner: In addition, why is the ratio of male to female orgasms so heavily loaded on the side of the male?

Ra: I am Ra. We refer now to the yellow-ray physical body or, if you will, body complex. At this level the distinction is unimportant. The male orgasm which motivates the sperm forward to meet its ovum is essential for the completion of the red-ray desire to propagate the species. The female orgasm is unnecessary. Again, as mind/body/spirit complexes begin to use the sexual energy transfer to learn, to serve, and to glorify the One Infinite Creator the function of the female orgasm becomes more clear.

Questioner: What was this ratio before the veil?

Ra: I am Ra. The ratio of male to female orgasms before the veil was closer to one-to-one by a great deal as the metaphysical value of the female orgasm was clear and without shadow.

Questioner: Is it meaningful to give this ratio in early fourth density and, if so, would you do that?

Ra: I am Ra. In many ways it is quite meaningless to speak of orgasm of male and female in higher densities as the character and nature of orgasm becomes more and more naturally a function of the mind/body/spirit complex as an unit. It may be said that the veil in fourth density is lifted and the choice has been made. In positive polarities true sharing is almost universal. In negative polarities true blockage so that the conqueror obtains orgasm, the conquered almost never, is almost universal. In each case you may see the function of the sexual portion of experience as being a most efficient means of polarization." - Law of One 87.23-25

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Teal Swan has this video about alchemy. She said that both the material side and the spiritual side of alchemy must be included. That's a good point or else alchemy will become spiritual bypassing or only a focus on the material. Teal said that the highest principle in alchemy is that thought creates reality. That's the same as what Ra said in the Law of One!

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Carl Jung has talked about alchemy, but I found it too tedious to look into it more than only a little bit, and it's probably just a rehash of ancient alchemy into psychology (although I heard that alchemy was the source of Jung's idea of the collective unconscious which actually is interesting). Instead I heard in one of the lectures about Jung's alchemy that there is also Chinese alchemy. That may be more interesting, especially Neidan which is the internal form of Chinese alchemy.

Quote:"In Neidan the human body becomes a cauldron (or "ding") in which the Three Treasures of Jing ("Essence"), Qi ("Breath") and Shen ("Spirit") are cultivated for the purpose of improving physical, emotional and mental health, and ultimately returning to the primordial unity of the Tao, i.e., becoming an Immortal. It is believed the Xiuzhen Tu is such a cultivation map. In China, it is an important form of practice for most schools of Taoism." - Wikipedia

I found this video about Neidan:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Here I found that in Taoist alchemy they have something very similar to the three-"chakra" system I proposed earlier. The middle is the heart, the top is the brain, and then at the bottom are the kidneys. That's curious, I haven't thought of the lower part as being the kidneys. Other than that I think the Taoist system can be matched to the three primary additive colors; 1) red for the bottom, 2) green for the middle and 3) blue for the top. And red+green=yellow/gold and indeed from Wikipedia: "Chinese alchemical texts and sources ordinarily call neidan the jīndān dào 金丹道 or Way of the Golden Elixir." And the Taoist master says in this video: "if your heart and kidney can be meeting together your life will be as high as the heaven" (red [kidneys] + green [heart] = yellow/gold)

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

The kidneys as the lower energy center (in Taoist alchemy) is actually significant it seems. Because the kidneys play an important part in hormone regulation.

Quote:"The cardiovascular system and the kidneys play an indispensable role in maintaining the biochemical constancy of the extracellular fluid. Not only are they responsive to many hormones (most of which are concerned with maintaining blood flow to tissues and organs), they are also major endocrine organs in their own right." -

Even though the biological body isn't exactly matching the energy body, there is a correlation between body and spirit. I will experiment with inner body awareness of the kidney area. And for example check if I can feel the stress hormone regulation between the kidneys, the brain and the heart.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

The beast ego is a sadistic energy vampire. That's not a very flattering description, haha. But it's true! It's an energy vampire because the beast stream is constantly sucking energy from the beast ego, so in an attempt to get more energy it seeks to suck energy from others. And the beast ego is sadistic because it operates on a win-lose principle. When others succeed it's painful for the beast ego and when others fail that's experienced as pleasure.

This means that when we try to serve other beast egos we are just supporting and strengthening their dysfunction. Not good. And we are then also hypocrites if we ourselves are operating from the beast ego, because then it's a phony facade of being service to others.

So what to do? It seems like a horrible situation. In principle it's actually simple. When we feel genuinely good when others succeed then that's freedom from the beast ego, unless we feel good for egoistic reasons. That kind of genuine good feeling is the foundation for a service-to-others social memory complex.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-05-2021

Feeling good when others succeed must of course be for constructive actions. For example feeling good when a murderer succeeds in killing people is pathological.

But what about more nuanced situations? When is an action constructive and when is it destructive? When it comes to an STO social memory complex the criteria becomes easy. Actions that lead to the development of the SMC are constructive and actions that prevent or destroy the development of the SMC are destructive.

That's probably the sorting out of the goats and the sheep that Jesus talked about! The sheep are people who are able to form an STO SMC and the goats are the people who are unable to do so and remain stuck in their beast egos.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

An advantage with saying that everything is thought as Ra did is that it makes a clear distinction between that and the materialistic view. Everybody knows that a thought is in the materialistic view something other than what the thought is a about. For example a thought about an iPhone is separate from the actual physical iPhone.

A drawback with using the term thought is that precisely because in third density we make a distinction between thought and physical objects it become difficult to explain. Rudolf Steiner talked about a higher form of thinking where the thoughts merge with the physical world. That's more like the kind of thought Ra talked about.

What an STO social memory complex can do, at least on the 6th density level of Ra, is to use thought to manifest things directly. So it may be that thoughts even in a third density STO SMC become something more that just ordinary thoughts and more than even a collective mind with ordinary thoughts.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

I heard Rudolf Steiner visualizing a red rose as a symbol of blood with purified urges and passions. The Rosicrucians also use a red rose:

Quote:"The Rose Cross (also called Rose Croix and Rosy Cross) is a symbol largely associated with the semi-mythical Christian Rosenkreuz: Qabbalist, alchemist, and founder of the Rosicrucian Order.[1][2] The Rose Cross is a cross with a red, golden or white rose at its centre[3] and symbolizes the teachings of a western esoteric tradition formed within the Christian tenets, albeit a Christianity not yet conspicuously in evidence:[4][5][6]" - Wikipedia

The rose can also be golden or white, but most common seems to be a red rose. And red is the final reddening stage in alchemy! That's similar to holy blood, sangreal, blood of Christ and the Holy Grail. And it fits with my posts earlier about the blood as the unification of spirit and the body. And even the recent idea from Taoist alchemy about the lower (red) energy center being the kidneys is very much related to blood.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

Something almost scary is that alchemy is disservice to the beast ego, both in other people and in oneself! So it's not service-to-others in a traditional sense, nor is it service-to-self since the purpose of the blackening stage is to toast the entire beast ego to ashes. But alchemy is also "to seek to share the love of the Creator" that Ra talks about and that's service-to-others.

Quote:"Questioner: Well, if an entity wants to learn ways of it, wants to be of service to others rather than service to self while he is in this third density, are there best ways of being of service to others, or is any way just as good as any other way?

Ra: I am Ra. The best way to be of service to others has been explicitly covered in previous material. We will iterate briefly.

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known." - Law of One 17.30

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

Brian Scott said in this new video about Q'uo and the sun that Ra is the name of a sun god. Good point! Gigi Young has talked extensively about the sun and I will compare it to what is said in this video. Also, the STO social memory complex will be a connection to the solar logos as I understand it.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

Hmm... Brian Scott read a message from Q'uo about how we can open the heart without needing to purify ourselves first. We can open our heart just as we are right now. That's an interesting possibility that makes the blackening stage in alchemy unnecessary (at least as a first stage).

And actually, I wondered recently about if alchemy is a really tricky esoteric description and that all the stages are just metaphors for a more direct approach. Or, that the stages in alchemy are listed in a mixed up order and that opening the heart (yellowing) is actually the first stage. And I heard or read somewhere that there are also alchemy methods with more stages, including a greening stage which sounds like green-ray activation. Tricky.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-06-2021

The Book of Revelation describes alchemy. Well, I have a far-fetched interpretation about that.

Quote:"Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.

I will also give that one the morning star." - Revelation 2

My first VERY speculative attempt of interpreting it: The fruit from the tree of life is the kundalini energy. The hidden manna is solar prana (manna melts in the sun indicating the melting of the "lead" heart into "gold"). The white stone is the philosopher's stone, the third eye in the form of the cerebellum being activated from Saturn. Then new name on the stone is the new Israel representing Saturn ("one of the names of Saturn was Israel" - Helena Blavatsky). And the morning star is the green-ray activation of the heart chakra thought the Venus sphere.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

I got the term 'beast ego' from THE STAND 121 and in this new video Carrie explains how the beast ego is controlled by the amygdala in the brain.

That's interesting, because then my 3-"chakra" system can be modified into: 1) kidneys (red), 2) heart (green), and 3) amygdala (blue).

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

One advantage with my new 3-center system is that it matches mainstream medicine. The kidneys are the lower center symbolized by red. The heart is the middle center symbolized by green. And the amygdala is the upper center symbolized by blue. In mainstream medicine this is related to the HPA axis.

Quote:"The hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA axis or HTPA axis) is a complex set of direct influences and feedback interactions among three components: the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland (a pea-shaped structure located below the thalamus), and the adrenal (also called "suprarenal") glands (small, conical organs on top of the kidneys). ... Sensory information arriving at the lateral aspect of the amygdala is processed and conveyed to the amygdala's central nucleus, which then projects out to several parts of the brain involved in responses to fear." - Wikipedia

Quote:"In this review, we will explore the emerging research that indicates stress does have direct effects on the cardiovascular system via the HPA axis activation, with emphasis on the latest research on the impact of glucocorticoids signaling in the vasculature and the heart." -

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

Actually there is a connection between the cerebellum and the amygdala, so I revert back my 3-center system to: 1) kidneys (red), 2) heart (green), and 3) cerebellum (blue). One huge difference between the beast ego and an STO social memory complex is that the beast ego operates based on fear while the SMC operates with peace (which can be seen as the foundation of love).

Here I found a presentation by Robert Sapolsky that may give insights from mainstream science in relation to the 3-center system:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

Carrie Husband has this new video where she explains what the beast ego is. I think it's a great term and she probably has the same meaning for it like how I think of it.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

Carrie said that we are darkness inside because of the fall, something like that. That's a pretty grave picture. It also contains truth I think, and it's just that when we are trapped in the darkness it become like our normal state. The beast ego and particularly what I call the beast stream is how Gigi Young describes the false light in this older video:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-07-2021

The mainstream science information about the HPA axis with the amygdala and kidneys etc is great. However, they are stuck in a kind of victim mentality and believe that it's just the way it is and that nothing much can be done about it. For example they acknowledge that the fear response is triggered for psychological reasons, such as us humans triggering the HPA axis in the same way in relation to a 30 year mortgage as an antelope being chased by a lion. That's not very smart.

What needs to be done is to go deeper than that. And then esoteric information is useful. I found this new video with a lecture by Rudolf Steiner about humans as three parts. May be similar to my 3-center system! And my hope is that by understanding the spiritual connection that this will make it possible to modify the HPA axis.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-08-2021

To say that the beast ego is false light doesn't sound very good. One way of looking at it is that the beast ego is a seed in the soil. And when the seed begins to sprout it will reach for the surface, in this analogy representing the true light.

Another problematic issue is free will. I think the feeling of free will is absolutely necessary in third density or we would feel like automatic robots. And also people with beast egos that are still very much stuck in the false light, if they start to believe that life is predetermined, then they may start acting in reckless and immoral ways.

At the same time nonduality teachings say that we don't have free will. So which is true? Ra said that we have free will but also said that it's a part of the Law of Confusion. My personal guess is that life is predetermined and that it's possible to transcend free will, meaning going above the need for it into a higher sub-density. And then an STO social memory complex will develop, probably bit by bit instead of all at once, like how a clock strikes the hour.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-08-2021

I posted Leo Gura's video about content vs structure earlier. In short, content is the particular stuff and the structure is how the stuff is organized. An example of structure is literature and particular books are content.

It says in the Bible that we can't serve both God and money. And as content money is particular divisions, such as my money, your money and Donald J. Trump's money. One I idea I got is that "serving God" means serving structure, meaning removing the attachment to money which makes it content. You can serve content but you can't serve structure, since that's just the organization of things. The bad news then is that we can't serve God. And the good news is that we don't need to serve God. And another good news is that then we don't need to serve money.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-09-2021

The question about free will can be seen from the choice of going from an individual consciousness to a collective consciousness of a service-to-others (STO) social memory complex. As Morgue said, when we share our personal will with another person then we only have 50% of our own willpower. Because the combined will is a unification between both persons. When we only have our personal will then we have 100% of our own willpower.

Now imagine sharing our will with 10 people. Then our own personal will only has 10% willpower because of the shared collective will. And with a group of 1,000 people we only have 0.1% willpower. An STO social memory complex with a million people means that we only have 0.0001% personal willpower within that SMC. In a service-to-self (STS) SMC it's different since then the individual wills are competing with each other instead of being joined.

What this means is that the choice of joining an STO social memory complex that later will contain billions of people is basically a sacrifice of one's own individual and person will for the benefit of the whole SMC. That may sound horrible and like a self-sacrifice and the loss of individual sovereignty and personal willpower. The good thing is that it's only the beast ego that is sacrificed, which lives in the illusion of total separation, and what is gained is the unified willpower of billions of people, which is far less distorted and vastly more powerful than any individual consciousness.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-09-2021

I have an example of the shared-willpower idea (I got it from Morgue) that I first thought I would wait with until I had thought it through. It's sometimes useful to teach/learn so I will make an attempt to explain it now.

A marriage can be seen as a minimal social memory complex consisting of only 2 people. And the marriage as an SMC can be service-to-self or service-to-others. The tricky thing is that service to others won't cut it and make it an STO SMC unless there is an actual sharing of wills. And in third density that's generally not the case.

If the marriage is transaction-based, meaning based on service and expecting service in return, then that's still service-to-self. And even with self-sacrifice such as one spouse serving the other without expecting anything in return, it becomes a self-imposed victim situation. Because only if the partners' wills truly are joined then it's a single willpower with unified action. And that's for a social memory complex with only two people! Imagine an SMC with 10 people. It's extremely difficult to join 10 individual wills into a unified collective will. And then imagine an STO SMC with thousands of people, you get the idea. That requires extraordinary advanced coordination of personal wills. Not something we can do with our ordinary third density intellects or emotions.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-09-2021

Is it too early to start aiming for an STO SMC on earth? No, I believe it's great timing because of the information that is being presented on the internet these days. For example Gigi Young has pretty radical information and even though she hasn't talked much about social memory complexes, her information is in that direction. Here is her latest video:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

Adyashanti described spiritual enlightenment where one senses more of the environment and of other people, with a heightened state of awareness. I think that's the same as an STO social memory complex! Because the increased shared will is making us more connected.

It would also bring a sense of great inner peace. Then what about enlightened spiritual teachers who seem grumpy and even often angry? For example Nisargadatta Maharaj often behaved like that. My guess is that some spiritual teachers need to be like that as a part of their teachings. They need to act as catalysts for us ordinary people, and some teachers are more peaceful and others are more fierce.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

It's extremely nasty how the beast stream has outsourced the burden of money to us humans. It's a necessary development since the beast stream is a lower evolutionary stage than the dragon stream.

I think I mentioned earlier that the beast stream uses a divide and conquer system for its control. And it's a form of control where the beast stream  serves its own survival. The dragon stream is instead service to all because of its connection to oneness.

Then how to switch from the burdensome beast stream to the dragon stream? My strategy is to think of money as an interconnected system spanning the whole world. And that's actually what it already is! It's just that we have been tricked into treating money as something completely separate from oneness, from wholeness. And our minds need to be reprogrammed into recognizing the interconnection between all things in society. A mere intellectual understanding is only the tip of the iceberg. The heavy task is the reprogramming of the subconscious.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

Many if not most religions have a good deity and an evil deity. A standard good vs evil duality. Rudolf Steiner has an interesting alternative with three deities: 1) Lucifer, 2) Ahriman, and 3) Christ. Is that extra complexity needed? I don't know yet and I will look into it, such as this video:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

I found what seems to be a good summary of Lucifer and Ahriman:

Quote:"Interestingly, Steiner does not make a straight distinction between Good on the one hand and Evil on the other. Instead he has two poles of Evil, which he calls Lucifer and Ahriman.

Steiner saw Lucifer and Ahriman as not only forces or tendencies which affect humankind and draw us towards evil but also as actual beings. Unlike the Christ, these forces can take up their abode in our astral bodies, the seat of our desires and emotions and thus exercise a strong influence on us from within.

Lucifer encourages the tendency in human beings towards expansiveness, inflation, egotism, sensuality, passion, and ungrounded spirituality; Lucifer is the being who tells us that we are like the gods, knowing both good and evil, whereas Ahriman tells us that there is no God and that material reality is the only reality. Ahriman represents tendencies towards contraction, reduction, splitting, materialism, over-intellectualisation, lying, and a denial of spiritual realities; this leads to the idea that we are physical beings only." - Jeremy Smith

My initial interpretation is that the beast stream operates based on the Ahrimanic principle in combination with Luciferian means for making humanity serving the maintenance and growth of the beast stream.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

My boiled down take on Rudolf Steiner's explanation is that Lucifer represents the belief in separation and Ahriman represents the belief in materialism. And together they strengthen each other. The belief in separation supports materialism. And materialism supports the idea of separation.

Christ is the third principle which is unity. That's basically nonduality! Lucifer caused humanity to fall (separated from oneness). And Ahriman made humanity build the Tower of Babel, meaning developing on its own. That has been a necessary development and the return of Christ is the unification back into oneness, as a developed civilization instead of the undeveloped state of oneness humanity had in the garden of Eden.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

Here is a new upload of the presentation about the beast ego. The previous video had sped up audio in the middle which was difficult to understand. Sorry about that.

And Carrie used David Hawkins' scale of consciousness in the presentation which I find useful:

[Image: The-Hawkins-Scale-of-Consciousness.jpg]