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RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-16-2021

Steiner said that the ancient people considered Sophia to be deity in their heads. Sounds like an early version of a collective consciousness. And I had earlier a vision of Sophia as earth in the nature form as a planetary being, and Gaia as a more modern version where Sophia becomes integrated with our materialistic world. This matches what Steiner said! Sophia is the earlier version.

I didn't find Steiner mentioning Gaia however. The philosopher's stone may mean the awakening of Gaia in us. Just a speculative idea that I need to explore further.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-17-2021

I noticed that I sometimes can feel anger in my face even when I'm not angry! :@ That must be some form of subconscious anger. Rudolf Steiner said that our individual self as humans developed as a capacity to think based on fear and compassion. He described what I thought was a funny situation in early Ancient Greece where people went to theaters where drama about fear and compassion was played out, and the audience wanted that so that they could develop an individual personality.

Anger, even when subconscious, is a result of fear I assume. And if our whole thinking mind has developed through fear, which I believe is correct, then it will be a heavy task to reprogram the subconscious. And fear and anger prevent the development of an STO social memory complex so it's something that needs to be resolved. Ra said:

Quote:"Ra: The entity polarizing positively perceives the anger. This entity, if using this catalyst mentally, blesses and loves this anger in itself. It then intensifies this anger consciously in mind alone until the folly of this red-ray energy is perceived not as folly in itself but as energy subject to spiritual entropy due to the randomness of energy being used.

Positive orientation then provides the will and faith to continue this mentally intense experience of letting the anger be understood, accepted, and integrated with the mind/body/spirit complex. The other-self which is the object of anger is thus transformed into an object of acceptance, understanding, and accommodation, all being reintegrated using the great energy which anger began.

The negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complex will use this anger in a similarly conscious fashion, refusing to accept the undirected or random energy of anger and instead, through will and faith, funneling this energy into a practical means of venting the negative aspect of this emotion so as to obtain control over other-self, or otherwise control the situation causing anger.

Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue." - Law of One 49.6

Ra said that anger causes spiritual entropy. Very good point! So the key here for positively polarized development is as Ra said to notice the anger without using it for actions as in negative polarization.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

I combined New Age terms with what Ra said and came up with: The lower astral plane is an overlay of false light made of thought-forms. Ra mentioned astral planes in some answers, such as:

Quote:Questioner: Where do these thought-forms come from?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a very ambiguous question. However, we will attempt to answer. Firstly, they come from the Creator. Secondly, they come from what you may call, lower astral in plane, thought. Thirdly, in construct visualization complex they reside in part beneath the crust of your planet." - Law of One 16.44

The lower astral is a mess of fear, conflicts and friction scarcely held together by centralized false light principles like money and laws. How can I include material things in an astral plane? I include them as thought-forms because I also have the lower astral as the mental construct of the beast stream.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

The mental construct of the dragon stream is a part of the higher astral plane, which also includes material thought-forms like money and laws. The difference is that the higher astral plane is free from spiritual entropy whereas the lower astral has lots of spiritual entropy.

So money can actually be made neutral and frictionless. The difficulty is that it requires moving into the higher astral with our minds. Ordinarily in third density our minds operate mostly in the lower astral plane.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

The title of Leo Gura's new video I find curious, since it reminded my of how Ra has described our reality as an illusion.

Quote:"Questioner: The square cage may represent the material illusion, an unmagical shape. Would Ra comment?

Ra: I am Ra. The square, wherever seen, is the symbol of the third-density illusion and may be seen either as unmagical or, in the proper configuration, as having been manifested within; that is, the material world given life." - Law of One 91.21

It may first appear that the term illusion sounds not so flattering. When looking at the illusion as merely a limitation and overlay, then that's actually a good thing and it makes the transition into an STO social memory complex easier when we start to recognize the limitations of our current experience of the world.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

It sounds to me that Leo Gura is describing what I call the beast stream in his latest video (see my previous post). A very comprehensive and high level view of society. That's really useful for putting the finger on what the beast stream is. Otherwise it's easy to miss how deep the issue is. It's easy to just take our current society for granted and go on unquestioningly with our lives.

I haven't listened to the entire video yet. It will be interesting to find out if Leo has a solution for how to reach a higher level of development. My own approach at the moment is to aim for Gaia consciousness, with the assumption that Gaia is our whole planet as an extremely intelligent being.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

What do I mean by the New Age terms "overlay of false light"? What Leo said about what he calls the social matrix sums it up nicely: "... the social matrix is not true. It's a self-constructed survival mechanism. It's a house of cards. It's a self-deception."

And then what I mean by the lower astral plane is the thought-forms of that. Leo also said that the way of transcending the social matrix is not to reject it. The way is to go through the mainstream society. I think that's a good advice. It's like climbing a ladder which I used as a metaphor in another post. At the moment we are standing on one rung, and to remove that rung before the next higher rung has been constructed leads to destruction instead of transcendence. So one needs to remain in the mainstream social matrix and from there start to build the new rung.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-18-2021

Then what about connecting with others to start building an STO social memory complex? My strategy is to be very careful about that. Because such collective can easily turn into a beast ego mess, instead of any actual social memory complex except perhaps a tiny service-to-self one.

Instead I think it's better to first get at least some form of green-ray activation. And also, when it comes to interaction with other people, to see everybody as the One Creator instead of trying to build a separate community. It's of course useful to have spiritual communities, it's just that I doubt that it's useful for building an STO social memory complex.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

Rudolf Steiner said that in the astral world, someone can build a church in one location and someone else can build a church at the same location. That sounds fantastical. However it makes sense when comparing the astral world to how Ra described the astral plane as thought.

With the astral world as thought-forms, then conflicting and contradictory thought-forms can exist simultaneously. And I believe that explains the difference between the lower astral and the higher astral. The beast stream operates in the lower astral where conflicting thought-forms exists and are created all the time. The dragon stream instead operates in the higher astral where the thought-forms are harmonized and unified.

So an STO social memory complex then operates in the higher astral where our individual personal wills and thoughts are integrated into a larger frictionless, whole and harmonized thought-structure. The beast ego operates in the lower astral where each individual has his or her isolated thought structure which clashes with the other thought-forms in the lower astral.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

I got an idea to simplify all the esoteric terms, to almost making it mainstream sounding and easier to understand directly.

The lower astral, beast stream, service-to-self and beast ego can be called the individual mind.

And the higher astral, dragon stream, solar stream and service-to-others can be called collective mind.

This may reduce or tweak the meaning of STS and STO and of esoteric terms such as astral so it's just an attempt to simplify it. If the explanations become too simplistic, deviating and/or reductionistic I will have to reintroduce some esoteric terms.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

Is it really valid to equate the individual mind with service-to-self? Sure. Because even if I use my individual mind to serve others it's still MY interest that is being served. So it's actually always service-to-self when we operate from the individual mind.

And is service-to-others only possible with a collective mind? Yes. Only when our minds unite into a harmonious whole can we truly serve one another.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

But isn't it valid to serve others with our individual minds? It's problematic. If a criminal serves another criminal so that they together can commit a crime, that's a lower form of service to other one might say.

Similarly, if someone serves another from his or her individual mind with the intent to do good, even that is problematic, since the individual mind is unable to grasp the whole picture and the long-term consequences.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

If we need to use effort to be good, when we have to control ourselves to be moral, then that's highly significant! It indicates that we are actually monsters in our default behavior. It's almost funny.

Many spiritual teachers have hinted about that. Some teachers, like Vernon Howard, are more direct and call the ordinary human state the devil. Others, like Ra in the Law of One are more indirect about it.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

The devilry gets very subtle. Ra talked about the blue-ray activation as the ability to express oneself without fear. I noticed that I'm incapable of doing that.

And it's even deeper than that. Ra said that when the green ray is activated the blue ray will be immediately activated. And activating the green ray is a huge shift! So it explains why there is always fear when expressing oneself as an individual. The individual is the devil. The individual is the monster who frightens itself.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

Imagine when meeting someone to be able to interact with him or her without fear. That seems impossible from the individual self. Heck, I even feel fear when interacting people who I know.

It requires a huge leap of social skills to be able to interact with people without fear. This I think explains why Ra said in the Law of One that the green ray needs to be activated in order to access the blue ray and expressing oneself without fear. It's much deeper than what it at first may appear. In third density we are totally afraid of everybody and ourselves 24/7 even when we don't realize it.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

Then what about confident people? Do they have fear? For example Tony Robbins looks confident and fearless. Is he? Yes, I think he might be, but then that's a kind of double disguise with him being a Wanderer or something like that.

Because think about it. Why do you need to be confident? What would make you not confident? Dangers, right? And how do you know that there are no dangers? You don't! At least not as a third density individual. So the confidence then at best can be a phony facade on top of a fearful individual self.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

If putting on a mask of confidence and acting tough is the wrong approach, should then we instead become vulnerable? No! Because that's just the opposite side of fear of dangers.

If we are One and Intelligent Infinity then there are no actual dangers. But shhh, don't tell anybody, because a monster hearing that would become reckless, haha.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-19-2021

Is it good to call the individual self a monster? No, generally I don't think so. I wouldn't call my individual self a monster. It's only a useful term I think in relation to spiritual development.

Instead to use a politically more correct description the individual self is a potential for further development. That definition will be pleasant enough even in mainstream circles, and also true!

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-20-2021

The collective mind is like how Ra described making all the compasses point in the same direction. Our individual minds are like compasses pointing in all kinds of directions without unity.

And to want to serve the collective will of others is therefore safe, since the individual wills are very weak and the collective and unified will is much stronger. So our service then becomes channeled into unity instead of feeding selfish intents of oneself and others.

RE: Developing a social memory complex - Anders - 07-20-2021

I was thinking that it will be difficult to unify a collective mind when our individual minds are so heavily conditioned to be separate. Then I came to think of how the HeartMath Institute has done research about heart coherence. Both coherence within ourselves and also collective coherence.

I combined that with Ra's suggestion of experiencing everybody as the One Creator. And then the practice becomes to build heart coherence between oneself and others. My idea is that then it's easier to move into a collective mind.