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Help interpreting imagery during contact - KevinK - 05-11-2021

Hello everyone!  First post.  I've been led here and I'm excited to finally find a place to interact with like minded beings.  I will be seeking your guidance and thoughts on various experiences, I only hope I can state the question in a brief and coherent manner.

Background:  This incident happened after various contacts, not the initial contact.  Before initial contact I had pledged my life in the service of the Creator and highest good, aspiring to be of service to others in a more capable manner.  As things began to unfold, I asked that I become as useful as possible as quickly as possible for the benefit of others, not myself.  In essence, I said "lay it on me!".  Indeed it has been laid on me, and although sometimes I feel like I asked for more than I can handle, grace is provided which allows me to handle it, and I'm humbled and grateful for the opportunity.  

My question:  While meditating a while back an image that could barely be seen appeared in my third eye, or at least it appeared as visual while my eyes were closed.  The backdrop was dark grey, and in front of it was a large circular "object", nearly transparent.  It appeared as you would expect an object made of glass or Lexan to appear on a wall.  Transparent, but still visible.   The object was circular, with pie shaped divisions within the circle, with smaller rings, and smaller pie shaped squares.  The layout was very similar to a dartboard, but with more rings and more squares (actually more pie shaped like the squares of a dartboard)  The term square is used for lack of a better term.

Inside each "square" were symbols I did not recognize.  Not as elaborate as Chinese, and not really like Egyptian symbols.  No animal shapes and fairly simple in design.  There was one symbol in each "square".  The image was visible for a few seconds, and then faded away.  I was quickly trying to look at all the details before it vanished, and unfortunately don't remember any of the symbols to recreate for you now.  I feel I was not expected to memorize it, as that was not the purpose. That was the feeling I had immediately afterward.

Regarding it's purpose, I suspect a couple possibilities but would like to receive some feedback here before I reveal my suspicions, which may or may not be accurate, and therefore do not wish to taint your minds before you contemplate this.  Has anyone experienced this or heard of this?  I realize each experience is unique in it's presentation and interpretation by human minds, but I wonder if this particular thing is fairly standardized.  I believe this same image may be used for many.

Thank you all for aspiring to improve existence and bring light to the world.


RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - flofrog - 05-11-2021

Hello Kevin, welcome here... Wink

Have you looked at Tibetan signs ? I wonder if there might be some similarity.

Safe journey Heart

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - LeafieGreens - 05-11-2021

Welcome Kevin!

Wow! What a cool experience. I can't say I have pledged myself to the Creator as you have but I believe your experience and am glad you found your way here. You will find this community to be a boon and I hope you find some answers here in your seeking.

As far as your experience and the meaning of the object and rings you saw in your vision -- trust that you might not need to understand what it was in your conscious mind, but there are tools you can use to try and gather more information. Trust that you might already have all the answers stored deep in your subconscious. My only advice would be to practice awareness and meditation. Before you go to sleep ask your guides to provide any insight they may have -- and that you will be able to remember it consciously.

Know that we don't always find the answers in the way that we seek. Or in your seeking you will receive more information through other means here or elsewhere.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Know that you aren't alone.

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - LeafieGreens - 05-11-2021

(05-11-2021, 10:08 PM)flofrog Wrote: Hello Kevin, welcome here...  Wink

Have you looked at Tibetan signs ?  I wonder if there might be some similarity.

Safe journey  Heart

I also was thinking of those circular Mayan calendars.

[Image: mayan_calender.jpg?h=250&w=251&la=en&has...8501853A29]

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Ymarsakar - 05-12-2021

Does it look like this?

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Doomchief - 05-12-2021

Maybe Metatron's cube and sacred geometry related?

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Doomchief - 05-12-2021

.jpg   alchemy-symbols-5.jpg (Size: 170.91 KB / Downloads: 3)
.jpg   alchemy-symbols-7.jpg (Size: 169.92 KB / Downloads: 4)
.jpg   3dc01a341317887264a61219d2c1504a--seal-of-solomon-pentacle.jpg (Size: 164.85 KB / Downloads: 3)
Alchemy related.
Or some King Solomon seals came to mind

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Spaced - 05-12-2021

Hello Kevin!

Have you tried sketching what you saw?

A thought: people have a personalized "language" of symbolism used in communication between conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind, so the symbolism may have a meaning to you that would be missed by others.

A further thought: you mentioned that you felt you weren't meant to memorize this imagery, it could be that it was intended not for your conscious mind but instead for it to penetrate into the unconscious for whatever purpose. This is a technique sometimes used in sigil magic, where one will create a sigil for an intended purpose, focus on it in a meditative or other heightened state of mind in order for the sigil to penetrate into the deep mind. When the magician is confident that the image and the intent associated with it has been absorbed they will attempt to forget it at the conscious level of awareness.

Anyhow, these are just some of my thoughts, ultimately only you can interpret this experience within your own framework of understanding.

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - KevinK - 05-12-2021

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and your assistance in contemplating this.  I've been on many forums since Al Gore invented the internet ;-) but this one feels like home if that makes any sense.  

I greatly appreciate the input so far, and will combine multiple replies.  I've spent hours looking online since seeing the image, but haven't been able to find anything that looks or feels similar for the most part.   The general shape and layout is similar to the zodiac wheel attached, but only regarding style of the boxes/divisions, not the symbols contained within.  The image seen was like a larger version, with more rings, and more "boxes" in each circular row.  You could consider the attachment as a simplified version.  

I'm not hung up on trying to decipher or solve this, as I feel that if I was supposed to remember the symbols in detail, I would be able to recall them consciously, so it's as it should be and I'm fine with that.  I also try not to get too distracted with any one thing, so please don't feel any pressure to solve this.  I am curious, and thought it might be enjoyable for some to contemplate this.  Had I known I would only see it for a few seconds, perhaps I would have just looked at one or two boxes and try to memorize the shape.   I was more curious as to what you fine folks thought may be the purpose of seeing this, as I don't expect the symbols to be of Earth origin.

Flofrog:  I looked up Tibetan signs, and they look much more artsy (like cursive) than the images I saw.  The symbols I saw were more reminiscent of the symbols for Pi in that they were fairly simple, and neither too curvy, and yet not simply made up of straight lines.  I didn't see the Pi symbol, but it had a similar "flavor".   Perhaps there was a triangular like shape to a symbol or two, but  the fact that it appeared like glass in front of a grey background made it more difficult to pick out shapes in the limited time.  I was just looking quickly around the wheel, and then it vanished.  

LeafieGreens:  Yes it was quite an experience.  I admit I was nervous as I pledged the remainder of this incarnation to the highest good.  I was worried about what would be asked of me, and if I could even handle it since life was already a lot to handle.   However, if you are moved to be of service to others I can't recommend it highly enough.   Hands down the best decision I can remember making.  Yes the work is harder, and I can't live as selfishly (I still get my "me" time), but the peace, joy, and discovery make me so grateful I have been given the opportunity.  I'm no longer on anti-depressants or anxiety meds, and I have never felt better emotionally.   Time has taken its toll on my body, but I have never felt more fulfilled and on track with my life.  

I try to remain somewhat dispassionate while connecting or experiencing things, as getting excited or distracted seems to break the connection.   I feel that you are correct in that it wasn't really meant for my conscious mind.   I have meditated on it regarding the meaning, and believe I may have gotten answers, but was interested in comparing notes with you good people before I say what I think may be the purpose, or that perhaps someone else reading this thread has seen a similar "thing".

Mayan Calendar- that is very beautiful, but it wasn't that ornate or visually "busy".  There was something a little larger in the innermost circle, but didn't look at it directly so I have no idea what it was.

Ymarsakar:  Thank you and that is very interesting, however it was more like a dartboard, or the attached image.

Doomchief:  Those pictures don't look familiar regarding the image seen, however I did see those shapes of the sacred geometry on the periphery of the bright light before it enveloped me during my initial big encounter (an hour after cleansing my heart and pledging myself to serving the highest good).

Spaced:  I didn't try sketching this one since it just appeared as a more complex "dart board".   Personalized language-  Yes that is a very good point.  I do believe it was meant for my subconscious, since it was nearly transparent and only lasted a couple seconds.  Regarding Sigil magic, I am not familiar with that, but will add it to my research list.  

I often have a sense that I understand the meaning of things when they happen, but I also realize that it may often be my imagination or brain suggesting solutions so I take it with a grain of salt, and accept that this may or may not be the case.  I have found the more I have a not-knowing frame of mind, the more I get it, and the more I am given.  This is a very strange shift for me, since life on Earth has conditioned me to think that I learn more, and then know more, and before long the ego starts to think I have the answers or understand something, which prevents me from experiencing things fully and without twisting it to fit my preconceived notions.  

In a sense, less is more I believe.  It was hard to unload the religious narrative of my former years, and contemplate things as a child would.  I even refer to God as the Eternal Creator, or Creator, just so it isn't tainted by my religious or media exposure as to what "God" is.  I try to approach it like it was my first day here.   I'm reminded of a sign I once saw as a child in an electrified Amish buffet which read "Too soon old, too late smart".  Perhaps that should be my personal motto ;-)   Anyway, at 53 years old, I can FINALLY keep my ego in check for the most part, and life's challenges don't bother me as much.

Again, thank you all and I hope you also enjoy thinking about these mysteries.  

I certainly don't want to overstep my bounds as a "new guy" here, or over post, but I am excited to be among friends and I have already learned so much since finding this site.  My primary desire is to offer something of value in return, if I am able.



RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - flofrog - 05-12-2021

I love your comments Kevin. When I read Spaced saying it might be for your subconscious, I thought ooohhh that is right on perhaps ! So I was laughing when you said that was what you felt too.

Really cool. Do not worry you have already given us plenty back !! lol

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Ymarsakar - 05-12-2021

The chart is the indian n9rth version used in vedic astrology. Have you thoight about getting your natal sidereal chart?

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - Runar - 05-28-2021

I see there are questions rising here.
First off i think you should have a diary - close, so when such things appear, you simply write them before you forget.
I have experienced appearing symbols to be packs of power, and to unpack, one have to use them in one way or another.
Preferably the manner which unleashes its power.
If you come no way with them, and they are in your diary, you will be able to tell if they later show up to be repeated or they create a common language.
What is repeated is not to be dismissed. Though i would be interested in all what happened.
So if this vision of yours was a message from Gods angels wouldnt it be disrespectful to ignore it?
But if it truly was for you to forget, why ask us?

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - margarita - 06-04-2021

Hi KevinK, I'm new at this forum, but not so new to Ra Materials   Smile  Even though your question is not directly related to the Law of One, but it seems to me that I did similar research about my own experiences several years ago and I managed to find some answers that satisfied me enough to stop looking for more info.

My experiences of seeing shapes and signs were during the first 10 seconds after waking up at night, when the brain is awake but the veil is still open. These images were so real that at the beginning I was absolutely sure that the house we just moved in   had some hidden drawings on the walls and ceilings. I searched for these drawings during the day light, in the ultraviolet light  BigSmile  and of course, didn't find any.

After few years of search and practicing my dream yoga, I came to the following understanding of these experiences: those were sigils, something that's used in magic. And you are absolutely right - they are not for the conscious mind to perceive. It's some sort of direct communication tool with subconscious mind.

The purpose of this communication I can depict only now, when I look back and put together all the strange things that were happening back then. In short, it was assisted process of Kundalini awakening. Quite rough one for me, but I survived Smile

In my case these sigils were moving, rotating with certain rhythm, perhaps making different combinations of the symbols (I can compare this movement with rotary combination lock of a safe). The picture I attached is not exact representation of my experience itself, but it reflects the overall feeling I have about these sigils...

Well, if you are being initiated and you had a glimpse of this process, I truly wish you a smooth ride! Everything is possible (when we look within and do our inner work). Have a nice journey!  Heart

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - flofrog - 06-04-2021

Welcome here, margarita, I am glad you survived, these little things can be rough, welcome here honey, safe journey and much love,

RE: Help interpreting imagery during contact - TheJoan - 06-06-2021

(05-11-2021, 09:57 PM)KevinK Wrote:  Has anyone experienced this or heard of this?

Welcome Kevin, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I have had some similar experiences too. I was given several images at once and I didn't get it at first but whoever was sending me those images did it like 4 times until I could remember that one of them looked like palm trees. It happened to me when I was waking up coming back from my dreams and it was confusing the first time. Its like you said you close your eyes and the images are like in front of your forehead but inside and it feels very different than thoughts. Something its been shown to you. I would try to guess and maybe you are being prepared to be a channel maybe not. I would recommend you to ask for more images for you to have more data to work upon. I'm sure they would be glad. Take care!