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Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - SoerenR - 05-08-2021

Hi everyone,

I am very drawn to the Abraham teachings on the Law of attraction. I can feel that they make sense and that my thoughts are creating my world. Now I was just wondering, is the nature of "controlling" my thoughts to create exactly the life I would love to live selfish? Is that STS or does it line up with the STO path? I mean I am allowed to create a happy life for myself and I don't intend to harm or control anyone, I just would like to get out of feeling bad and start continuously feeling good by controlling my thoughts. What do you think is it a viable way? Ra never talked about the law of attraction.

Thx for your guidance Smile

Have a great weekend!

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - sillypumpkins - 05-08-2021

(05-08-2021, 10:19 AM)SoerenR Wrote: I just would like to get out of feeling bad and start continuously feeling good by controlling my thoughts.

so in other words, you would like to separate your self from negative emotions? do I have that right?

i don't believe anything is intrinsically STS or STO.... it's all a matter of how you're doing it...

i guess my question would be, why would you like to get out of feeling bad?

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - Ymarsakar - 05-08-2021


If sts or sto was so easy to label, earth would be easy mode. 8s your life easy mode yet?

The power of manifestation is not a law as i understand it. It is just how the universe responds to youniverse.

This is not based on what you want but what your soul needs to grow. Growth is painful

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - Doomchief - 05-08-2021

Polarisation in each direction leads to a state where catalyst may be chosen more consciously. So the more polarised you are the better are your abilities to manifest the desired lessons. Is it going to alleviate all the pain? Probably not. But the intensity may change.

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - Sacred Fool - 05-08-2021

(05-08-2021, 10:19 AM)SoerenR Wrote: ...I just would like to get out of feeling bad and start continuously feeling good by controlling my thoughts. What do you think is it a viable way? Ra never talked about the law of attraction.

Hi there

This is a topic to which there are many avenues of approach.  I would suggest that some of these will lead in circles while others might put you onto a pathway of interesting adventure.

In short, I've not noticed Confederation sources recommending "controlling" your thought, rather, they suggest balancing them.  After your internal self becomes more balanced, then the question comes, What do I really want for myself?  After that, the more freely flowing energies of your own consciousness may help navigate you toward what you truly, deeply desire.  I would suggest that to not know your own deep self's desires and to try to make things happen for yourself is what will lead you going around in circles.

So, first comes the balancing.  Ra gives some guidance on this.  Maybe I should search the other L/L Research channeled stuff on the topic and post it?  Anyhow, the general idea is to spend less time on internet forums (ha ha) and more time exploring the contours of your feeling.  (This does not mean exploring your thoughts about the feelings, but the feelings themselves.)  Then practice holding whatever feelings are demanding your attention with opposing or counter-balancing feelings (whatever comes up for you at the time) so as to feel the contours of an entire feeling complex, if you will.  As you feel (try not to think too much), you may feel the feeling complex begin to shift and relax into a more peaceable configuration.

As you become more able to do this kind of work, you may begin to find it easier to sense your feelings at deeper and deeper levels.  Sooner or later--as you hear more signal and less noise, as it were--you may begin to sense your deep feelings about what you truly wish for in this incarnation.  At that point, attuning your thoughts and actions in towards those purposes would serve you well, indeed.

I wish you Godspeed in your sacred travels.


RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - Patrick - 05-09-2021

(05-08-2021, 10:19 AM)SoerenR Wrote: ...Is that STS or does it line up with the STO path?...

Hello Soeren,

Here are a collection of quotes I often refer to when trying to shed light on the subject of working on ourselves and why that is not STS, but is very much STO. Q`uo Wrote:...In this regard we would suggest that the skillful choice is always to work on the self without regard for working with other entities. Service to others, working upon what you perceive needs to be done in the world, begins and ends within yourself. Until the point at which you are asked specific questions that you may answer in what you hope is a spiritually helpful manner, the work you do on yourself is sufficient and more than adequate in terms of how you may affect the consciousness of planet Earth. Change yourself and you change the world. That is how powerful you really are... Q`uo Wrote:...The focus upon the self in the means of balancing distortions and looking for ways to understand more of what is occurring within the self is an activity that may seem to some to be full of pride and ego, yet we would suggest that such a concentration of an entity’s attention upon its own self in that manner is a means by which a seeker grows, for it needs to be aware of the activity of intellect, of emotion, and of the spirit that moves within one’s own being. Yet that information is used only to temper the steel, shall we say, the character of the entity, and not to impose this character upon another... Q`uo Wrote:...Many times, it seems to each, that there is no way that one person can be of service, that one person’s light can make a difference. However, this instrument is fond of saying that in a dark place the light of one candle can be seen for quite a distance. Metaphysically, this is far more true even than the physical truth of candles and sight. Each of you makes a significant difference to the lightening of the planet as well as to the lightening of your soul. For when each of you does one, each of you is doing the other. To work on the self is to work on the world. Indeed, to work on the self is the most direct and effective way to work on the outer world in a metaphysical sense... Q`uo Wrote:...You need only to work upon yourself, so that you are a clear channel, unmoved by the ridiculousness of many situations, and in great humor when others find a situation quite grim. For you see, you dwell in the midst of a great cosmic joke and a great cosmic tragedy. And the ability to see both polarities of this truth equally is a very helpful one in dealing with yourself. And when you have dealt with this polarity within yourself, laughing at your grief and solemn in your joy, you may be of balanced help to others, for you may not then be touched by their difficulties to the point where you will be unable to respond in the way the Creator within you would respond... Q`uo that same general run of seekers there is often a prejudice against working on the self, for it seems selfish to be absorbed in the processes of the self. It is our opinion that it is in healing yourself that you heal the world. It is in learning to love yourself that you learn to love others. It is in finding compassion at last for yourself that you are finally able to have compassion on others. It is in blessing your own suffering by respecting it, honoring it, and forgiving it in yourself that you become able to behold the suffering of the world in its massive and almost infinite depth...

Quote:80.11 Questioner: Could I say, then, that implicit in the process of becoming adept is the seeming polarization towards service to self because the adept becomes disassociated with many of his kind?

Ra: I am Ra. This is likely to occur. The apparent happening is disassociation whether the truth is service to self and thus true disassociation from other-selves or service to others and thus true association with the heart of all other-selves and disassociation only from the illusory husks which prevent the adept from correctly perceiving the self and other-self as one.

Quote:99.8 ...The right-hand and left-hand transformations of the mind may be seen to differ by the attitude of the conscious mind towards its own resources as well as the resources of other-selves...

Quote:19.15 Questioner: Then the newest third-density beings who’ve just made the transition from second are still strongly biased towards self-service. There must be many other mechanisms to create an awareness of the possibility of service to others.

I am wondering, first— two things. I’m wondering about the mechanism and I am wondering when the split takes place where the entity is able to continue on the road towards service to self that will eventually take him to fourth or fifth density.

I would assume that an entity can continue— can start, say, in second density with service totally to self and continue right on through and just stay on what we would call the path of service to self and never ever be pulled over. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The second-density concept of serving self includes the serving of those associated with tribe or pack. This is not seen in second density as separation of self and other-self. All is seen as self since in some forms of second-density entities, if the tribe or pack becomes weakened, so does the entity within the tribe or pack.

The new or initial third-density entity has this innocent, shall we say, bias or distortion towards viewing those in the family, the society, as you would call, perhaps, country, as self. Thus though a distortion not helpful for progress in third density, it is without polarity.

The break becomes apparent when the entity perceives other-selves as other-selves and consciously determines to manipulate other-selves for the benefit of the self. This is the beginning of the road of which you speak.

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - rva_jeremy - 05-10-2021

The way I work with it, SoerenR, is that the law of attraction is an element of what the Confederation broadly calls "desire". Desire is the engine that moves experiences into our consciousness and creates opportunity for growth. In that sense, the law of attraction is a sound idea.

However, our desire is not just something that occurs in our waking consciousness -- we don't simply desire consciously, we desire as a total self, both that part available to us and that part that is behind the veil. Since there is a large element of unconscious desire playing a role in our incarnation, the law of attraction fails when it is framed as some sort of thing you do in your waking consciousness to get what you want. We unconsciously desire lots of things that may conflict with our conscious desires, and this may frustrate the law of attraction's promise to deliver our heart's desires to us. This all plays with the plan of our life we formed preincarnatively with all those presently obscured but nevertheless powerful parts of the self.

I recommend perhaps thinking of the law of attraction as a reason to meditate, contact your deeper self, and start getting to know and accept yourself. Then you will discover what you desire both consciously and unconsciously, and you can work with the law to better and more fully participate with this mystery of desire and fruition. In other words, you can desire what you really want, rather than have your conscious and unconscious desires conflict with each other and confuse you.

I hope that helps! It's just one way to look at it that I've found helpful.

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - flofrog - 05-10-2021

Beautiful Jeremy, thank you

The knowing and accepting oneself definitely changes the goals, clarifies the direction.

RE: Law of One & Law of attraction (taught by Abraham) - Is it STS? - SoerenR - 05-12-2021

Thank you friends, your answers help a lot Smile