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On Meditation - Sacred Fool - 05-10-2021

Some who are interested in this subject may find the following text quite interesting.

Quote:Questioner: You said to take your problems to meditation. Do you mean to sit and think on the problem all through the meditation or do you ask and then clear your mind?

Neither. It is not necessary to ask for any information in meditation. Nor is it necessary to concentrate on any problem. Meditation is not a specifier or a prescription technique.

Meditation is the transfer of your consciousness from the phase of existence which lies within the perimeters of your physical illusion to the phase of consciousness which lies within the perimeters of the love and the light of the infinite Creator.  It is a transfer from that person of your soul within a physical vehicle to that totality of soul which is your individualized consciousness within the total consciousness of the Father. This contact gives one a general and non-analyzable understanding.

When problems are seen in the light of this understanding it is most often the case that they will evaporate naturally and as dew evaporates. It is not that the dew is unreal. It is simply that it is one state within a perfectly reasonable and constructive cycle which gives life and nourishment to part of the natural creation.

Your problems are part of the cycle of your physical existence. Given room to mature and evaporate, they will do so. They are not to be despised, nor are they to be given more importance than they deserve. Meditation simply gives one the awareness that this view of that which you call problems is so. There are methods for obtaining a more complete view of what you yourself think about any specific problem. However, these attempts at self-knowledge are intellectual and analytical and are not of as much use as simple meditation, in our opinion.

Our path is what we truly believe to be a useful one. However, if the path of analysis of problems, specifically and individually, appears to hold more chance for advancement to you, we urge you to do that. We are aware that there are thousands and millions of paths to be followed and that we encourage what seems to us to be the straightest. This does not negate the fact that at the end of each and every path lies the Creator.

We do not have a great deal to say about any attempts at problem-solving on a more material plane. It is not our way. We are aware that there are techniques that may be used and these techniques have been described by many upon your planet.


RE: On Meditation - Ymarsakar - 05-10-2021

"This contact gives one a general and non-analyzable understanding."

Right, the experience has to be experienced to be understood. And reading about it is just like reading Art of War or a manual, it does not directly confer that experience. Experience requires work, sacrifice, blood, and sweat.

RE: On Meditation - rva_jeremy - 05-10-2021

There are so many absolute gems in those 70s sessions! Thanks for sharing, SF.

RE: On Meditation - Ymarsakar - 05-11-2021

The Indians have a long yogic tradition of unification. Their only issue is that the translation stopped it from being understood elsewhere due to the translation gap. China was visited by a few yogis, which transfered the "bone marrow washing" technique via embryonic breathing, which Shaolin monks and warriors used to cultivate and make the body like iron armor.

RE: On Meditation - Spiritual Ronin - 09-28-2021

I think of meditation in my own practice. It's really about developing an ability to stay outside of that perimeter of the physical illusion, as mentioned in the channeling. The things that get in the way are matters of the physical. Thoughts come through and take you away from reaching that deeper place, sounds from the outside world, even your own awareness/excitement of touching the deeper realms can have an effect of taking you out of it.

It occured to me at some point in my progression that these things are really the practice of mastery in meditation. It's not easy to even get yourself to the point of meditating regularly. It takes a certain awareness in itself to begin the practice. It's all about taking yourself out of the physical, perhaps reaching past the confines of our self imposed walls, and maybe, ever so briefly, see a bigger picture of ourselves.

RE: On Meditation - flofrog - 09-28-2021

Sometimes,  when you sit and close your eyes, listening intently to the noises around, if you are sitting outside can stop the flow of thoughts, but... you have to listen intensely quart second by quart second, lol   Shy

RE: On Meditation - Nikki - 09-29-2021

In our meditation group, we offer a channelling from the The Law of One which may be beneficial to ponder before meditation. If one suggests the channelling for love, the focus of your mind to that subject seems to quieten the mind allowing for a more in depth meditation. It is like distracting the mind from its usual no-sense, and seems to melt the "what if" mind chatter. This way seems to take the mind gently to your goal, love and peace within.