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RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

The dragon stream is supreme authority. So when we enter the dragon stream we become that supreme authority. Isn't that arrogance? No, because everything is the same authority, haha. It's oneness.

The beast stream has hierarchies of authorities and different kinds of authorities. And that's necessary for the construction of society. The dragon stream is the recognition that there is a higher authority which is the true control of reality. And with that comes automatic acceptance of everything in reality, including the acceptance of the beast stream! This acceptance brings about change by the recognition of the oneness control of reality.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

Maybe I need to clarify. Isn't the Christ stream the oneness authority? Yes, so the dragon stream can be seen as a sub-stream of the Christ stream going through our solar logos and perhaps via Saturn. So it's the same control and it's just that the Christ stream is the control for the whole universe/multiverse.

Another thing that may need clarification is that the Bible says that we should obey the worldly authorities because they have been put there by God (Romans 13). I think that's true. The difference is that the worldly authorities are of the beast stream. The higher authority everybody has. So the exercise Ra has mentioned about seeing all other people as the Creator includes recognizing everybody as being the higher authority. And everybody includes the worldly authorities as well as those with the least worldly authority.

Obeying authorities, then, can be seen as serving authorities, which in turn is service to others. And since everybody is the supreme authority it's a service to everybody, including oneself. The beast ego is incapable of this kind of service since it lives in separation, so the beast ego must be surrendered for the higher authority to become established within oneself.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-10-2021

I found this video by Gigi Young where she confirms what I said earlier about the beast ego that it's an energy vampire. And Gigi also said that the beast ego (she doesn't use that term but I think it's the same thing) only operates based on the three lower chakras. That's similar to what Ra has said in the Law of One about how in third density we haven't yet the green-ray (heart chakra) activated.

And because of only operating from the lower chakras we literally only experience the material world so that becomes our reality. All of mainstream society is officially operating like that. Even religions are mostly a form of spiritual bypassing even though their scriptures contain advanced truth about the spiritual reality. It reminds me of how in some older legal dictionaries human being is defined as monster, lol. It's probably a very accurate definition! We are monsters until we have our heart chakras activated. Not only that. We are insane and psychopathic monsters when we become too stuck in the lower chakras. For example a soldier can shoot an enemy but wouldn't shoot a loved one. And what is the ultimate difference between the enemy and the loved one? Nothing! So it's complete insanity what is still going on in our third density world. As Eckhart Tolle said, if you want to see the insanity of humanity, just look at the 20th century history or watch the news tonight. People watch, read or listen to mainstream news and think of it as normal life while in fact it's insanity delivered by sociopaths (or at least by people playing the role of sociopaths).

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-11-2021

I think we need to recognize that we are living in a fallen world. My estimation is that 1/3 of humanity are monsters (beast egos), 1/3 Nephilim and 1/3 backdrop people. Not a pretty picture. And that's why the Bible says that 1/3 of humanity will "die". It means the death of the beast ego.

Here is a video where Aaron Doughty explains Dolores Cannon's description of backdrop people:

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-11-2021

Aaron Doughty explained how it's dangerous to think of the backdrop people as not being real humans. That's a good point so this is sensitive information. Everybody is the One Creator, which includes the backdrop people.

And I even have an additional idea about the backdrop people, that they are actually controlled by the social memory complex of the Venus sphere. This makes them at a higher level of consciousness than us regular people with beast egos. And then they are much more than just like some extras in a movie.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-11-2021

Also, it's important to stress/repeat that the beast ego is absolutely necessary and valuable. I think of the beast ego as a seed that will sprout into a plant. And spiritual people have beast egos that have started reaching for the surface of true light.

Without the beast ego, there would be no human evolution or civilization. It's also true that the term 'monster' is valid for the beast ego, lol, especially when it's still very much stuck in the soil of the false light. The following quote is curiously similar to a description of the beast ego:

Quote:"From Ballentine's Law Dictionary, 1948 Edition. 'Human Being' is defined as follows: 'See monster' . From the same dictionary, 'monster' is defined: 'A human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal.'" -  Randy Lee in The Christian Jural Society News

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-12-2021

One strategy for developing inner peace and therefore moving towards an STO SMC is to become peaceful in relation to time. Easier said than done! My own approach is now to expect infinite time, even in this current lifetime! Will that fail? Will I grow old, get sick and die? Maybe, but in that case the belief in the possibility of infinite time still makes a reconstruction of the anxious mind possible.

It's still important to reduce suffering within limited time. When we genuinely want others to feel good, that becomes a stable foundation for service-to-others because we ourselves then feel good by serving others.

Then what about the fear of living forever? That idea can be extremely scary. My approach is to be confused about that. And rationally, if there is truth to intelligent infinity, then living forever is doable with peace.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-12-2021

I heard someone mentioning envy as a form of suffering. I haven't thought much of that recently but it might be a huge obstacle in some cases. How to serve others when one is envious of those to serve?

My take on it is that everybody at our current stage of third density development is suffering a LOT. So there isn't really anything to be envious or jealous about since everybody is having a shoddy life when only looking at surface things like that. At first it might seem that someone with a lot of money, fame, social status, lots of friends, stellar career, a lovely family, health and good looks is someone to envy. But it isn't! Even that kind of "success" totally sucks compared to fourth density.

I actually like materialistic luxury and things like that, but I see it as a unique expression of creativity rather than something to "possess" and derive a sense of self from. Sure, personal possessions as a means of expressing individuality, I think that's fine, but again everybody can do that in fourth density. But then what about spiritual people who are content and happy while oneself is feeling miserable? Even then I would say that envy is unnecessary since everybody is ultimately One, and we all will reach Christ consciousness or what to call it.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-12-2021

Whoa, I listened to Gigi Young's video about energy vampires again, and it hit me that money is always an energy vampire. I think I have already mentioned that in some earlier post but now I got a new clear sense of it.

The beast stream always struggles against entropy and money is the main, or at least one of the main, control tools. And whatever we do, money will always suck energy from us when we are in the beast stream. We cannot serve both God and money, it says in the Bible. And that simply means in my opinion that either we "serve God" meaning freedom from spiritual entropy, or we "serve money" which always produces loads of spiritual entropy.

Gigi talked in the video about relationships with people, and I applied that same principle to money. So what to do about that? The only solution I can see at the moment is to transcend the beast stream into the dragon stream. I don't know how yet though.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-13-2021

Notice that using money is completely service-to-self. Even when you give to charity, notice that it's YOU who play the role of a savior, and by your "power over others" you "selfishly" give money to some cause or to poor people (victims who need to be saved by your grace). Therefore we should stop serving money. And speed up the transformation of the world from a caterpillar (based on serving money) to a butterfly. Jesus has already explained this, such as:

Quote:"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." - Matthew 6:25-33

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-13-2021

Maybe I'm complicating it too much. Here is a simpler explanation. In this new video Shunyamurti says: "Realize that the only one power is the Supreme Real." That must be the same as what Ra calls the One Creator. Money is typical worldly power which only seems to be separate yet is also a part of the power of the One Creator. And realizing the One Power is the same as "serving God" instead of "serving money".

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

I recently noticed an INCREASED worry about money. That's really horrible as a trend, but I hope that it's just because I have become more aware of the tensions etc in myself making nasty feelings awakened within my subconscious.

If true, then the good thing about it is that it allows the subconscious the become healed. And money is just one thing. I will try to see all in society and in my life as a whole movement, and that's the direction of an STO social memory complex.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

There are lots of hints about higher density humans already walking around on earth. Some may be awakened Wanderers, and also since esoteric terms often are veiled and even can have multiple meanings my guess is that 'inner earth', yes may refer to ancient underground systems and also it can refer to an ancient social memory complex!

If the inner earth people are an STO social memory complex, then they are a peaceful and coherent wholeness as a society. Compare that to our ordinary human civilization which is a disaster of conflict and violence and all kinds of hideous deeds and tendencies. So from the inner earth perspective we ordinary people are incredibly violent, fearful and conflict-ridden. So they HAD to stay hidden throughout history.

And to be able to meet them is probably much deeper than to have peaceful intents. The whole subconscious must be in harmony with the intellect and likely the heart must also be opened, which Ra called green-ray activation. So the integration between our public society and the hidden inner earth society looks like a really tricky one. Not the mention the vast differences in cultures.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

I haven't checked with the Law of One yet my idea of the difficulty for higher beings to interact with us third density humans. My explanation is that even when our intents in third density are good, it will lead to all kinds of havoc.

So trust in an STO SMC as I see it is not based on some shaky promises or clunky contracts or anything like that. Instead trust is an inherent consequence of the oneness in harmony of the whole social memory complex. Therefore it's a completely different level of interaction that's needed than we are used to in third density.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - LeiwoUnion - 07-14-2021

Look at him go!

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

One somewhat puzzling thing is why do I need to try to figure things out myself? There are millions of spiritual, alternative, esoteric and New Age sources on the internet. There are some possibilities to explain my struggles, such as I'm heading in the wrong direction, or the information is out there and it's just that I haven't found direct explanations yet, or, hopefully, I'm moving closer to the truth.

I really think that the information is out there, and has been for centuries if not millennia, with much of it hidden or veiled. And now the esoteric information is getting more and more accessible with teachings like the Law of One becoming more known and increasingly decoded with dots connected. And one crucial thing Ra said, is that STO higher beings don't push information onto us, we have to ask and figure it out ourselves.

And there seems to be stages of "veiling" so that people who are very new to esoteric information need to be given tailored descriptions that even is understandable and acceptable to them. I'm aiming straight for as direct truth as possible, which spiritual teachers can't afford to do, especially those with large audiences, because their messages must match a whole spectrum of stages, all the way from beginners to advanced students.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

I didn't find Ra mentioning inner earth. This quote is quite close though:

Quote:"Ra: I am Ra. ... Those who remain in fourth density upon this plane will be of the so-called positive orientation. Many will come from elsewhere, for it would appear that with all of the best efforts of the Confederation, which includes those from your peoples’ inner planes, inner civilizations, and those from other dimensions, the harvest will still be much less than that which this planetary sphere is capable of comfortably supporting in service." - Law of One 17.1

It definitely sounds like the inner earth civilizations are at a high density. Are there more than one inner earth group? My guess is that there is actually only one which has a front and an inner society.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

Now I found something that I think is very interesting. The Uriantia Book was according to Ra given by entities from the inner earth planes.

Quote:"Questioner: The Urantia Book, which I haven’t read. Who gave that?

Ra: I am Ra. This was given by a series of discarnate entities of your own Earth planes, the so-called inner planes. This material is not passed by the Council." - Law of One 14.30

Quote:"The Urantia Book (sometimes called The Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. The authorship remains a matter of speculation. It has received various degrees of interest ranging from praise to criticism for its religious and science content, its unusual length, and its lack of a known author." - Wikipedia

This means that it's possible and even likely that the Urantia Book contains advanced knowledge similar to the Law of One, and perhaps even with veiled esoteric description of the inner earth itself. I started listening to the Urantia Book, and it seems to be really high level esoteric explanations of existence.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

Yikes, the Urantia Book is over 2,000 pages. One good thing is that they mentioned actual infinity and potential infinities. That's exactly what I have posted about recently in another thread! And it's similar, or even the same, as how Ra describes how there is only one actual infinity.

That's a really good sign from my (self-biased) perspective. Because even at the time of the writing of the Urantia Book everybody in mainstream science used multiple infinities, and they still do (except very few scientists who question the idea of many completed infinities). So the Urantia Book as well as Ra, went way against the mainstream view. I believe it shows true and advanced knowledge.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

The word Urantia seems to be the same as what I call the beast stream. And the book says that nature is not to be worshiped as God. Exactly! I have been thinking of nature as we currently experience it as a third density limitation, or distortion I guess Ra would call it, and the Urantia Book describes nature as incomplete and imperfect.

My view is that all of creation is perfect, including nature and third density, but from a relative perspective nature currently on earth is actually unnatural funnily enough, or ironically is another way to put it. This is also, like the one infinity, something that the book describes completely against even most of the New Age and spiritual teachings where nature is often glorified and even worshiped as deity. The true deity I believe is Gaia and when she awakens, nature awakens along with her.

And the book contrasts Urantia with worlds "free of sin" or some description like that, which I believe is the same as what Ra means by higher densities. And to speculate a bit, the contrast made may include a comparison between Urantia and the inner earth.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-14-2021

Many people, even many in the spiritual and alternative communities, may think that it's an outrageous claim to say that nature is incomplete and imperfect. So I will explain my reasoning which I guess is similar to the Urantia Book.

I start with the assumption that all of reality is One wholeness. And that our reality is a result of Intelligent Infinity. And also that everything in our reality is in perfect order. So, then, how come nature is imperfect? My answer is that the imperfection is only seemingly so, because of the third density veil.

Where is the evidence for this imperfection? That's easy: entropy! Physicist Leonard Susskind described entropy as hidden information. I think that's a really good explanation. Entropy is usually seen as disorder, randomness, disintegration and deterioration. That's because vast complexity of the information making up our reality is hidden from us, so it appears random. It's similar to how Stephen Wolfram has the idea of entropy as similar to encrypted information. Encrypted information also looks like randomness unless we have the correct decryption key and can decrypt the information.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

Here is a new video by Carrie Husband where she explains more about the beast ego. Even if some of her information can be quite advanced I have learned new things from her more easier to digest teachings. And indeed the very term beast ego that I use I got from her.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

One realization I have is that the heart is already connected to everything. And then green-ray activation is about the removal of a separation that is only overlay of the already connected heart chakra. Ra says that once the green ray is activated, the blue ray immediately becomes available. The indigo ray requires additional activation, Ra said. My guess is that activation up to and including the blue ray is enough for an STO social memory complex in third density.

Quote:"Questioner: I just meant was it possible, say, for a green-ray… when we’re talking about green-ray activation and energy transfers, is it possible for a green-ray person who is primarily green-ray activation to vary on both sides of green ray a large or a small amount in energy activation, or does he stay primarily green-ray?

Ra: I am Ra. We grasp the newness of material requested by you. It was unclear, for we thought we had covered this material. The portion covered is this: the green-ray activation is always vulnerable to the yellow or orange ray of possession, this being largely yellow ray but often coming into orange ray. Fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, desire to be possessed: these are the distortions which will cause the deactivation of green-ray energy transfer.

The new material is this: once the green ray has been achieved, the ability of the entity to enter blue ray is immediate and is only awaiting the efforts of the individual. The indigo ray is opened only through considerable discipline and practice largely having to do with acceptance of self, not only as the polarized and balanced self but as the Creator, as an entity of infinite worth. This will begin to activate the indigo ray." - Law of One 32.14

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

As I guessed, we generally haven't the green ray activated yet. Ra said:

Quote:"Questioner: Then at some time in the future the fourth-density sphere will be fully activated. What is the difference between full activation and partial activation for this sphere?

Ra: I am Ra. At this time the cosmic influxes are conducive to true-color green core particles being formed and material of this nature thus being formed. However, there is a mixture of the yellow-ray and green-ray environments at this time necessitating the birthing of transitional mind/body/spirit complex types of energy distortions. At full activation of the true-color green density of love the planetary sphere will be solid and inhabitable upon its own and the birthing that takes place will have been transformed through the process of time, shall we say, to the appropriate type of vehicle to appreciate in full the fourth-density planetary environment. At this nexus the green-ray environment exists to a far greater extent in time/space than in space/time." - Law of One 63.25

So a third density STO SMC will only include a part of humanity. And a full fourth density activation will include all of humanity in the STO SMC. However I believe that we all have the opportunity to activate the green ray! And the green ray has tremendous power since it's connected to oneness.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

Activating the green ray will also remove the spiritual entropy it seems. Gigi Young even said that we can resurrect our bodies through the heart! Amazing. It sounds like a huge claim. Is that New Age 'hope-ium'? Maybe not! I think Gigi has advanced and truthful knowledge, sometimes veiled, like I don't think by the Greys being transhumanist humans from the future that she means that literally, and instead uses it as an ethoteric metaphor, but resurrection in this case means transcending death which she also talked about.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

Fear is useful for protection and motivation in third density. One problem is that fear produces loads of spiritual entropy. Another problem with fear is that it promotes separation. And fear therefore is a blockage for the development of a service-to-others social memory complex.

And it's not just the green ray that needs activation in order to overcome fear. The blue ray also needs to be activated for removing the fear in communication according to Ra: "The blue-ray energy transfer is somewhat rare among your people at this time but is of great aid due to energy transfers involved in becoming able to express the self without reservation or fear." (26.38)

I'm experimenting with replacing fear with inner peace. My strategy is to test the idea that, yes fear is necessary on one level, and that fear can also, and needs to, be overcome through inner peace as a path towards green+blue-ray activation.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-15-2021

Gigi Young said recently that the resurrection through the heart is difficult in today's world and that will be easier in the golden age. I will still have that as an option. She mentioned that Theosophy has information about it.

And she also talked about the importance of nature. I think it's true as the Urantia Book says that nature is incomplete, but yes there is also organic potential in nature that is lacking in the material world, so it's probably a good idea to resonate more with nature.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-16-2021

Here I found something Madame Blavatsky wrote about resurrection:

Quote:"Two things become evident to all in the above passages, now that their false rendering is corrected in the revision text: (a) "the coming of Christ," means the presence of CHRISTOS in a regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body of "Christ" Jesus; (b) this Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor "in the inner chambers," nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man; for Christ — the true esoteric SAVIOR — is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE [/url]in every human being. He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the "sepulcher" of his sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone [url=]of matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him.(3) The "Son of Man" is no child of the bond-woman — flesh, but verily of the free-woman — Spirit (4), the child of man's own deeds, and the fruit of his own spiritual labor. " - Helena Blavatsky

So it's about resurrecting our spirit from our fallen state. Hey! It could be that the death and resurrection of Jesus is symbology for the alchemical process of turning the body of flesh into a glorified body.

  • In the Christian tradition it is called "the resurrection body" or "the glorified body." St. Paul called it "the celestial body" or "spiritual body."
  • In Sufism it is called "the most sacred body" (wujud al-aqdas).
  • In Taoism it is called "the diamond body," and those who have attained it are called "the immortals" and "the cloudwalkers."
  • In Tibetan Buddhism it is called "the light body."
  • In some mystery schools it is called "the solar body."
  • In Rosicrucianism it is called "the diamond body of the temple of God."
  • In Tantrism and yoga it is called the "the vajra body," "the adamantine body" and "the divine body."
  • In Vedanta it is called "the superconductive body."
  • In Kriya yoga it is called "the body of bliss."
  • In Gnosticism and Neoplatonism it is called "the radiant body."
  • In the alchemical tradition, it is called "the glory of the whole universe" or the "golden body."
  • In the Hermetic Corpus it is called "the immortal body" (soma athanaton).
  • In ancient Egypt it was called the akh.
  • In Old Persia it was called "the indwelling divine potential" (fravashi or fravarti).
  • In the Mithraic liturgy it was called "the perfect body" (soma teleion).
  • In the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo it is called "the Divine Body," composed of supramental substance.
" - John White, Quest magazine

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-16-2021

The esoteric meaning of resurrection seems important. Here is a really long video (almost 7 hours) with Rudolf Steiner's lectures that includes resurrection.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-16-2021

Absolutely amazing how advanced Rudolf Steiner's teaching is. He said that in ancient times, people sensed the outer world along with their breathing. In today's world we have come to experience the world as dead, Steiner said. The ancient breathing was called Sophia and they called themselves philosophers. If they had tried to think like we do today like in modern science, they would have experienced pain as if lots of tiny needles in the brain and they would have seen that as a destruction of the brain. Sounds like very far-fetched claims, but I have a guess that Steiner may have pointed to the truth.

I came to think of how this gives a different possible meaning for the term 'the philosopher's stone' in alchemy. Not necessarily as in the ancient form of breathing but a reactivation of our ability to sense the world as living instead of as today when we experience physical matter and the material world as lifeless. Ra called our experience of the world an illusion, and the illusion may be that we have lost the ability to sense the aliveness in the world and therefore to us today it appears dead.